South African National Halaal Authority
August 2011 : Ramadhan 1432

No. 65

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Eid 1432

As Ramadaan draws to its end next Monday or Tuesday depending on the sighting of the moon, every Muslim looks forward with great anticipation to the day known as Eid-ul-Fitr.

This annual event is one of the most important days on the Islamic calendar and welcomed with gratitude and collective enjoyment. This is only natural for it’s a rejoicing of the month long devotion of fasting, prayer and increased acts of charity for drawing closer to our Creator, instilling a sense of purpose and creating empathy with the less fortunate.

In this celebration where it is appropriate for families and friends to get together, forgive past mistakes and rekindle bonds for the coming year as a “better person,” it would be an act of virtue if we entertain those who are not in a position to enjoy the blessed day.

After showing determination in warding off the pangs of hunger and thirst voluntarily for thirty days from dawn to sunset, we ought to automatically indentify and have an affinity to those that go hungry involuntarily. Our month long regimen of peace and prayer in the tranquility of our homes and Masaajid should have heightened our awareness of the effects of poverty and crime in our midst.

It would be a sorry indictment if we fail to act on the message of the Quran that was revealed to the Prophet peace be upon him for all mankind over 1400 years ago, which we so diligently recited every night.

After this high intensity regimen of transformation, Muslims are equipped to lead from the front in enjoining that which is good and forbidding evil in the days to follow Eid.

On behalf of all of us at SANHA, our certified plants and families we ask the Almighty to bless you and your family, your homes and business with harmony, peace and prosperity on this joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Eid Mubarak!!!



DAY / DATE: Saturday, 10th September 2011 – Insha Allah

VENUE: Baitul Hamd Auditorium, Cnr High and Dolly Rathebe Road, Fordsburg,




The Story of our Beginning, the Present and the Future


Reservoir Hills is a suburb of the city of Durban in South Africa. It was established in the early 1960’s as an “Indian” area in line with the then Nationalist Government’s apartheid policy. No provision was made for places of worship.

The inaugural meeting of the Reservoir Hills Muslim Society was held on 12th March 1964 when a small group of concerned residents met to determine how to meet the cultural and religious needs of the Muslim residents of Reservoir Hills. Their main concern was the establishment of a Masjid and Madrasah.

Today, the Society has, by the Grace of Allah, made phenomenal strides with the establishment of a Masjid, Madrasah, preschool and various much needed community facilities.

Amongst these are Hifz classes, the arranging of Eid Musalla and Ghusl and Kafan (washing and shrouding) requirements of the deceased. The society is associated with SANHA and fully supports its activities.

A project of the Reservoir Hills Muslim Society is the Madrasah Mothers Committee who, in a decade of tireless work, were responsible for establishing the magnificent Reservoir Hills Islamic centre.

This new centre houses madrasah classes from grade 1 to 8 with 8 teachers catering for over 100 learners. Income derived from hiring of the hall is ploughed back into the society to help make it self sufficient.

The hall situated at the corner of Mountbatten and Halpin Avenue, Reservoir Hills, seats 400 in a dining reception setting, is fully air conditioned and has easy access support facilities for banqueting. It is proving to be popular as a wedding reception venue and has also hosted several family reunion get togethers.

For details and enquiries:
Reservoir Hills Islamic Society

Contact person for Hall Hire: Sister Zubeida Vawda

Tel: +27 31 262 8266


(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

Abu Saeed al-Khudri (radiyallahu anhu) narrates:

“We waged battle at the side of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when 16 days of Ramdaan had past. Some of us fasted and some did not. Neither did those who fasted rebuke those who did not fast; nor did those who did not fast rebuke those who fasted.” [Muslim]


The Battle of Badr was fought on the 17th of Ramadaan in the 2nd year of the Hijrah. This was the first Ramadaan when fasting was ordained. The 313 ill-equipped Muslim faced 1000 fully-armed foes. Some Muslims chose not to fast, as travellers are allowed to delay their fast to another time. Others felt strong enough to fast. Neither side rebuked the other. The best of Muslims respected each other’s opinions even when they strongly differed. May Allah grant us such etiquette as well.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.

Pepper Steak

Biryani is the favoured Eid dish of the day in many homes. Be different, “up the stakes” and surprise your guests and the in laws too with this Pepper Steak served with a creamy mushroom sauce. It works every time with the same satisfying result.

