South African National Halaal Authority
October 2008 :: Shawwal 1429

No. 36

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Prayer in the centre

The cardinal edifice of Islam is based on the absolute acceptance of its Five Pillars shown below:-

  1. Faith - the profession to bear witness that there is no deity but Allah and Muhammed (peace be upon him) is the final Messenger of Allah.
  2. Prayer - the first obligatory act of worship ordained for Believers. It is an integral part of life performed formally five times a day (See our competition/giveaway section for your free book on the Muslim prayer.)
  3. Fasting – compulsory during the blessed month of Ramadaan where one abstains from food, drink and marital relations from dawn to sunset.
  4. Zakaat (poor dues) - the obligatory contribution by ´wealthy´ persons of 2.5% of one´s investable wealth to the poor as an act of worship.
  5. Hajj (Pilgrimage) – if one has the financial and physical means; it becomes compulsory to perform this at least once in a life time. This entails travelling to Makkah at a specific time to undertake specified acts of worship.

As awareness of this gives one an insight into the psyche of the Muslim and makes for better understanding and tolerance of the Muslim as your neighbour, friends, servant, employer, supplier or customer.

Prayer is central in the daily life of the Muslim. Hence, it makes perfect sense that those organisations that cater for this need earn the respect and gratitude of their fellow human beings.

Shopping centre developers with very few exceptions have not catered for the provision of prayer facilities either out of ignorance or pressure to provide maximum "lettable" areas for their shareholders to generate income.

One of South Africa´s most successful shopping centres, the Pavilion in Durban KwaZulu-Natal, has set the standard and in fact is the benchmark in the provision of the prayer facilities. Established a few years ago and recently revamped, the centre provides separate prayer facilities for males and females complete with ablution facilities, all impeccably maintained. See Industry news for information on the pavilion

We commend highly the Pavilion´s bold initiative and express our profound gratitude on behalf of the Muslim community. Thank you. The Sandton City Mall´s Salaat facility is also greatly useful to the Muslim community.

We call upon shopping centres owners and developers to make provision for prayers and offer free advice in this regard and any aspects of Halaal.

Contact: pro-kzn@sanha.org.za



Established in 1989, the Nur-Ul-Islam is a non-profit primary and secondary school situated at the corner of Nyala and Giraffe Avenues in Lenasia.

It provides learners an opportunity to acquire a holistic and balanced education with an Islamic perspective.

The curriculum time table devotes 70% to secular and 30% to Islamic education through the English medium except the language subjects.

This high performing school offers a range of sporting and extra curricular activities.

Nur-ul-Islam is a founder member of the Association of Muslim schools, Associate member of the Independent Schools Association, and also an Associate member of SANHA.

We take pride in the achievements of this institution and commend their dedication.

To know more or visit the school contact
PO Box 2250
Lenasia 1820
Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)11 854 5893
Fax: +27 (0)11 854 6573
e-mail: nis@efunda.co.za

(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

A companion of the Prophet, Anas ibn Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:

The virtue of Aaishah (the Prophet´s wife - may Allah be pleased with her) over other women is like the virtue of thareed over other food.


Thareed is a kind of food which was common amongst Arabs. The books of Hadith and the commentaries are hence sparse in detailed descriptions of a dish which was well known at the time. For example, Tuhfatul Ahwazi, a commentary of at-Tirmizi simply states, "Thareed is bread mixed with meat gravy." [Book of Virtues, Virtues of Aishah radiyallahu anha]

Of the breads available to us, the closest to the bread of the Hadith would be pita bread, although the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) ate coarse bread made of unsifted flour.

Another Hadith which al-Imam al-Bukhari narrates from Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) establishes that green bottle gourd was also added to Thareed, "I went along with the Prophet (peace be upon him) to the house of a young tailor of his. The tailor presented a dish of Thareed to the Prophet and resumed his work. The Prophet (peace be upon him) started picking the pieces of gourd and I too, started picking them and putting it before him. Since then I have always loved gourd." [al-Bukhari, Book of Foods] See our article on gourd

Since it is a general Sunnah to eat salt with food, salt could also be said to be an ingredient of Thareed.

