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The Northern Cape Halaal Board (NCHB) is an autonomous body established in August 1996, by concerned Ulama and Community members. Their prime function is monitoring and promoting consumption of Halaal.

The operation of the Ulama extends far beyond the supervision of abattoirs.  Certifying any product, abattoir or processing plant as Halaal and in conformity with Shari'ah requires a deep seated, firm knowledge of the Islamic law pertaining not only to the act of slaughter itself, but also of the principles of jurisprudence and other related sciences which will allow the supervising authority the necessary insight to make the correct judgement.  The Ulama have this type of knowledge and are most capable to do this type of work.

Many organisations on a regional and national level have commercialized the Halaal stamp. It is given to the highest bidder without taking every precautionary measure possible to ensure that the dictates of the Shari'ah are followed and the Muslim consumer is safe-guarded from consuming Haraam.  The Northern Cape Halaal Board is affiliated to the South African National Halaal Authority. It is a non-profitable organization with no financial interest in the Halaal Food Industry.  The Ulama are serving with no financial gain and  its services are offered  on a voluntary basis.  The Northern Cape Halaal Board is a valued member on the SANHA Executive Board.

    Contact Details:

    P.O.Box 1906, Kimberly, 8300 R.S.A

    Tel/Fax: +27 [0]53 832 7501
    Cell: +27 [0]82 795 2633


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