South African National Halaal Authority
December 2008 :: Dhul Hijjah 1429

No. 39

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Which of the favours of your Lord can you deny?

No one can deny the innumerable and countless favours that we all enjoy and the provision of Halaal food and services is just one of them.

That there are divergent views globally with varying standards, cultural and national barriers that hinder progress is not denied but progress continues nevertheless.

This is the picture that emerged after the latest meeting of the World Halaal Council held in Bangkok, Thailand on 28th November 2008 of which SANHA has a seat on the Executive Council and heads the WHC Shari'ah / Fatwa Committee.

There is unity in diversity and with dialogue the move towards a global standard progresses slowly but most importantly steadily.

In the field of poultry for example, member certifying organisations have different standards as prescribed by the Ulama. Some countries such as Malaysia permit the use of machine slaughter, some others will unconditionally accept slaughter by "People of the Book", some will accept the recitation of the Tasmiyah at the start of the process and some who are importers from non-Muslim countries rely on a certificate by any issuing authority without establishing these bonafides.

Muslims in South Africa are indeed fortunate in that they are aware of the origins of the meat and it's Halaal status through structures and organisations established and encouraged by our pious predecessors even though most if not all of the producers are non-Muslims.

There is nothing to stop Muslim communities from establishing abattoirs according to Islamic values and teachings. But divisive bickering will not lay a single brick.

It has even been suggested by the Majlis and its coterie that Muslims slaughter their own poultry and livestock as they believe that all meat from commercial abattoirs sold by Muslim butchers is Haraam. Not only is this inaccurate in view of the Halaal programs in place but impractical and a disservice to at least 90% of the community who rely on this.

Let us be grateful and strengthen structures that serve the community.

On Behalf of our Family of certifying plants, Executive, Management, well-wishers and staff we wish all our readers and their families a joyous Eid Ul Adha.

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Wishing all Hujaaj an accepted Hajj, good health and a safe journey home.




The Story of our Beginning, the Present and the Future

Masaajid have always been the focal point of the Muslim communities they serve and have been established with much trial and tribulation on this country. When their history is written each will have its own interesting addition to this tapestry of Islam.

The Umhlanga Islamic Society, formed in 2000, was unable to obtain any land from the council as these had been allocated to churches. With much determination and a long road to eventual construction in 2002, the land was purchased and rezoned to pave the way.

Today, this beautiful musjid nestling amongst the green-roofed homes of Somerset Park, visible from the highway and not far from the Gateway Shopping Centre, is a wonderful feature of serenity in the bustling complex of Umhlanga.

It caters today for the estimated one thousand Muslims that work in one of the busiest town and business park complexes in the country and at least one hundred and fifty resident families.

The society also conducts Madrasah classes for eighty learners and an Islamic pre-school for twenty five children. Many lectures and discussion programs are held at the Musjid which also has ladies facilities. The institute is a strong exponent of Halaal consumption and supports the activities of SANHA.

The programs and activities are driven by its dedicated Imam, Moulana Mohammad Vanker whose desire is to establish primary, secondary and tertiary institutes of learning to become a nuclea and binding force for the Muslims of Umhlanga.

Imam: Moulana Muhammad Vanker
Tel: +27 (0)31 572 4786
Email: mdvanker@yahoo.com
Website: www.umhlangaislamic.co.za

(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

A companion of the Prophet, Ubaydullaah bin Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), narrated from his grandmother:

The Prophet's grandson (Al-Hasan bin Ali), the Prophet's cousin (Ibn Abbaas) and the Prophet's Nephew (Ibn Jafar) visited his grandmother. (One of) them said to her, "Prepare for us such food the Prophet of Allah used to like. She said, O my young son, you will not find it nice these days. He said, "Nevertheless, prepare it for us." She arose. She took some barley and ground it. She placed it in a pot and poured some olive-oil thereon. She then grounded chillies and spices. She gave the food to them and said, "This is a dish which the Prophet of Allah peace be upon him liked."


The food of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) was very simple and coarse. Everyone cannot manage to attain his simplicity. Although the Muslims gained wealth after the demise of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and quantity and quality of food improved, these Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) wished to experience the food their beloved used to eat. It was simple but he liked it. This is both due to his innate humbleness and the scarcity of food at the time.


Ash-Shamaail lit-Tirmizi, Chapter on the curry of Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.

Tomatoes are a powerful force against cancer and deliver more vitamin C than orange juice. Here is a health drink to keep you away from the doctor's door.

Tomato, Carrot and red pepper juice

    This delicious drink is full of antioxidants. Add some onion, garlic and ice and blend and you have a tasty gazpacho-style smoothie.
  • 100g red pepper
  • 50g carrot
  • 100g tomato
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • Carrot ribbon, to decorate

Chop the pepper roughly.
Cut the carrot into chunks.
Juice together the red pepper, carrot and tomato.
Pour into glass over ice, decorate with a carrot ribbon and serve immediately.

