South African National Halaal Authority
November 2008 :: Dhul Qa´dah 1429

No. 38

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
The Message

In the greatest annual assembly of peace on the planet, Muslims from all over the world will gather in the first week of December, on the Arabian plains of Arafat for the annual pilgrimage known as the Hajj.

It will be the 1419th anniversary of an enduring farewell address to mankind by the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) ranked first in a list of the most influential persons in History by author Michael Hart in 1978.

The sermon delivered was a miracle of elocution and compelling power delivered with conviction. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) enshrined virtue, piety, modesty and brotherhood of mankind, equality irrespective of caste, colour, race, ethnic background language and nationality.

A translation can be viewed by clicking on "Prophet Muhammad's (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) Last Sermon"

In this concluding remark the Prophet (Peace be upon him) stated "Let those that are present, convey it to those who are absent. Verily, many people to whom the message is conveyed may be more mindful of it than the audience."

SANHA in keeping with the concept of brotherhood of man and conveyance of the message, wishes to announce the coming of its French edition of the bulletin which will debut early in the new year.

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Bonnes nouvelles ! Bonnes nouvelles !
Une édition en français de ce bulletin électronique deviendra disponible au début de l'année prochaine.
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Wishing all Hujaaj an accepted Hajj, good health and a safe journey home.




The Story of our Beginning, the Present and the Future
Nasruddin Islamic School

From humble beginnings and with the Islamic vision of addressing imbalances of the past education policy of the Government, the Nasruddin Islamic School came into being in 1995.

Situated in the friendly City of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province, it offers Primary and High School education with an integrated Islamic syllabus including Arabic in an appropriate environment.

The School has over the last decade upgraded their facilities and offer computer labs, physics lab a support centre for remedial education, an indoor swimming pool, a community hall, resource centre and separate staff facilities for male and female teachers etc.

The school currently caters for 400 learners and employs 45 educators under the guidance of Principals Mr. Nabeel Schmidt and Sister Fadia Choonara.

Nasruddin Islamic School is an associate member of SANHA.

P.O. Box 16384, Gelvandale
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Primary School:
Tel: 041 4572338
Fax: 041 4571610
Email: primary@nasruddin.co.za

High school:
Tel: 041 4575223
Fax: 041 4575211
Email: highschool@nasruddin.co.za

(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

A companion of the Prophet, Anas bin Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him), narrated:

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) gave dates and saweeq (barley cereal) as the wedding feast of his bride, Safiyyah (may Allah be pleased with her).


Mawlana Zakariyya Kandalwi comments:

Safiyyah bint Huyayy bin Akhtab (may Allah be pleased with her), descendant of the Prophet Haarun (Aaron peace be upon him), was of a Jewish family. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) married her.

The waleemah (wedding feast) was performed whilst on a journey. There are different narrations as to what was served at the waleemah. Whatever was available at the breakfast of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his close associates were presented was the waleemah.


Ash-Shamaail lit-Tirmizi, Chapter on the curry of Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.

EID ul-Adha will provide an ideal opportunity for that long overdue leg of lamb family roast. Perfect for the oven or even your kettle braai.

Follow the tried and tasted recipe of the Reservoir Hills Madressa Mothers Committee of Durban and have everyone asking for more.

  • 2½ kg leg of lamb
  • 1½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp turmeric
  • 3 tsp crushed jeero
  • 3 tsp red chillie powder
  • 3 T lemon juice
  • 2 tsp ginger garlic
  • 3 T mayonnaise
  • 3 T tomato sauce
  • 1 tsp meat tenderizer
  • 1 T chicken spice
  • 1 T barbecue spice

2 T Corn Flour
1 Cup water

Mix above ingredients
Make gashes over the meat and fill with garlic and cloves. Marinate meat with above marinade and leave overnight in fridge.
Braise meat in pot with a little ghee, turning it on both sides to redden.
Cook on medium heat for about 2-3 hours turning every half an hour.
When ready, make paste and put over meat. Let it cook to give a thick sauce.

Chef's Tip: Choose the most tender cuts for the braai

Do you have a recipe to share with the readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of the e-Bulletin.



One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim.  He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.

The Sacrifice of Eid Ul-Adha

Commencing in the first week of December, three million Muslims will undertake the Hajj to the Holy land of Arabia. One of the rituals will include the sacrifice of animals in commemoration of the Prophet Abraham’s (Peace be upon him) willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Peace be upon him) at the command of Allah.

The kingdom has imported 1.5 million sheep in addition to the stocks they hold and enclosures have been built for 900,000 goat and sheep and 15,000 camels in the Mina area.

