South African National Halaal Authority


Dhul Qa'dah  1427 No. 7

December 2006

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Halaal Helpline Number: 0861 786 111

Editorial - How far will you go?

The adage 'when in Rome do' as the Romans do might have been politically correct when citizens of the then vast Empire visited their capital, but it certainly cannot supersede or be juxtaposed with Islamic laws.

Islam embraces and adopts that which is good and serves the Cause, whilst it rejects outright anything that goes against Islamic laws and is detrimental to the community.  Its the application of this principle that gives rise to inner conflicts leading to compromise and double standards.  This seems to be more prevalent during travel.

Matters come to a head when travellers are away from their creature comforts at home which they have grown accustomed to and encounter difficulties.  It is during these crucial times that thirsty, hungry and fatigued travellers allow their guard to slip with little compromises which they justify with their own interpretation. 

This is the time when notions like it is “kosher” to eat food of the people of the book, or a superficial check of a restaurant menu for the family’s meal, or glibly accepting the word of a person serving the food because he has a Muslim sounding name and looks of a middle eastern origin or the fact that you are in a hotel in an “Islamic country” becomes suddenly appealing.

Nothing comes without sacrifice and at a price.  Travel certainly broadens the mind and the experiences teach us to appreciate the diversity of mankind.  However, it has its own inherent pitfalls which can be avoided by your firm resolve and heeding the advisory that we have prepared for you. 

This is the second and final part of the advisory, and is a continuation of the one published on 1/12/2006.  It draws benefit from the experience of the long established Marathon Travel Group.  We pray that you have a safe and successful journey.

 Fi Amanillah and Was Salaam.


Travel Advisory (Part 2)


Be vigilant about the food outlets where you purchase your meal.  In particular, non-Muslim owned places, with Haraam food or alcohol on their menus cannot be patronised.  Remember that there is a high risk of contamination and Haraam ingredients could also be lurking in a host of foods such as sauces, breads, soups, etc. 


The SANHA experience over the years has demonstrated major flaws in the checks and balances of several airline catering kitchens despite the designation of meals as Muslim meal, Asian,  vegetarian, seafood etc.  Many airlines too do not fully comprehend the true meaning and requirements of Halaal and rely on their concept which is, “no wine-no pork equals Halaal.”

For local short haul flights the safest and most nutritious is a fruit platter ordered in advance.  For long haul flights this can be supplemented with your own supply of a variety of snack type foods such as nuts, biscuits, dried fruit, confectionary etc.  Health store shelves also have many interesting wholesome snack variations.  Ensure that you retain the original packing as this helps through the security checks and also retains freshness.  What may not be accepted is prepared and certain processed foods.  Your delicious home cooked meals run the risk of being confiscated and so too does fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Different standards apply in different countries.  Whilst locals in some places may find it acceptable to partake of meals in restaurants that serve  alcohol and some of these restaurants could even hold a Halaal certificate of some unscrupulous local body, remember that this is taboo in terms of the Shari’ah.  Do not abandon your usual high standards on any occasion.  Contact the SANHA helpline for the details of a reputable local Halaal authority to assist you in making your journey spiritually safer.  Also avoid the temptation of indulging in “street” or any other food on which you have no information.  Ask, ask, ask and if in doubt, leave it out. 

Did you know that the "Cricket-lick-it lollipop" from Texas contains a real cricket?  In Japan if you were served "hachi-no-ko" and "inago", you would be eating boiled wasp larvae and fried rice-field grasshopper.  The "red jelly candy cubes" sold extensively all over Vietnam is in reality made from the blood of pigs, poultry and other animals.  "Chitterling" in France are the intestines of young pigs and in China anything that moves is considered fair game. 

Outside South Africa, extensive use of lard and tallow is made as a shortening agent in breads, rolls and cakes.  The fish burger that you have assumed as safe could contain Haraam meat livestock or pig fat. 

Stick to bottled water and avoid tap water.  Peel your own fruit after washing it with your bottled water.  Pre-peeled fruit from street vendors would be risky. 


Ensure that all medication is carried in its original sealed packaging, e.g. Aspirin.  Prescription medicine must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and as additional security,  a letter from your doctor will help.  Medication and personal hygiene items such as cough medicine, deodorants, etc. in liquid form are not permitted.