Makes 200ml

Do you have a recipe to share with the readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of the e-Bulletin.



One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim.  He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.

The term fundamentalism as used in religious context


1. Orthodox religious beliefs based on a literal interpretation of the Bible (eg., complete acceptance on the story of creation as given in genesis and rejection of the theory of evolution) and regarded as fundamental to the Christian faith.

2. The movement among some American Protestants emphasizing this belief: opposed to modernism.

Websters: New Universal Unabridged Dictionary


The return to basic fundamental principles of Islam and moulding of our lives accordingly. Since Islam is a religion of moderation a fundamentalist is neither a fanatic nor an extremist.



Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge.


Join the sauceity

Certain sauces have established themselves internationally over the centuries and are part of every chef's repertoire today.

Here are a few of them

Bechamel - White sauce made with milk, butter, and flour, flavoured with herbs.
Hollandaise - Sauce of butter, egg yolk, and lemon juice or vinegar, for fish or vegetable dishes.
Mornay - Béchamel sauce with added cheese
Pesto - Italian sauce of basil and pine kernels
Supreme - White sauce made with veal or chicken stock, with added cream and egg yolk, for eggs, poultry, and vegetables.

Click here for a related article on sauces


Your discovery column of spectacular spice, fabulous fruit, incredible ingredient, vital vegetable, marvellous mineral and vibrant vitamin.


The world's most popular vegetable that botanically speaking is a fruit. Originally from South Africa it comes in numerous varieties and available throughout the year fresh and canned. There are ten thousand varieties.

Rich in Vitamin C, cholesterol free, it contains various compounds including lycopene that acts as an antioxidant.

According to research it may reduce the risk of certain cancers, particularly those of the prostrate, lung and stomach.

See recipe section for a tomato health drink.


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body.

Religion extends life

Attending a weekly religious service regardless of faith may lower the risk of death by 20% according to a study conducted by Professor Eliezer Schnall, of the Clinical Psychology Department of Yeshiva University in New York.

This study was backed up by Dr Harold Koenig of the Centre of Theology and Health at the Duke University Medical Centre who added that it was "a very well done study that provides good, well controlled evidence". He also added that "we don't fully understand the mechanism by which religion does this yet".

Muslims however have no qualms or illusions in accepting totally without any reservations the spiritual and medical benefits of prayer.

Allah Ta'ala has told us in the Noble Quran in Verse 2: Surah 45 "seek help in patience and prayer,..."

And if a weekly service can lower the risk of mortality by 20% then think of the overwhelming benefit of the 5 times daily prayers of Muslims.

You may view an interesting slide presentation on the benefits of the Muslim prayer.

Send your request to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

More Deft definitions or Nifty Notions

It's an agreement in which a man loses his bachelors degree and a woman gains her masters.

The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.

Conference Room:
A place where everybody talks, nobody listens & everybody disagrees later on.

The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.

A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.

A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead.

A person who lives poor so that he can die rich.

A person who kills your ills by pills, and then kills you with his bills .



Who's who in the world of Halaal

Name: Yunus Bowman Khalea

Marital Status: Married, 1 son

Islamic - Ma'had Abi Bakr al-Siddeeq al-Islaami - Blantyre, Malawi
Secular - Cambridge University A-Level

Other Interests: Sport


Position: Halaal Inspector

Key Responsibility at SANHA : Inspection of Plants, relief Halaal supervision

Message: Eat from the pure and do good actions




You may now order a Halaal "Muslim meal" when travelling with any of the following airlines (Outbound from Johannesburg only):
  • SA Express
  • SA Airlink
  • Air Namibia
  • TAAG Angola Airlines
  • Congo Hewabora

Ensure that your meal is sealed with the SANHA official mark of assurance. Meals NOT sealed should not be accepted as Halaal.


Download Printout copy



Questions & Answers

Q: I have seen your notice regarding Chuckleberrys in Sandton not being a Halaal store. Does this have a bearing on all Chuckleberrys outlets?
A: No. We do have an arrangement with the Chuckleberrys Headoffice but only the Fordsburg store is certified Halaal at present.

Q: What is the latest status in Halaal meals on airlines?
A: All meals served on:

  • ( Outbound from Johannesburg ONLY )
    are prepared in a separate Halaal kitchen supervised and certified by SANHA. Each tray set will carry a SANHA label of authentication.

You may also order a Halaal "Muslim meal" when travelling with any of the following airlines:

  • SA Express
  • SA Airlink
  • Air Namibia
  • TAAG Angola Airlines
  • Congo Hewabora
  • ( Outbound from Johannesburg ONLY )
Ensure that your meal is sealed with the SANHA official mark of assurance. Meals NOT sealed should not be accepted as Halaal.

