South African National Halaal Authority
November 2009 : Thul Hijjah 1430

No. 47

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Eid ul Adha Commemorating Sacrifice

On the 9th of November, the world celebrated the twentieth anniversary of tearing down of the infamous Berlin Wall. The wall that stood resolute in separating brothers, countrymen and man made ideologies, that cost the lives of many and caused irreparable harm could not withstand the innate love of brotherhood between fellow man and came crashing down. It signaled the end of the cold war and contributed to the coming together of Europe into a union.

The festival of sacrifice, Eid ul Adha to be celebrated on Friday 27th November, 2009 ranks as one of the most important events on Islamic calendar.

If understood in its correct context and its message implemented then it can serve to bring down those individual "Berlin Walls"of mistrust, hatred and intolerance that we have built around our hearts.

Islam, is not a new religion. In fact it is the finalization of the same message and guidance that the Almighty revealed to all the Prophets of different nations during their respective eras, beginning with the father of mankind Adam (peace be upon him).

The Holy Quran makes this principle an article of faith for Muslims with its injunction:-

"Say 'we believe in God, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes, and in (the books) given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets, from their Lord: we make no distinction between one and another among them, and to God we bow our will (in Islam)."
Chapter 3 verse 84

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) has the unique distinction to be the head of the world's three largest religions - Judaism Christianity and Islam, all of which are based on the cornerstone of Monotheism.

The founding Prophets of the above three religions and the prophets that followed them are descendants of the family of Abraham (peace be upon him). The Jewish religion began with Abraham's descendant  Prophet Moses (Musa), thereafter amongst others came Prophet David (Dawood) and Prophet Zacharia (Zakaria) and came to an end with Jesus Christ (Issa) (Peace be upon them all)who was the last prophet of the Jews from the family tree of Isaac (peace be upon him). Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was the descendant of Abraham (peace be upon him) by his other son Ishmael (Ismail) (peace be upon him).

While in Makkah, the Almighty commanded Abraham (peace be upon him) in a dream to sacrifice in His way, the thing that he loved most, his son Ismail (peace be upon him). Abraham (peace be upon him) unquestionably set out to obey the command of the Almighty and conveyed to his beloved son Ismail (peace be upon him) that he should be ready to be sacrificed. The Quraan documents that Ismail (peace be upon him) agreed without hesitation and accompanied his father for the sacrifice.

When Abraham (peace be upon him) attempted the actual sacrifice, the Almighty had substituted a ram in the place of Ismail (peace be upon him) as a reward to Abraham's and Ismail's (peace be upon him) absolute faith in Him.

A similar account of Prophet Abraham's (peace be upon him) tests of courage and faith is described in the Bible in Genesis, Chapter 22.

This is why Muslims all over the world make an animal offering to commemorate Prophet Abraham's (peace be upon him) supreme act of sacrifice and submission to the Divine Will.

The Almighty does not need the flesh and blood of the slaughtered animal. It is the spirit, feeling and intent of the person offering the sacrifice that is of paramount importance. Sacrificing the animal in God's name is an acknowledgement and acceptance that the Almighty is the real owner of life and man is but a mere servant bowing to His Will. This is the festival of Eid Ul Adha.

On behalf of the SANHA Executive, Management, Staff, Certified Plants, well wishers and supporters we wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak and our Non-Muslim friends peace. We pray that the spirit of the sacrifice makes us stronger, morally and spiritually for the year ahead, Almighty willing.

May peace, stability, prosperity and true faith prevail throughout our Global village.

P.S. Muslims as a mark of reverence and respect utter the prayer "peace be upon him" when the name of a Prophet is mentioned.


The Story of our Beginning, the Present and the Future

The National Muslim Prison Board of South Africa 

The National Muslim Prison Board was formed in the 1980's and recognized by the authorities and supported by the Ulama as well as many diverse Muslim organizations affiliated to it.

It's mission statement is, "To aspire to make the incarceration of Muslim inmates as smooth and favourable as possible in the hope that they preserve their Imaan (faith) in the hostile prison environment and that they reform their lives in conformity with the Noble Quran and Sunnah to become active contributing members of the society".