Recent Announcements



 Only the following WRAP-IT-UP outlets are CERTIFIED by SANHA:

  • Bergview 1-Stop, Harrismith
  • Murchison Street, Ladysmith
  • Northway Mall, PMB
  • Liberty Mall, PMB
  • Gateway, Umhlanga
  • North Beach, DBN
  • Sparks Road, Overport

The following WRAP-IT-UP OUTLET have opted to CANCEL their SANHA certification:

  • Royal Palm Ave., Umgeni

The following outlets are not certified by SANHA since no application has been submitted:

  • Lockhat Centre, DBN
  • The Ridge @ Shallcross, DBN
  • West Street, DBN






Assalâmu Alaikum

Welcome to our guide of food establishments certified Halaal by our organisation.

We testify that these SANHA certified outlets are Muslim owned and have met our stringent criteria for certification.  We do not certify outlets that do not meet our standards such as those located in Casino complexes and ones that serve, store or allow alcohol on the premises.

Be circumspect of non-Muslim outlets that arrange a “Muslim front” by showcasing Muslim staff complete with Islamic attire and hide behind advertising terminologies such as “restaurants operated by Muslim managers.”

And finally, be very cautious of those that boldly seek to create the impression of an association with SANHA by highlighting selective SANHA certified products used, e.g. chicken, use our logo “in error followed by an apology” or promote their outlets in guides and features that carry adverts of some SANHA certified establishments.

    Halaal Restaurants in KwaZulu Natal:

1.       Bismillah Restaurant (85 Albert Str)

031-301 9285

2.       Chicken Cottage, Grey Street

031-306 8429

3.       Chicken Cottage, Sparks Rd

031-208 2943

4.       Chip ‘n Dip, Wilson’s Wharf

031-409 2411

5.       Continental Coffee Shop & Bakery, Ridge Rd, Durban

031-208 0951

6.       Debonairs, Bayview

031-400 7363

7.       Debonairs, Chatsworth

031-500 1320

8.       Debonairs, Mt Edgecombe

031-502 6510

9.       Debonairs, Newcastle

034-312 1181

10.    Debonairs, Newlands

031-578 6000

11.    Debonairs, North Beach

031-332 5398

12.    Debonairs, Phoenix

031-500 1320

13.    Debonairs, Raisethorpe

033-397 9011

14.    Debonairs, Smith Street

031-301 4396

15.    Debonairs, Sparks Road, Overport

031-207 4718

16.    Debonairs, Stanger

032-552 2605

17.    Debonairs, Tongaat

032-945 0310

18.    Debonairs, Total, Umhlanga Ridge

031-566 5561

19.    Debonairs, Umgeni Park, Springfield

031-263 0652

20.    Debonairs, Verulam

032-533 3250

21.    Essence of India

031-303 7374

22.    Mochacho’s, Chatsworth

031-403 2533

23.    Mochacho’s, Overport

031-207 8636

24.    Nooris Bakery & Take Away, Sparks Rd, Durban

031-207 5161

25.    Ocean Basket, Chatsworth

031-402 1046

26.    Ocean Basket, Marine Parade

031-337 7865

27.    Romans Pizza, Queen Street, Durban

031-304 6285

28.    Scooters Pizza, Phoenix Plaza

031-500 1511

29.    Scooters Pizza, Raisethorpe

033-397 1939

30.    Scooters Pizza, Umgeni

031 263 2208

31.    Something Fishy - Umhalanga

031-566 5597

32.    Spur - Chippewa, Morningside, Durban

031-303 1329

33.    Steers, Newcastle

034-312 1181

34.    Steers, North Beach

031-368 5893

35.    Steers, Shell Overport

031-207 7075

36.    Steers, Total, Umhlanga Ridge

031-566 5561

37.    Wimpy, Sparks Rd, Overport

031-208 3938

38.    Winston’s Fish & Chips, Gateway Shopping Centre

031-566 1730

39.    Willowton Palace (PM Burg)

033 394 4926

40.    Wrap-It-Up Harrismith

058 623 2123

41.    Wrap-It-Up Ladysmith

036 635 4950

42.    Wrap-It-Up Liberty Mall, Pm’burg

033 342 0949

43.    Wrap-It-Up Northway Mall, Pm’burg

033 387 3070

44.    Wrap-It-Up North Beach

031 337 4315

45.    Wrap-It-Up Randles Road

031 209 8656




Association of Lawyers & Accountants for Islamic Law (AMAL)

Association of Lawyers & Accountants for Islamic Law (AMAL) was established in 1984.  The underlying Aims and Objectives of AMAL are;

  1. To bring together all Islamically minded persons engaged in the fields of Accounting and Law and to foster the spirit of brotherhood, research and co-operation.

  2. To assist professionals and individuals in developing, understanding, appreciating and promoting an Islamic ethos in their professions.

  3. To promote and carry out research in matters pertaining to Islamic Law and Commerce which are of benefit to Muslims and the public at large.