For an interesting read on the Quranic and Biblical view on animal slaughter go to gazette number 8



Your discovery column of spectacular spice, fabulous fruit, incredible ingredient, vital vegetable, marvellous mineral and vibrant vitamin.

Many of our present day vegetables have been cultivated since prehistoric times. By 3000 BC farmers in Mesopotamia were growing crops of turnips, onions, broad beans, peas, lentils, leek, garlic and radishes.

We examine two shoot vegetables.

Shoot of a plant native to Europe and available in 20 varieties. Rich in carotene, selenium and calcium that defends against cancer causatives.

Has a diuretic effect, helps relieve digestion and acts as mild laxative.

It is best steamed.

Popular with slimmers as one stalk contains a mere 4 calories. It is a good source of potassium which works with sodium to regulate body fluid levels.

It helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and stimulate urine production to eliminate body waste.

Celery also contains a mild but valuable anti inflammatory agent that helps conditions such as gout.


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body.


There is no cure yet for the most common form of dementia viz Alzheimer´s disease, but links are emerging on the contributing factor of a bad diet when one was younger. Having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure in your forties is one of them.

Neurologist and author, Dr Vincent Fortanasce in his book the Anti- Alzheimer´s Prescription (Random House) lists his 12 "Golden Dozen" foods that protect the brain from inflammation.

  • Fish rich in omega 3 oils such as salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, etc.
  • Blueberries and other berries – the anti oxidants protect against free radical damage.
  • Low GI wholegrains like oats and barley.
  • Apples – they contain the antioxidant quercetin which helps reduce inflammation.
  • Cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage – eating plenty of them is linked to better memory in older women.
  • Nuts – High in the antioxidant vitamin E
  • Low fat dairy foods – they´re linked to lower blood pressure
  • Leafy Greens – for more antioxidants
  • Legumes – high in folate which Fortanasce says is important for normal levels of homocysteine – high levels of homocysteine are linked to problems with thinking
  • Soy – to help lower cholesterol
  • Sweet potato- a low GI food thats also a source of folate and more antioxidants
  • Tomatoes – a good source of lycopene, also linked to better memory.
Don´t blow your mind – Eat right

Source: P.Goodyer



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

Deft definitions or Nifty Notions

The hydraulic force by which masculine will power is defeated by feminine waterpower.

A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.

The name men give to their mistakes.

A person who starts taking a bath if he accidentally falls into a river.

A person who says that O is the last letter in ZERO, Instead of the first letter in word OPPORTUNITY

A banker provided by nature.

Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.

One who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.



Who's who in the world of Halaal

Name: Moulana Mahmood Yacoob

Marital Status: Married, 2 children

Haafiz - Verulam
Aalim Faadhil – Darul Uloom Zakariya

Other Interests: Tasawwuf and Tableegh

Teacher – Lenasia Muslim Association
Presenter- Radio Islam
Member – Jamiatul Ulama South Africa

Position: Application Department KZN and Inspectorate

Key Responsibility at SANHA : Processing Applications and Auditing Establishments

We need to strive to inculcate into our lives the Sunnah and Akhlaaq of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), which is lacking in our community.



Questions & Answers

Q: Are McNabs tablets certified by SANHA?
A: Kindly be advised that the following McNabs Multivitamins are certified by SANHA and will carry the logo:

  • Energy Enhancer
  • Body maintenance
  • De Stress & Revitaliser
  • Oil for living
  • Daily Multivitamin & Mineral


Industry News


Hosted once every three years since 1949, the next International World Market fair for baking will be held in Dusseldorf from the 3rd - 9th October 2009.

Living up to its billing as one of the greatest "world of bakers for bakers of the world", it spans the entire spectrum, ovens and accessories, bakery and pastry-making machinery, refrigeration, fermenting and air conditioning technology and engineering, baking agents, raw materials and ingredients, partly-baked and finished products, ice cream manufacturing, confectionery equipment and accessories, coffee machines and accessories, pasta and pizza manufacturing, furniture and furnishings for shops, cafés and patisseries, packaging machinery, devices and materials, decorative items, baking accessories, cleaning and hygiene, laboratory and measuring equipment, IT hardware and software services.

The last IBA fair in 2006 attracted over 76,000 trade visitors form 144 countries. Already a year prior to the show 470 exhibitors from 31 countries have tendered their registration applications.

This fair's emphasis will be on snacks, light meals and coffee shops.