The Board works with the Department of Correctional Services to increase service to Muslim inmates. Some services provided:

  • Appointing religious workers to teach Islam to Muslim prisoners
  • Giving Suhoor and Iftaar to prisoners in Ramadaan
  • Distributing Islamic Literature, Musallas, etc. free
  • After-care services for inmates families
  • Facilitation of Halaal Meals in prison
  • Islamic counselling of inmates and their families
  • Arranging Salaah facilities in prisons

The National Muslim Prison Board operates with the Boards of Gauteng, KZN, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape The Finance and Welfare Dept is handled by SANZAF and Secretarial and Spiritual Affairs by various Ulama organisations

The Eastern Cape branch of the Muslim Prison Board was revived on 19 November 2005 and Mufti Siraj Desai was elected Chairman. This branch as the support of Muslim organizations like SANZAF, the Eastern Cape Islamic Congress, the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape and PE Darul-Uloom. It caters for Muslim inmates at St Albans Prison in PE as well as other prisons in the Eastern Cape. A spiritual care worker goes daily to the prison to hold Islamic classes. They also arrange special Ramadaan programs as well as the Halaal issue of the food in prison.
Allah helps a person so long as that person is in the service of his brother (Sahih Muslim)

The National Muslim Prison Board is an associate member of SANHA. To see further details of the sterling work done by this organisation contact:

Mufti Siraj Desai, Chairman & Ameer: 

Moulana Shabeer Asmal, Secretary General:

Moulana Mohamed Khatieb, National Muslim Chaplain:

(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

The companions asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) "What is this Qurbani?"

Rasullullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered; "This is the sunnah of your forefather Ebrahim alayhis salaam".

They then asked; "What is there in it for us?"

The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated: "For every hair is a reward"

They enquired further, "What about the wool (of sheep), O Prophet of Allah"

Rasullullah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam said; "For every fibre of wool there is a reward." (Ahmad, ibn Majah)



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.


There is nothing like the warm glow of satisfaction after a sumptuous meal in the company of family and friends on special occasions such as Eid.

Have you ever wanted to cook for such a gathering but were daunted by the numbers.

Here is a recipe for chicken Biryani for 15 people using the traditional method of steaming brought to you by NMC Exquisite cookware. For more details visit their

This recipe is meant to be prepared in our OvenPrufe using the traditional method of Biryani preparation - steaming.


  • 3 chickens washed and disjoined

  • 4 cups masoor (black lentils)

  • 2 cups frozen peas

  • 5 cups Basmati Rice

  • 6 pieces cinnamon sticks (tuj)

  • 12 elachie (cardomon) pods

  • 10 green chillies

  • 500 ml yoghurt

  • 3 fresh tomatoes grated

  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar

  • Few sprigs mint

  • A bunch dhania (coriander) chopped

  • 2 sprigs curry leaves (optional)

  • 1 tsp saffron1 tsp tumeric (arad)

  • 3 tsp coarse salt

  • 4 tsp dhania jeeroo (coriander & cumin mix)

  • 5 tsp red chilli powder
  • 5 tsp ginger garlic

  • 2 tsp saumnf (fennel seeds)

  • 6 medium onions

  • 8 medium potatoes (cut in halves)


  1. Wash rice and leave to soak in cold water for ½  hour. Boil and drain.
  2. Boil masoor in salted water.
  3. Fry onions in oil till golden in colour. Drain and leave in freezer to crisp.
  4. Disjoint, wash and drain meat
  5. Place in a large dish and add all the spices, yoghurt, grated tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Mix well and leave to marinate for ½  hour.
  6. Add ghee to pot. Sprinkle a little rice and masoor (about ½ cm high) in pot.
  7. Place the pieces of meat carefully at the bottom of the pot.
  8. Cover meat with masoor and peas.
  9. Add potatoes and spread rice. Close pot with lid and simmer on stove until it steams 
  10. Place pot in moderate oven and cook for about an hour or until moisture evaporates.

Serve with fried papads, salad and spiced yoghurt.


Do you have a recipe to share with the readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of the e-Bulletin.



Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge. For our sweet-toothed readers international desserts

Indian: Jelebis, Gulab Jaman
Syrupy fried dumpling 

Middle Eastern: Halwah / Halava
Confection of honey and crushed sesame seeds.

Chinese: Dim sum 
Small sweet or savoury snacks

Greek: Baklava
Dessert made from paper-thin layers of pastry, with chopped nuts and honey



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

A "pun" is its own reword. Thank you to Sister Asma for the second part of her contribution of "punning" us her thoughts on this subject.


  • When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.
  • A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.
  • A thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement. He became a hardened criminal.
  • If you don't pay your exorcist you can get repossessed.
  • You are stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.
  • A calendar's days are numbered. When you've seen one shopping centre you've seen a mall.
  • When she saw her first strands of grey hair, she thought she'd dye.


Scooters Pizza
(Umhlanga Rocks)

Kindly note that the above store is  

  as from the 1st November 2009.