1 kg fillet steak, sliced like a butterfly
1 tsp salt [or to taste]
1 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp coarse black pepper
2 tsp garlic
1/4 cup black vinegar
1 Tblsp Soya Sauce
2 Tblsp HP sauce
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp garlic chilli sauce

Marinate steak in combined ingredients for at least 1/2 an hour.
Cook in +- 60g butter.

1 punnet mushrooms
250ml fresh cream
250ml sour cream
1 tsp lemon pepper
Handful grated mozzarella cheese

Saute mushrooms in a little butter.
Add fresh cream, sour cream and lemon pepper.
Allow to thicken, remove from stove and add cheese.
Before serving, pour sauce over steak.
Serve with hot chips.

Do you have a recipe to share?

Send in your recipes to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and see it on our soon to be established recipe column on the net.

We'll publish - you'll get the credit!



Lingering longer or on the move, he stops here, there and everywhere to share what’s on his plate and his mind. He may be in your place soon but you will never know he is there.

CONVENIENT SNACKS for genuine home baked butter biscuits

“You get biscuits and you get biscuits.” I was tipped off by a friend on a little known home industry that had been quietly operating in a Durban suburb and delivering the taste.

A phone call to the number below resulted in my placing an order for butter biscuits in a barrel. Surprise! Surprise! It was delivered the next afternoon without fuss or bother in a sturdy plastic keeper.

Four different varieties of addictive “homely” biscuits, which I subsequently learnt were mixed and baked separately, almost didn’t make it home with colleagues unashamedly tucking in. And the cost? … just R75-00.

Highly recommended with service that takes the cake by a SANHA certified outlet.

Call: Tahera +27 31 207 4336


24 hour Pie Stop

After last months feature on BREAD AHEAD as the undisputed Pie Champion, our foodie received news that the flagship store in Problem Mkhize Road, Durban is open 24 hours.





Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge.


South Africa is a water scarce country in terms of our limited supply.

We consumed 384.7m litres of bottled water in 2009.

Do you know how much water is used in processing plants?

You will be amazed at the facts below:

• To produce one hamburger requires 1,100 litres of water.
• The production of 1 kg beef requires 16,000 litres of water.
• To produce 1kg of maize requires 900 litres of water.
• One cup of coffee needs 140 litres of water.
• To produce one sheet of A4 paper requires 10 litres of water.

Information from SANBWA (South African National Bottled Water Association)



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

An Attorney and a Moulana

At a well attended function a pompous young attorney was displaying his knowledge by posing questions to the various guests that were proving difficult to answer. He seemed to be enjoying the attention of the audience as his targets squirmed under his line of questioning. Finally, he turned to the Moulana (learned man, teacher) who was quietly enjoying a cup of tea in the corner.

After exchanging salaams and a brief introduction he thundered straight in and said in a loud voice, “I suppose you Moulana’s are infallible and never make any mistakes, am I correct?” The Moulana stroked his beard and calmly asked, “My son, what brings you to that conclusion?”
“Well, I have never heard any apologies and corrections in your lectures,” replied the attorney

Moulana: “Maybe you have not heard this because I have been lecturing before you were born. We are human and make mistakes, we accept responsibility and rectify it.” Then turning on the young man attorney he says, “Surely you make mistakes too?”
“Yes! off course we make mistakes, Moulana.” To which the Moulana counters, “And tell me son, how do you rectify it?”

He replies: “Well, I weigh up the situation and if there is an element of truth in the matter I let it go and leave it at that. What about you?”

Moulana with a little sparkle in his eyes answers, “Pretty much the same. In fact last week in my bayaan(lecture) I meant to say that Shaitaan, is the father of all Liars but accidentally said Shaitaan is the father of all lawyers… so I let it go and left it at that.”
The sound of laughter from the room followed the young man as he beat a hasty retreat.

Conceived and presented on Radio Islam by our humourist Ebi Lockhat every Monday morning after the 8:00 am news. Catch it on audio streaming http://radioislam.ndstream.net

Please feel free to download and use as you like. The courtesy of an acknowledgement will be appreciated if you intend posting and/or republishing.



