South African National Halaal Au

South African National Halaal Authority


Rajab 1427

July 2006


Welcome to the first issue of our brand new e-bulletin.

In the global village and the electronic era of immediacy where at the mere click of a mouse, one can communicate to far flung corners of the earth, we have indeed bridged the communication divide.

It’s inhabitants are no longer willing to rely today on yesterday’s information.

It’s the “now era” of everything instant, be it instant dinner, instant coffee, processed foods, medication, clothing, services or news.

The user wants information and news as it unfolds delivered to him instantly at home, work or even while he is mobile. Delayed information is history.

The field of Halaal regulation with its constant challenges of catering for the halaal conscious consumer globally is not exempted from this phenomenon and displays a voracious appetite for information from all quarters.

All praise is to Almighty Allah (subhânahu wa Ta‘âla) that SANHA has risen to this challenge with the introduction of this e-bulletin. We undertake to deliver directly to the electronic interfaces of our family of subscribers, a steady supply of fresh crisp news and views.

We urge our family of subscribers who include our certified plants, well-wishers, member organisations, students and families here and abroad to use the Halaal Bulletin as an important forum. If you have any interesting news, info, articles, anecdotes etc, please forward to us so that we may subject to editorial approval, share it with our subscribers.

We also invite you to share your views, suggestions and even constructive criticisms with us as we deliver information from the World of Halaal.

We ask for guidance from Almighty Allah, your prayers and support for its success, Aameen.

The Editor


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “There is no goodness in overeating neither is there any goodness in starvation and perpetual hunger….”

Medical Professionals will confirm that an ill diet is among the main causes of disease. Modern Science is now also acknowledging the benefits of healthy eating and are seriously researching dietary practices for cures and antidotes for various diseases.

Did you know – THE COMMON COLD…..

 The common cold is infact a viral infection which causes inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial tubes.

Ward off a cold with foods that are rich in Vitamin C, (citrus fruits e.g. oranges, grapefruit etc, strawberries, mangoes and also sweet red peppers) zinc (lamb meat,shellfish, legumes and wholegrain cereals etc.) hot chilli pepper and last but not least, hot chicken soup is also an excellent therapy




SANHA certifies over 500 establishments ranging from large multi – nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

 We congratulate the following for selecting the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance as their certification mark to begin with / or renew their association with us.


La Padrino

Slo Jo Trading

Chilla Express

House of Orange

Oxygen For Life

Panarottis – Trade Route Mall

Ocean Basket Trade Route Mall

Fego Café  Trade Route Mall

Crede Natural Oils

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns – F/W Plaza

Al Hamra Restaurant

Cups and Cones T/Route Mall

Debonairs Pizzeria T/Route Mall

Eagle Spear Spur  T/Route Mall













Ice Cream Parlour



Western Cape

Auckland Park








Western Cape






For a detail list of SANHA certified establishments and general email queries, please email



Established thirty eight years ago by concerned ex students of the Orient School, the organisation today renders wide-ranging social services in the best spirit of Islamic humanitarianism.

The Orient Old Boys sponsors a weekly feeding scheme for the indigent and unemployed and also involves the learners of the school.

It carries out welfare work including case visits to the Phoenix and Blackburn areas, undertakes hospital visits, and contributes to the Marianhill Aids orphanage.

It is heavily involved in education with its seat on the Orient and Phoenix Muslim Schools Governing Boards.

On an annual basis it is involved with a well established major drive of collating and distributing hampers to the needy at a cost of several hundred thousand rand each year.

he Orient Old Boys is a proud Associate Member of SANHA and wishes it every success with its new Halaal Bulletin


‘Umar bin Abî Salamah (may Almighty Allâh be pleased with him) narrates: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said to me: Say the name of Allâh (say Bismillâh – in the name of Allâh- before eating); eat with your right hand; and eat what is closest to you.


“In the name of Allâh” - A Muslim is expected to remember Almight Allâh (may Almighty Allâh be pleased with him) at all times. It is Allâh (subhânahu wa Ta‘âla) Who sustains us and as grateful slaves we should remember Him and offer thanks for His bounties.

This narration which commands us to say, “Bismillâh” only, is more authentic than the other narrations mentioning longer supplications.

“…eat with your right hand” –  Islâm places  Strong emphasis  on hygiene. We thus eat with the right hand and reserve the left hand to clean impurities etc.

“…eat what is closest to you.” – ‘Umar bin Abî Salamah (may Almighty Allâh be pleased with him) was a young boy at the time of this incident. He was eating with  The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) from a single plate. As he was taking from all over the plate he was told, “Eat what is closest to you.” Islâm encourages good manners. Children should be rectified with kindness. The ruling of eating what is closest only applies where a single type of food is being eaten. If there is a variety in the same platter one may of course partake of the food not closest as well.

This narration also demonstrates a Sunnah (practise of our beloved Prophet  (may peace be upon him) which is often neglected – several people eating from one plate. This encourages mutual love and understanding.




Riyâdus Sâlihîn by al-Imâm an-Nawawî, Etiquettes of Eating, Chapter of mentioning Allâh in the beginning and praising Him at the end, Hadîth # 728 – authenticated by al-Imâm al-Bukhârî and al-Imâm Muslim.




1.       I have noticed on Parmalat yoghurt the ingredient live cultures it stipulates what are live cultures?


Live cultures are ‘friendly’ bacteria. Fundamentally used to make milk proteins more easily digestive. These cultures do not affect the Halaal status of yoghurts.

2.       Is N-Code multivitamin Halaal?

N-Code distributed by Oxygen for Life has recently been certified halaal by SANHA. The Cellfood, Switch and Cellskin are also certified Halaal

3.       Can you please tell me if it is permissible to eat a vegetable  pizza at a non- Muslim outlet that also sells non-Halaal meat pizzas and serves alcohol?

Whilst the ‘Eating-out’ trend is growing, Muslims are urged to exercise great caution when frequenting Non-Muslim owned Restaurants, Pizza Parlours, etc. A vegetable Pizza and / or seafood dish can easily be polluted with wine, Haraam meats, other Haraam ingredients and contaminated utensils etc.

Remember that the Shar’iah does not permit you to eat from any place which serves alcohol.

4.       Is the 0861 786 111 a 24-hour Halaal Helpline service?

Presently, the helpline is only operational during the following times:

Mon – Thurs : 9h00 – 16h30

Fri : 9h00 – 12h00 / 14h30 – 16h30

Sat: 9h00 – 12h30

If there is an "EMERGENCY after Hours query, you may sms your query to 082 851 5829


·      Steers East Rand Mall  

Change of Ownership

·      Lsg Sky Chefs Airline Catering  Kitchen (Yemenia Airlines) –

 Certification Withdrawn

·      Sunrise Chickens –