  4. To prepare and publish articles in the areas of Islamic Law and commerce.

  5. To liaise with other organisations on matters of mutual interest and to promote inter-organisational networking.

  6. To organise and participate in conferences, seminars and workshops.

In keeping with its aim and objectives, particularly in reference to “liaising with organisations on matters of mutual interest” AMAL is proud to hold membership of SANHA and a seat on its Executive Board.  It will continue supporting and assisting SANHA in delivering its mission objective. 

AMAL has embarked on numerous seminars, workshops and discussions with these “Aims and Objectives” in mind.  We strive to educate our members as well as the community on issues facing Muslim practitioners in law, commerce and business and finding its Islamic solution. 

More recently, with the advent of the discussions of the South African Law Commission on Muslim marriages and related matters, AMAL has held very successful seminars on Muslim Personal Law with resource persons from the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Our work and responsibility does not end here.  There is still a lot more that needs to be done.  Muslim practitioners and members of the community need to be educated on various aspects of Islamic Law, its application and implementation.

AMAL intends to hold workshops and seminars on a regular basis on issues and topics relevant to the professions it serves. 

 AMAL has dedicated itself to this course of action and will ensure that it will continue facing all the challenges that lie ahead.

 For further details please feel free to contact Zain Fakroodeen:

Tel: 031 – 401 0031

Cell: 083 578 6688




HADITH (Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

Mu‘az bin Anas (may Allah be pleased with him)  narrated that Rasulullah (may Allah’s salutations and peace be with him)  said:

Whoever recites after eating, “Alhamdulillahillazi at‘amani haza wa razaqanîhi min ghayri hawlin minni wa la quwwah,” all his past sins are forgiven



Allâh loves that we acknowledge our weakness and His favours and that we are weak. He is the one who sustains us without any repayment and still He forgives us merely for acknowledging this.



Riyâdus Sâlihîn by al-Imâm an-Nawawî, Etiquettes of Eating, Chapter of mentioning Allâh in the beginning and praising Him at the end, Hadîth # 735 – authenticated by al-Imâm Abû Dâwûd and al-Imâm at-Tirmizî.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes. For this issue, Mariam Jadwat-Omar, food enthusiast and author of the book “Creative Cooking- the easy way”, writes for us.

 Her book is available in most stores catering for the community.  If you are unable to obtain one please call her directly on 082 500 9921.

 She has chosen the simple but delicious ‘Mustard Chicken’ recipe for your culinary pleasure.


1 chicken, cut into +/- 10 pieces 1 teaspoon crushed chillies
½ teaspoon crushed black pepper

1 teaspoon mustard powder

Salt to taste

¼ cup white vinegar
2 tablespoon butter 4 cloves garlic, sliced
2 whole red dry chillies

10 baby carrots

10 baby potatoes, peeled

1 cup water
2 tablespoons flour

Green chillies, to garnish


  1. Deep fry carrots and potatoes until golden brown and set aside.
  2. Combine crushed chillies, pepper, mustard, salt and vinegar with chicken.
  3. Braise dry chillies and garlic in butter
  4. Add chicken and cook until tender
  5. Mix flour and water and add together with the carrots and potatoes to the chicken.  Mix well and simmer until sauce thickens.
  6. Garnish
  7. Serve with Butter naan. 




required for

Industrial Bakery in Isando Area

 Basic Duties:

  • Responsible for the Halaal Programme Management

  • General Duties:

· Raw Material Control

·  Documentation Management

·  Production Supervision

  ·  Monitor & Control designated areas
  •  Regular reporting to SANHA office

  • Reporting results to production Management

  • Following up corrective measures

Minimum Qualification:

  • Sound Deeni reputation
  • Basic knowledge pertaining to Halaal/ Haraam
  • Accounts / Admin Experience
  • Own transport essential
  • Code 08 Drivers License
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Additional Person to possess QC (Quality Control) Qualification

Applicants to forward detailed CV to SANHA Offices

 by not later than Friday, 29th December 2006


Fax: (011) 870 8020




Q – Please advise if Nan 1 & Nan 2 is Halaal?

 A- Kindly be advised that undermentioned two “IMPORTED” infant milk powders are NOT Halaal suitable as they contain HARAAM PORK ENZYMES:

Ø       AL FARE

Ø       NAN HA


The rest of the infant Milk Powders manufactured by Nestle SA are Halaal certified as listed hereunder:


Ø   Nan 1

Ø Nan 2

Ø   Pre Nan

Ø Nido

Ø   Lactogen 1

Ø  Lactogen 2

Ø   Pelargon



Q – There are rumours going around that Bismillah Restaurant is not Halaal as they use cat food. Kindly advise!