SANHA AGM 2011 - Sat, 10 September 2011



SANHA invites you to its AGM

Time: 14h00 prompt

Date: Saturday, 10th September 2011 – Insha Allah

Venue: Baitul Hamd Auditorium, Cnr High and Dolly Rathebe Roads, Fordsburg, Johannesburg.



Who's Who in the world of Halaal

Name : Moulana Anees Kara

Marital Status : Married

Education : Islamic Education Graduate

Other Interests : Golf

Services : SAPS Reservist, Paramedic, Imaam, Ustaadh in Maktab

Position : Auditor– SANHA Gauteng

Key Responsibility : Conducting audits at certified establishments

Message : By consuming Halaal our Duaas and Ibaadat will be accepted.



Get the picture - it's worth a thousand words


By Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb (Rahmatullah Alayh).

Reproduction of Hazrat’s chart from one of his workshops for Muallimahs (female religious teacher).

Click here to view




One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim. He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.

The Prophets Whose Names Are Mentioned in the Qur’an:

According to a narration of the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets were sent for the guidance of Mankind by the Almighty. Twenty five of them are mentioned in the Quran, peace be upon them all:

1. Adam
10. Yaqub (Jacob)
19. Ilyas (Elijah)
2. Idris (Enoch)
11. Yusuf (Joseph)
20. Al-Yasa (Elisha)
3. Nuh (Noah)
12. Ayyub (Job)
21. Dhul-Kifl (Ezekiel)
4. Hud
13. Shu’ayb (Jethro)
22. Zakaria (Zacharias)
5. Salih
14. Musa (Moses)
23.Yahya (John)
6. Ibrahim (Abraham)
15. Harun (Aaron)
24. Isa (Jesus)
7. Lut (Lot)
16. Dawud (David)
25. Muhammad
8. Isma’il (Ishmael) 17. Sulayman (Solomon)  
9. Is’haq (Isaac) 18. Yunus (Jonah)  








Q: Please advise if Sinutab is Halaal or not?

A: Only the Sinutab with Codeine contains gelatin of non- Halaal slaughtered animals. The Sinutab ND, Sinutab 3-Way tablets, Sinutab Sinus Allergy Congestion and Pain tablets, Sinutab Sinus Allergy Congestion tablets, Sinutab Sinus Allergy tablets, Sinutab Sinus Allergy Oral solution and Sinutab Nasal Spray variants are Halaal suitable as per information at our disposal.

Q: Please advise if Tinkies is Halaal?

A: Tinkies that bear the SANHA logo is now certified Halaal by SANHA. Kindly ensure the SANHA logo is appended to the packaging.

Q: Please advise if Berocca is Halaal suitable?

A: Berocca is Halaal suitable as per information at our disposal.



Congratulations to our own SANHA certified manufacturer of handmade nougat.

In the face of stiff competition in the United Kingdom against 7482 products, evaluated by 350 food experts that included retailers, chefs, buyers and restaurant critics, three of the SALLY WILLIAMS nougats, walked away with prestigious awards including the three gold star.

This HACCP accredited manufacturer can rightfully be called a world class producer of nougat.

For Trade enquiries:

Website: www.sallywilliamsfinefoods.com

Tel: +27 11 608 3344

E-mail: info@sallywilliamsfinefoods.com


SANHA certifies over 1400 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

* Mister Distributor, 3 Amaryllis Street, Malabar, Port Elizabeth - Distributor

* In 2 Food, 67 Middle Road, Bartlett, Boksburg - Snacks

* Orbie Donuts (Rick Jordan) - Orbie Mini Donuts & Chip Twister - Bakery

* Mountainview Dairy, 60 Percy Street, Harrismith, Free State - Dairy

* G - Roc (Fish & Chips), 46 Alwen Road, Ormonde, Gauteng - Restaurant

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email helpline@sanha.org.za


Giveaway 1


Superb 1,5 x 1 metre “leather look’’ quality floor eating mat sponsored by Darul Ishan Islamic Services.

Revive a Sunnah (practice of the Prophet, peace be upon him) which engenders humility and respect.

A limited quantity is available for our readers to collect from our offices. To spread the happiness we are restricting it to one mat per person.

Collect from the 10 August 2011 only between 9am and 12:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00pm weekdays only.

Click here to view

Giveaway 2


The instrument of light

Read Brother Dawood Ngwane’s presentation and cogent reasoning that influenced his journey to Islam.