Ownership has changed to a non-Muslim person.




 Is NOT certified HALAAL



Who's who in the world of Halaal

Name:  Muhammad Chiumbe

Marital Status:  Married, 2 Children

a) Islamic - Grade 11 - Blantyre Islamic Mission 
b) Secular - Junior Certificate Islamic Mission 

Other Interests:  Teaching

Tutor Islami Institution - ZAM ZAM , Malawi

Position:  Clerk

Key Responsibility at SANHA :  Filing- House keeping

Message:   "Put our trust in Allah, and sufficient is Allah to be trusted."
McCase McClosed

Fast food giant McDonald's with 185 stores in Malaysia lost an eight-year trademark battle against the single store Malaysian curry restaurant of Kuala Lumpur after a court allowed the latter to use the prefix 'Mc'.



One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim.  He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.


The 81st Surah of the Quraan is Takweer which makes a reference to the sun. Takweer literally means to tie on a turban as this motion is a circular motion around a circular body, the Quraan thus implies the circular shape of heavenly bodies as well as the orbital nature.

The Noble Quraan correctly described the shape of the the heavenly bodies and the earth when the prevalent view of the time was that the earth was flat.



Your discovery column of spectacular spice, fabulous fruit, incredible ingredient, vital vegetable, marvellous mineral and vibrant vitamin.

Pulses are the edible seeds of certain plants of the Legume family and include beans, peas and lentils.

Most pulses are artificially dried and are available cooked and canned and also in other forms such as flour.

SPLIT YELLOW PEA (Pisum Sativum)
These make excellent purees and for vegetable dishes.

CHICK PEA (Cicer arietinum)
Also known as garbanzo, cecil (Italy) and Chana dhall (India). Available whole or split, it can be served in casseroles, soups and stews. It's the main ingredient in humus and falafel, and a staple food of the Middle East.




Questions & Answers

Q: Are Royco soups and instant noodles Halaal (no Halaal stamp)?
A: Royco soups and Instant noodles are NOT approved by SANHA. The Knorr Range manufactured in South Africa is certified Halaal.

Q: Is Lindt Swiss plain chocolate Halaal?
A: In terms of information at our disposal Lindt Swiss plain chocolate is Halaal suitable.

Q: Is it permissible to eat at places where they serve alcohol?
A: Whilst the ‘Eating-out’ trend is growing, Muslims are urged to exercise great caution when frequenting Non-Muslim owned Restaurants, Pizza Parlours, etc. A vegetable Pizza and/or seafood dish can easily be polluted with wine, Haraam meats, other Haraam ingredients and contaminated utensils etc.

Remember that the Shari’ah does not permit you to eat from any place, which serves alcohol.


Industry News

Winning is a habit at SHORELINE BEVERAGES

For the second consecutive year Shoreline Beverages, the bottlers of 'Cooee softdrinks' swept the prestigious Durban Chamber/Standard Bank Business Entrepreneur award.

For this SANHA certified company it is another notch in their long list of awards, having achieved 88% on the Pick n Pay full food safety audit and “A” supplier rating and also the Islamic Finance Business Entity of the year previously.

Congratulations and may Allah continue crowning your endeavours with success.

Contact details: Mahmood Ismail

Tel: +27 31 914 8400




Recently Certified List

SANHA certifies over 800 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.
We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

  • Bread Ahead, Gateway,  Umhlanga, Bakery

  • Steers Umgeni Drive Thru,  Royal Palm Avenue, Umgeni, Restaurant

  • The Smart Food Company,  Riverhorse Valley, Beverages

  • Pridon Supply and Distribution, Johannesburg, Raw Materials

  • The Green Door Fresh Supply,  Johannesburg, Fruit and Veg

  • M2 Distributors, Johannesburg, Cullinary-Spices & Condiments

  • Mochachos,  Sunninghill, Johannesburg, Restaurant

  • Heinz Foods (Pty) Ltd, Wellington,  Western Cape, Condiments

  • Lancewood Cheese (Pty) Ltd, George, Southern Cape, Dairy

  • I8 Chicken & Steak, Fordsburg, Restaurant

  • Central Valley's Best, Marble Hall, Fruit & Veg

  • Passionate Food, Robertsham, Caterer

  • I & Z Caterers, Crosby, Caterer

  • Flavotech, Kelvin, Colours & Flavours

  • Versatile Chemicals, Centurion, Colours & Flavours

  • The Golden Platter, Constantia, Caterer

  • Pepsi Cola International (Pty) Ltd, Pakistan, Snacks

  • Z Vanker Caterers, Robertsham, Caterers

  • Delhi Delicious, Arbour Crossing, Amanzimtoti, Bakery

  • Delhi Delicious, University of Jhb, Bakery

  • Delhi Delicious, Umbogintwini, Amanzimtoti, Bakery

  • Delhi Delicious, Newcastle, Bakery

  • Tazamoz's, Ormonde, Restaurant

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email



Previous Competition
Previous competition e-bulletin 45/46

Prize : A Schlotsky freshest Salad combo and 500ml buddy cooldrink. Winner can choose from garden, Greek or coleslaw salads.