A Hadith in Abu Dawud states that Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "The most liked food of Rasulullah (peace be upon him) was Thareed of bread and Thareed of Hays." [Book of Foods, Eating Thareed]

According to the commentary in Awnul Ma´bood the first method is, "...to crumble bread and add it to gravy..."

Regarding the second kind it says, "Hays is dates mixed with cheese and fat (butter)... the cheese can be substituted with spices... The dates are made into dough with the fat ... Saweeq (a barley cereal) can also be added...as well as honey."

Insha Allah, we shall be adding some latter-day Thareed recipes on our website.


Ash-Shamaail lit-Tirmizi, Chapter on the curry of Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.

Inspired by the health properties of the apple, we have looked up a "liquid" recipe for you that is quick and easy - no cooking required.

Apple Zinger

The fresh ginger helps the digestion and adds a tang to a mix that delivers vitamin A – important for night vision – and vitamin C.

  • 1 large apple
  • 3 carrots
  • 1.25 cm piece of root ginger
  • 1 orange

Wash the apple and cut into chunks.
Scrub the carrots, discard the top and cut the carrots into chunks.
Remove the skin from the ginger and cut into smaller pieces.
Juice the orange by hand or in an electric citrus press.
Feed the apple, carrots and ginger into the juicer, then mix with the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Do you have a recipe to share with the readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of the e-Bulletin.



One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim.  He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.


The performance of five daily prayers (Salaah) is obligatory on all Muslims. These are performed at specific times. The prayers are Fajr (pre-Dawn), Dhuhr (Noon), Asr (late Afternoon) Maghrib (post Sunset) and Isha (Night).

The Friday congregational prayer (Jumu´ah) is also compulsory for men and optional for women. It can be performed at any Masjid (mosque).

Due to the set times for prayers Muslims may pray anywhere in the world whether a Masjid, home, office, outdoors provided that the ground surface area is free of impurity.

Prayers can be performed individually but it is strongly emphasised for males to pray in congregation to demonstrate solidarity and brotherhood. More than one person is regarded as a congregation.

Muslims pray facing the direction of the sacred Masjid in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. See our giveaway section for details of free book and download.



Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge.


After the publication of our last issue (No. 35) we received several queries from readers requesting a definition of Thareed described in the Hadith section.

Thareed was a common food amongst the Arabs at the time of our Prophet (peace be upon him). It was bread mixed with meaty gravy and at times contained gourd pieces.

The bread itself was made of unsifted flour and had a course texture. The closest we can equate this to modern times would be pita bread.

See the Hadith section for more details.

Tuhfatul Ahwazi - Book of Virtues, Virtues of Aishah radiyallahu anha
Awnul Ma´bood
Al-Bukhari, Book of Foods
Eating Thareed
Sanha website – www.sanha.org.za



Your discovery column of spectacular spice, fabulous fruit, incredible ingredient, vital vegetable, marvellous mineral and vibrant vitamin.


Though to have originated in the region of the Caucasus Mountains, they were mentioned in the early writings of China, Egypt, Babylon and Greece.

Apples contain anti-oxidants; reduces cholesterol; cleanses the digestive system and boosts the immune system.

The fibrous and slight acid content have a scouring action and reduces plaque build up on teeth.

Apples are an excellent juicing ingredient as well.

There are many varieties of apple. Here are two of them:-


From France, a crisp dessert apple with red streaked skin and very white, sweet flesh. Also served with cheese and made into a dessert, sliced in rounds and fried in a sweet batter as fritters.

Originally grown from a pip in nineteenth century Australia, its crunchy hard flesh, sharp distinctive taste and bright skin have made it popular and easily recognisable. A world wide choice for both cooking and eating.

See winning recipes section for apple recipes.


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body.


If you have dark circles under your eyes, it could be a pointer to a lack of sleep. A common problem during the month of Ramadaan with nightly Taraweeh prayer and waking up for Sehri (pre-fast meal) apart form your normal duty.

Quality sleep with regular sleeping habits will solve the problem.

However, if it persists it could be more serious such as an under-active thyroid or even sensitivity to certain foods.

Turn detective and look for the triggers by a process of elimination. Start of with wheat and then milk which are common culprits. Also cut down your salt intake and drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Practise the Sunnah of a short afternoon nap.

If the problem persists see your doctor.



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

In the past we have featured a tongue in cheek look at students´ faux pas in examinations.