Kindly sponsored by the IPCI Click here for organisational profile.

For your free copy write to
with your postal details.

Click here to download the electronic version



The quiet humble soul of human kindness, whose entrance you never forgot and hoped there would be no exit, was snatched away on 12/07/2011 from his family, legion of friends and the masses.

He was a natural born leader whose time had come. Stepping into a vacuum when the community and particularly the youth had been drifting on the currents of complacency, he demonstrated that “Oars alone can never prevail to reach the distant coast, the breath of Heaven must swell the sail or all the toil is lost”.

Moulana Patel Saheb’s (R.A) mission was educating, transforming and uniting both the Ulama and Ummah. He was an avid and active patron of SANHA who eagerly sought his advices and direction on many issues in the field of Halaal, given Hazrat Saheb’s experience as the Ameer of the Jamiatul Ulama of Kwa Zulu Natal whose certification activities were ceded over to SANHA during his tenure.

It is up to all of us not to allow his legacy to fade away but to propagate his message through his books, cds and lessons learnt.

May Allah Ta’ala make his qabr a garden from amongst the gardens of Jannah and unite us with him in the hereafter.

For further information go to www.yunuspatel.co.za


Response from a happy enquirer.

“Wow that’s ultra fast service, Jazakallah my kids are going to enjoy Chipniks for Iftaar!!”

A. S. South Africa.


Forthcoming Events

3 September 2011
5 Stages to turning your business into a dream business

Nubian Business centre
Organizers: Entrepreneur
Tel: +27 84 840 4444

6 September 2011
Supervisory skills – Managing and
Supervising your staff

Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business
Organizers: Trainsmart
Tel: +27 82 820 2412 / +27 31 563 4302
Email: Maureen@trainsmart.co.za


10 September/24 September
The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success
Cape town/Durban

The River club, Liesbeek Parkway, Observatory/
The Protea Edward Hotel, North Beach
Organizers: Entrepreneurs
Tel : +27 11 563 3800
Email : brian@entrepeneurs.co.za

12 September 2011
Driving Efficiency in Retail
Cape Town

Vineyard Hotel and Spa
Organizers: Open Room Events Ltd in
association with EMS
Tel: +44 208 222 8837
Email: hannah@openroomevents.com


14 September 2011
Telephone skills and Reception Etiquette

Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Organizers: Trainsmart
Tel: +27 82 820 2412 / +27 31 563 4302
Email: Maureen@trainsmart.co.za


15 September 2011
Changes in Labour Law and keeping
up with Latest Case Law Updates

The Conference Park, Rivonia, Sandton
Organizers: 1 Group Promotions
Tel : +27 11 782 7999 or
Neotel : +27 11 022 5832

17 September 2011
Community Fundraiser Tea Garden for Somalia

The Mariam Bee Sultan Centre, Overport
Organizers: Women’s Cultural Group
Tel : +27 31 208 6203
E-mail : womensculturalgroup@gmail.com



Your discovery column of spectacular spice, fabulous fruit, incredible ingredient, vital vegetable, marvelous mineral and vibrant vitamin.


Also known as gum acacia, Sudan gum and gum hashab. It is edible and carries the additive number E414. It is harvested commercially from wild trees.

Used by Egyptians more than 4000 years ago in paints and their mummification process, it is almost as crucial to modern life as oil. It’s used in soft drink syrups to begin with and extensively used in candies such as gum drops and marshmallows. It is also used in medication, food supplements, cake decorations, art, photography and printing industries as well as pyrotechnics.

Half the world’s supply and the best quality of gum arabic comes from Sudan despite trade sanctions against it.


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body.

Lemon – Fast fix for smooth skin

Overall skincare treatment: Mix about half-cup of lemon juice to your bathwater and soak in it for 15-20 minutes.

Goodbye to those blackheads: run some lemon juice over the affected area before you pop into bed. Rinse your face first thing in the morning with cool water and repeat this home remedy till the blackheads disappear.

Nourishing Mask for dry skin: mix equal parts of olive oil, lemon juice and honey, and apply this over the dry skin. Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

Exfoliating dead skin cells: slice a lemon into half and dip it into some sugar crystals. Rub this over your face. Alternatively, mix lemon juice, a little water and sugar and rub your face with this mixture to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Source: Chandana Banerjee - India


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