A – This is nothing but malicious slander and unfounded, false allegations. Bismillah Restaurant has been formally certified by SANHA and their premises are inspected by SANHA Ulama members on a regular basis. We confirm that all  their stores are Halaal.




I am an item for whom men have gone to the ends of the earth, fought wars and I have become indispensable to the food industry.  You will find me in your home.  Do you know me?

  • I am a firm favourite with cooks for products and very popular with pizzas and spaghetti sauces.  I am the dried green leaves of “ocimum basilium” and have lemony / licorice like flavour.  You will find me in abundance in France, Hungary, Yugoslavia and also California.

Do you know me?



  • Curry Powder cannot be completed without me and I flavour chutneys and pickles.  I am also the choice for imitation maple flavors.  I have a burnt sugar taste.  You will find me in seed or ground form.  I am from the “Trigonella foenumgraecum” herb.

Have you guessed my identity?

My common name is FENUGREEK SEED




One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim.  He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.

While Christians believe in rendering unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, Muslims believe that their primary act of faith is to strive to implement God’s will in both their private and public lives, calling all to worship God, promoting what is good and prohibiting what is evil.  In their view, religion cannot be separated from social and political life because religion informs every action that a person takes. 

The Quraan proclaims that, like Jews and Christians before them, Muslims have been called into a covenant relationship with God, making them a community of believers who must serve as an example to other nations (chapter 2 verse 143) by creating a moral social order.   The Quraan states, “You are the best community evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong” (3:110)

In the ideal Islamic state, the political authority carries out the divine message. Such a state is a monocracy, a community governed by God's law, and not a theocracy or autocracy that gives power to the clergy or the ruler.  It should provide security and order so that Muslims can carry out their religious duties.  Legal process in a truly Islamic state implements rules and judgments from the Shari’ah, rather than creating new legislation



In a serious world of Halaal we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on:

For those of us getting along in years, here is a little secret for building your arm and shoulder muscles.  You might want to adopt this regimen.  Three days a week works well.

 Begin by standing straight, with 2kg potato sack in each hand.  Extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can.  Try to reach a full minute. Relax.

 After a few weeks, move up to 5kg potato sacks.  And eventually try to get to where you can lift a 50kg potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a minute. 

 After you feel confident at this level, start putting a couple of potatoes in each of the sacks, but be careful not to overdo it! 


Forthcoming Events




Malaysian International Halaal Showcase(MIHAS)


If you are a buyer or an exhibitor that wishes to visit or exhibit at the show, please contact our Public Relations Officer, Mr. EBI Lockhat for further details. 

You may even be eligible for a department of Trade and Industry subsidy as a South African Manufacturer. 

Brother EBI LOCKHAT Contact Details: Tel : 031 – 207 5768

Fax: 031 – 207 5793 / 4




Assalamu Alaikum

I am quite impressed.  It is absolutely brilliant.  Just what the growing online community needs.  Can I email this to my friends?  Or tell them to send their email addresses to SANHA for inclusion on the next issue?

Please advise.


Project Co-ordinator –CIS/IMM

 Jazakumullah Khairan for your words of encouragement.  Please feel free to forward email addresses to




Calling all SANHA certified establishments. We know what you do, but why not tell the world.

Send us your profile or details of products, innovations or any information of use for our readers and we'll advertise for you. For more information, call our PRO, EBI Lockhat (+2731) 207 5768


Bulletin 6 Competition

Is it permissible to eat a fish that died naturally and was found floating in water?

Answer: NO

Where are the offices of the  sponsor located?

Answer: 193 Alpine Road, Springfield Durban

Only the following three readers have won  the tote bags:

  • Yasmin Syed

  • Seraj Khan

  • Mahmood Wadiwala


The prize of multipurpose tote bags is sponsored by MARATHON TRAVEL, specialists in Hajj, Umrah, local and international travel. 

Tel:             031 2092526
Fax:            031 2092543

7 lucky subscribers can win a delightful multipurpose Marathon Travel tote bag.  Durable yet lightweight, it is perfect for those quick throw-ins, cosmetics, sports shoes, stationery, etc.  7 lucky subscribers who have correctly answered our simple questions will be the winners, Insha-Allah.

Answer the following question:

  1. What is the principle in determining permissible seafood items in the Hanafiy Math-ab?

  2. Give 3 examples of seafood items not permitted for adherents of the Hanafiy Math-ab?

Send your answers to no later that 31/12/06



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