1. Where is the first Schlotsky's SANHA certified outlet situated in South Africa?
2. In which year was the 1st International Halaal Conference held? 
Answers: 1) Gauteng 2) 2005


  • Abdullah Patel
  • Adil Patel
  • Asma Ismail
  • Ayesha Shaik
  • Bilaal Jada
  • Bilkis Laher
  • Farook Mohomed
  • Fatima Desai
  • Fehmida Omarjee
  • Hafeezah Asmal
  • Ibrahim Patel
  • Imraan Patel
  • Khadija
  • Khatija Khan
  • Mariam Essack
  • Mohamed Seedat
  • Naeem Patelia
  • Nasrin Bhamjee
  • Saeeda Beg
  • Saika
  • Salma Mansuri
  • Sara Khan
  • Shamima Navelling
  • Soraya Valley
  • Sulayman Patel
  • Umar Randeree
  • Yasmeen Cassoo
  • Yumna Kharodia
  • Yusuf Moosajee
  • Ziyad Mohamed

Bulletin 47 Competition

15 Lucky readers can win a R50.00 (Fifty Rand) Pavilion shopping voucher to be redeemed at any outlet in the centre. 

Answer the following 2 Questions:

  1. How many stores are in the Pavilion centre?

  2. Companies of which two countries have asked SANHA for assistance in their exports?

Which SANHA office would you like to collect your prize from if you are a winner - Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town? State your preference when submitting your answers.

Send your answer to by Tuesday, 11th August 2009.


Tell Us And We'll Tell The World


 The Pavilion shopping Centre in Durban Kwa Zulu Natal, is one of South Africa’s most successful shopping centres.

Established fifteen years ago it has over two hundred and thirty shops and attracts 1.8 million visitors.

The Pavilion cognisant of the Muslim need for daily prayers by its customers and tenants, made provisions and established a prayer area (mussallah) several years ago and has recently revamped this.

It caters for a hundred people with separate facilities for sisters. The Friday Congregational prayer (Jumuah) is performed as well.

Contact: Pavilion information department or  

Win a shopping voucher- see competition/giveaway section 



Jazakallah for your clarification on Flora margarine. May Allah reward you and your team for your efforts Insha Allah.

A.B - South Africa

I appreciate the work and effort you place into ensuring that “Halaal foods” only reaches our tables. It is funny how during Ramadaan all things gravitate around food.

Z.G. - Gauteng

Saw the advertising and picture of Al Imdaad truck on SANHA newsletter. May Allah Taala accepts and help you and your team in your noble work. Salam to all at SANHA.

I.L - Madagascar


Forthcoming Events

25 November 2009
Own Label Show
London, United Kingdom
Contact:+44 (0)20 8863 3606 
+44 (0)20 8863 3606

25 November 2009
Own Label Show
London, United Kingdom
Contact+44 (0)20 8863 3606  +44 (0)20 8863 3606
Email:>28 November 2009
Eid Ul Adha Function
Brisbane, Australia
Runaway Bay Community Centre
Organizers : Faith and Cultural Exchange Inc.
Contact: Faizah
Tel:  0435 200 544

2 December 2009
World Secure Food Chain Asia 2009,
Hong Kong
Harbour Grand, Hong Kong
Organizers: Terrapin
Contact: Stella Teo
Tel:  +65 6322 2737 


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body.

Sunflower Deep Cleanse
Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E oil and make an excellent facial scrub. Use this recipe to cleanse your face and also for an all-over, full-body treatment. It will leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth.


½ cup raw sunflower seeds, shelled
Distilled water for mixing

Process the raw seeds in a food processor or coffee grinder  to a fine powder that resembles coarse sugar. Pour into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. 
Mix a tablespoon of the ground sunflower seeds with a few teaspoons of water to create a smooth paste. You can do this in the palm of your hand or in a ceramic bowl.
Massage the mixture into your face and neck and rinse well with warm water first and then cool water. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel.


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