Now it´s the parent´s turn with their absentee notes including the original spelling. Enjoy this first of two parts. Submitted by sister ZM of Durban

PART (1)

  • My son is under a doctor's care and should not take P.E. today. Please execute him.
  • Dear School: Please ekscuse Shadrak being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and also 33.
  • Please excuse Blessing from P.E. for a few days. Yesterday he fell out of a tree and misplaced his hip
  • John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out of his face...
  • Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side
  • Please excuse Jimmy for being. It was his father's fault.
  • I kept Beauty home because she was to go Christmas shopping because I don't know what size she wear.
  • Please ekxcuse Wiseman for missing school yesterday. We forgot to get the Sunday paper off verunda, and when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday
  • Sally won't be in school a week from Friday. We have to attend her funeral.
  • Please excuse Jason for being absent yesterday. He had a cold and could not breed well.


Who's who in the world of Halaal

Name: Moulana Hashim Moosa Wadia

Marital Status: Married, 2 children

Aalim – Graduate of Miftaahul Uloom Jalalabad, India

Other Interests: Fishing, Cricket, Motoring

Ustaadh - CIT Madrasah

Position: Inspector and HR Manager

Key Responsibility at SANHA : Inspection of plants, HR Management and general office administration

I advise and take heed myself on the inspiration from the words of Allah (SWT) in the Noble Quran in chapter 29, Verse 69

"and those who strive in our cause,- we will certainly guide them to our paths for verily Allah is with those who do right."



Questions & Answers

Q: I have seen that Royco Salad Dressings are Halaal and have the SANHA logo. Are the Royco Soups and Noodles also Halaal?
A: The Salad Dressings are manufactured in a Halaal facility. All other ´Royco´ products are definitely not Halaal as they are manufactured in a separate facility which processes pork and other Haraam (non-Halaal) ingredients.

We, therefore, advise total abstention even from the ´non-Meat´ connotated variants as cross-contamination is not just a possibility, but a probability.

Q: According to the Majlis "sausages and boerewors throughout South Africa are Haraam and it is not permissible to sell or consume such sausages", Please advise.
A: SANHA certified establishments utilise casings only from approved suppliers and such casings are sourced from Halaal slaughtered animals.

The Majlis tabloid has arbitrarily and without verification declared as they are wont to do, almost all sausage casings, poultry, lamb, beef, cooldrink, flavoured water, emulsifiers, stabilizers and food ingredients as Haraam.

We have written to the Majlis to abandon this cavalier attitude but to no avail - see Majlis on poultry

We respectfully suggest that you evaluate facts for yourself and follow the organisation and Ulama that you have confidence in.


Industry News


A major super-regional shopping centre situated in Durban, in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Its powerful tenant mix generates R2.5 Billion turnover annually through an estimated 20 Million people who pass through the centre.

It provides employment to about 5500 people and is estimated to pump R200 million in value added taxation into the economy.

For details go to www.thepav.co.za


Recently Certified List

SANHA certifies over 800 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

  • Cecil Vinegar Works, Alrode - Gauteng; Raw Materials
  • Paul's Muesli, Randburg - Joburg; Cereals
  • Prime Cut Biltong, Ophirton - Gauteng; Biltong
  • Lakhis Chicken, Pmburg - KZN; Poultry Abattoir
  • The Ingredient Worx, Wadeville - Gauteng; Raw Materials

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email helpline@sanha.org.za



Bulletin 35/36 Competition
You still have a few days to enter

Ten lucky subscribers could win a fantastic hamper of Allifas products worth One Hundred Rand each.

Answer the following questions:
1) In what year was Allifas established?
2) When was the 1st issue of the SANHA e-Bulletin circulated (month and year)?

Which SANHA office would you like to collect your prize from if you are a winner - Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town? State your preference when submitting your answers.

Send your answer to helpline@sanha.org.za by Wednesday, 22nd October 2008.

Bulletin 36 Giveaway

Our giveaway this month is the 40 page booklet entitled "Salaah - the Muslim prayer." This perfectly outlines the method of Salaat (prayer) in detail with illustrations.

It covers all aspects including ablution and additional prayers.

Its ideal for every Muslim home, the new Muslim or as a handy reference to interested readers of all religious persuasions.