Q: We intend visiting Malaysia, Indonesia & Bangkok soon. Please advise on the halaal status of these countries as well as the halaal logos that we should look for when eating out.
A: Malaysia
Certified restaurants will have the circular logo with the Arabic word 'Halaal' in the centre and "Malaysia" on English and Arabic written in the circular border.

Please contact the Central Islamic Committee for guidance. They may be contacted at:
Contact person: Mr. Karoon Kooyai
Tel: 0-2949-4146 or 0-2949-4215

Please contact the Majlis Ulama Indonesia for guidance. They may be contacted at : Tel: (0251) 358748, 323166 Fax: 358747


Industry News


SANHA certified plants swept the board at the 20th Logistic Achiever Awards by garnering the Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards.

A provider of flavorings and food formulations to the savoury and confectionery food markets. The company set the standard of logistic management with a unique fully integrated system not seen elsewhere in our country.

The international frozen food chain created a world class supply chain through collaboration. This has allowed it to increase its service whilst scaling down on its own warehousing which in turn resulted in profitable growth and customer satisfaction.

Through the use of technology the dairy products producer created visibility and integration at the highest level resulting in customer service levels of 99.5%.

SANHA is proud to be associated with these achievers and congratulates their Executive, Mnagement and Staff.


Recently Certified List

SANHA certifies over 800 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

  • Simply Delish International, Bramley - Joburg; Jellies
  • Badsha Spices, Sunderland Ridge - Gauteng; Spices
  • Power Mills, Germiston - Gauteng; Maize Products
  • The Mineral Water Man, Strijdom Park - Gauteng; Beverages
  • Mochachos Ermelo, - Mpumalanga; Restaurant
  • Delhi Delicious Tsakane - Gauteng; Bakery
  • Juicy Lucy, Westwood Mall - Durban; Restaurant

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email helpline@sanha.org.za




e-Bulletin 37 / 38

Prize: A book prize sponsored and selected by the Islamic Dawah Movement (IDM)
Questions: 1) Name the sponsor of the consolation prizes;
2) Which co-sponsor of the 4th Economic banking and Finance seminar is an Executive member of SANHA.
Answers: 1) Albaraka bank
2) AMAL (Association of Lawyers and Accountants for Islamic Law)

Congratulations to our winners for the book and consolation prizes. Their prizes are being delivered / collected.

Bulletin 39/40 Competition

5 lucky entrants could win the book "Islamic Guide to Business" sponsored by AMAL.

Answer the following 2 Questions:
1. AMAL membership is open to Muslim professionals in various fields. Name 2 of those fields.
2. Name 2 airline companies that provide full meals certified Halaal by SANHA.

Which SANHA office would you like to collect your prize from if you are a winner - Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town? State your preference when submitting your answers.

Send your answer to helpline@sanha.org.za by Friday, 19th December 2008.

Bulletin 39 Giveaway

See Health and beauty for our giveaway


Tell Us And We'll Tell The World

Association of Muslim Lawyers and Accountants (AMAL)

The association of Muslim lawyers and accountants established in 1984 seeks to empower Muslim professionals on legal, economic and commercial issues. It is an executive member of SANHA.

It has published a 175 page book "the Islamic guide to business" which is a must for every Muslim business person whether owner, manager or employee.

It sets out in detail the core principles to be adopted in running a business the Islamic way. The authors highlight Islamic ethics and morality from the beautiful teachings of the Quran and Hadith. The book has been endorsed by leading Ulema. This book makes an ideal gift for staff, friends and customers.

Just R50.00 gets you a copy.

To order contact: AMAL offices
No. 4 GHM Centre
32 West Riding Row, Sherwood

P.O. Box 1014, Wandsbeck 3631
Durban, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)31 207 5806
Fax: 086 6359818

To win one of 5 copies go to the competition section.




I would like to say Jazakumullah Khairan for the Airline Meal Announcement regarding Etihad, Interlink and Malaysian Airlines meals. It has been a great help for me as I am working in the travel industry and have recently had quite a few clients travelling on Etihad. They were very pleased to hear that the meals on the outbound flights are SANHA approved. I have even sent the announcement to my clients as a re-assurance.

Once again Jazakumullah Khairan for making it easier for our Muslim traveler's to choose their meals; even if it is only on the outbound flight. I hope that Insha-Allah, other airlines would follow suit.

South Africa

Jazakumullah Khairan, to all of you at SANHA for all the work that u have done. It would not have been possible for us to know whether we were eating Haraam or Halaal products that are coming in from other countries.

Z.Z. - Zimbabwe


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