For information you may contact:

Official representative
Margret Hirse

Plan now and bring in the dough


Recently Certified List

SANHA certifies over 800 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

  • Pouyoukas Foods, Chamdor - Joburg; Snacks & Confectionery
  • Corporate Cuisine, Fairlands - Gauteng; Caterer
  • Samoosa Junction, Lenasia - Gauteng; Bakery
  • Jem Trading, Joburg - Gauteng; Snacks
  • Sir Juice, Devland - Gauteng; Beverages
  • Delhi Delicious, Germiston - Gauteng; Bakery
  • Juicy Lucy, Westwood Mall - Durban; Restaurant

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email helpline@sanha.org.za




e-Bulletin 37 / 38

Ten lucky entrants could win a book prize sponsored and selected by the Islamic Dawah Movement (IDM).

And there is more...

The Albaraka bank will give 20 entrants to the above competition a consolation prize of a canvas shopping bag.

Answer the following questions:-
1) Name the sponsor of the consolation prizes;
2) Which co-sponsor of the 4th Economic banking and Finance seminar is an Executive member of SANHA.

Which SANHA office would you like to collect your prize from if you are a winner - Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town? State your preference when submitting your answers.

Send your answer to helpline@sanha.org.za by Friday, 28th November 2008.

Bulletin 38 Giveaway
The Great Giveaway

In the Court of Rasulullah (SAW)

A 52 page booklet describing the profound experience and advise of the pious Shafiqual Ummah Maulana Shah Muhammad Faruq´s visit to Madinah.

Translated from Urdu to English with a foreword by Hazrat Mufti Desai Saheb of Port Elizabeth, this pocket size gem of a book has advices from intention of the visit to the completion of the visit.

Write for your free copy to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za Don´t forget your postal address.

You may also read and / or download this online


Tell Us And We'll Tell The World



In a unique and welcome service one can get a free reply to your sms question sent to
084 574 9891

The service is available for South Africa only. Other countries can email questions to darululoom@telkomsa.net

Mufti Siraj Desai is a graduate of Madrasah Miftahul Uloom Jalalabad, India and the Principal of the first Darul Uloom established in Port Elizabeth, Darul Uloom Abu Bakr.

He provides this service as senior Aalim, independently of SANHA.

Your Halaal queries may still be channeled to helpline@sanha.org.za




We note the participation of Ms. Mariam Abdul Latiff of Malaysia in the 3rd World International Halaal Conference organised by yourselves.

We express our profound thanks to your Executive, Management and all staff of SANHA for your kind words. We wish you every success in all the future endeavors of your organisation.

Embassy of Malaysia

I just read your article about salaah facilities at shopping malls in issue 36.

It's good to see that the Pavilion in Durban also has this facility.

In Cape Town we requested this a long time ago. And Alhamdulillah for many years now we have salaah place in the V&A Waterfront, Century City Canal Walk, Kenilworth Centre, Vangate Mall ,Cape Gate Mall, Tygervalley, Cavendish Square.

Jumu'ah is held on a Friday in Vangate Mall

N.J. – Western Cape

Editor: It is always a pleasure to hear from readers in the Western Cape. We thank you for the information of salaah facilities at the various centres. We intend placing information of facilities available on our website as a service to our readers in the near future.


Forthcoming Events

24 - 26 November 2008
2nd Halal Expo 2008
Crowne Plaza, Dubai
Contact: Hj S. Mahomedy
Tel: +27 (0)31 2075768

25 November 2008
Handling Misconduct and Poor Work Performance
New Germany, Pinetown - KZN
Contact: +27 (0)31 705 8744
e-mail: kzn-chamber@pifsa.org

24-25 November 2008
Environmental Conservation Act (ECI) Conference
NH The Lord Charles Hotel, Cape Town
Contact: eia@mongoose.co.za

24-29 November 2008
Transport hosts Regional Air Navigation Meeting
Durban International Convention Centre (ICC)
Contact: monarens@dot.gov.za

30 November 2008
M.Y sports day
OZ Sports Springwood
Brisbane Australia
Contact: 0411 398 948




All meals served on:

(Outbound from Johannesburg ONLY)
are prepared in a separate Halaal kitchen supervised and certified by SANHA.



Download Printout copy



Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge.

It´s that time of the year when the entire world moves into a travel mode.

Short hop local or long intercontinental holidays bring their own challenges on Halaal food.

Our travel advisory - e-Bulletin 6 & 7 has guidelines for the traveller on Halaal foods.

We list below a few ´chic French menu terms´ where alcohol is a concomitant part of the cooking process. Be cautious.

Bourguignonne : cooked with red wine.
Carbonade : beef stew made with beer
Coq au vin : casserole of chicken in red wine
Mariniere : referring to fish cooked in white wine


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