Write to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za with your request and postal address.

You may also download this from our website.

Our special thanks to the IPCI for their generous sponsorship


Tell Us And We'll Tell The World

Although we have just completed celebrating the joyous occasion of Eid, one cannot afford to ignore the Eid messages of our senior Ulama (Theologians) to help us shape our approach to the coming year.


Message from Moulana Yunus Patel (Imaam - Masjidun-Noor, Durban)

Eidul Fitr signifies the end of the fasting period and is a day of joy and thanksgiving, but despite being a day of celebration, the day commences with an additional prayer after sunrise, reminding the believers that the object of fasting must be fully borne in mind even after Ramadaan. Ramadaan was a golden opportunity for the Muslim community to bring about a total transformation in all spheres of their lives. Eid and the days to follow are opportunities to demonstrate the moral upliftment and spiritual elevation gained through fasting by showing compassion, mercy and kindness towards the creation of the Almighty.

Whilst conveying to the Muslim community best wishes for a happy Eid, I make humble appeal to every Muslim brother and sister to keep the sprit of fasting alive – obedience of Allah Ta’alah shines forth from this day forward. Let the rest of mankind observe the effect that fasting has in changing the outlook of a believing Muslim. Let us be examples worthy of emulation, and of others accepting Islam. (This message was abridged due to space constraints. For full version of this brilliant message visit www.darulihsan.com)

Message from Moulana Abbas Ali Jeena (President Jamiatul Ulama South Africa - a founder member of SANHA)

Alhamdulillah we have reached the end of the month of Ramadaan, we make dua to Allah that He accepts our Ibadaat and that He grants us life with good health to witness many more Ramadaans to come. It is mentioned that once somebody asked Sayyiduna Umar(R) on the eve of Eid why he was crying, so he replied: “I am not sure if Allah accepted all my actions in this month.” The objective of this month was to inculcate the quality of Taqwa. If we have achieved it or a portion of it, let us make Shukr and improve on it. If we missed the opportunity and realize now, then too it is not too late. Let us make the change in our lives for the better. Remember the night before Eid is also a very auspicious night which is generally neglected. We should try to spend the night in Ibaadah and not waste time talking to friends and complaining how fast the month went by lest even this Mubarak night will go by. Let us not forget our brothers and sisters in the other parts of the world who are suffering and may not be able to enjoy the happiness of Eid day. May Allah make it easy for them. Once more a happy Eid to one and all.

Message from Mufti Siraj Desai, Principal Darul Uloom, Port Elizabeth (Guest speaker at SANHA´s AGM 2008 and member of CUEC - founding member of SANHA).

Islam and all its teachings are in total harmony with human nature. The occasion of Eid is a manifestation of this harmonious relation between Islam and the natural predilection of man, for on this occasion we are allowed to express joy and happiness, and to celebrate the end of a month of toil and striving. At the end of month in which we preserved with prayer and fasting, self- control and restraint, we are allowed to let human sentiment take over, albeit with a certain degree of discipline. This human sentiment, by its very nature, demands the expression of joy and happiness over the bounties of Allah and the completion of a great act of worship. In essence, Eid is an occasion of thanksgiving to Almighty Allah for the fulfillment of a great effort, an achievement only made possible through His grace and permission. This is also an occasion of retrospection, where we look back at achievements and failures. We thank Allah for the former and seek forgiveness for the latter, while praying that he affords us the opportunity to do better next time, Aameen. We make duaa that Allah grants all Muslims throughout the world acceptance of all their efforts in Ramadaan, and total forgiveness on the occasion of Eid. Aameen. We also take this opportunity to ask Almighty Allah to mould this Ummah into one unified force, based on the Sunnah of our Beloved Messenger, upon whom be Allah’s choicest blessings, Aameen.




Jazaakallah for the speedy response. I really appreciate the services rendered by SANHA.
Keep up the good work. May Allah grant you success and guidance.

Gauteng, South Africa

Assalamu alaikum

I always find your e-bulletin very informative. It keeps improving.
Well done to the Editor and his team.

KZN, South Africa

Thoroughly enjoyed the e-bulletin on "Time Travel Inspiration" in issue 33.

Truly was an inspiration! Absolutely loved it

Well done to SANHA



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