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Council of Ulama, Eastern Cape [C U E C] Print
The council of Ulama Eastern Cape- Lajnatul Ulama was formed at the end of 1999 with the aim of co-ordinating the activities of the various Ulama in the Eastern Cape. The need arose to form an organization as there was an increase in the number of graduating Ulama and there was an ever-increasing demand by the community for the services of the Ulama. Senior Ulama were doing a sterling job in the past but it was felt that the time had come to co-ordinate their current activities and operate from an independent, accessible office.

Meetings were held with the Ulama and a formal structure was established.

Thus far we have more than 30 Ulama from various communities and they are involved in diverse fields. These include imaamat, teaching at Muslim schools, Darul Ulooms and Madrasahs. CUEC members provide the bulk of Jumuah khateebs in PE, Uitenhage and Grahamstown.  Members’ activities include the Eastern Cape taalimi board which oversees 15 maktabs in the Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape Muslim prisoner board which is overseeing the welfare of Muslim inmates in prisons, managing the Darul Uloom, dedicated girls’ Madrasahs and in printing Islamic newspapers and newsletters.

CUEC focuses on 4 main activities:

    * Social welfare – distribution of zakaat and charities
    * Dawah department
    * Education
    * Marital counselling and dispute resolution

CUEC is a member of SANHA and UUCSA. It has working relationships with many local and national organisations. Members are involved with the local radio station during Ramadhaan. They also assist in arranging youth programmes at the local universities.

The CUEC has Ulama representatives in the following areas of the Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Grahamstown, King Williamstown, Queenstown, etc.

    CUEC Offices [Contact Details]:

    82e Durban Road, Korsten , Port Elizabeth
    Tel/Fax: +27 [0]41 453 0182    Cell: +27 [0]82 657 1554

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