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May 2014 :: Rajab 1435 No. 78

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful



In an ever-changing world of global borderless cyber connectivity and people movement, no one is an island in the vast ocean of Halaal. Decisions concerning the manufacturing, production and consumption of Halaal in one part of the world influences and impacts on another.

Therefore it was no surprise that a recent decision taken by a Halaal certifying authority in the United Kingdom reversing their previous long-held policy of accepting slaughter of poultry by machine elicited numerous queries. An aggregation of the queries and responses is shown below; 

    1. Why is there a difference between countries and communities on the question of acceptability of slaughter by hand or machine, considering that all Muslims follow the Shariah (Islamic law)? 

Over the centuries Islam has spread to almost every country on earth and Muslims are of all hue and nationalities, speak many languages with myriad cultural and traditional diversities and account for a quarter of mankind. Muslim leadership have made decisions in the face of challenges and difficulties in their respective environments.

This applies to slaughter of poultry too as some Ulama only accept slaughter by hand with Muslim slaughterers reciting the Tasmiyah (incantation) on every bird, whilst for others an automated machine slaughter with a single Tasmiyah at the start of the process is acceptable.

    2. What is SANHA's position in this matter?

In upholding the decision of its pious predecessors SANHA categorically does not accept machine slaughter of poultry.

The critical thinking of the Elders of our community which we embrace for our constituency is that the mechanical slaughter process cannot meet with the following conditions:

  1. The act of slaughter must be rendered physically by a Muslim person.
  2. The Tasmiyah (incantation) must be mentioned over every bird during slaughter.
  3. The required vessels viz trachea, oesophagus, the jugular veins and carotid arteries must be severed.

Machine slaughter devoid of human conscience cannot be relied upon to fulfil these requirements. It is impossible to guarantee that the Tasmiyah will be performed on each bird under high-speed industrial machinery which was introduced to speed up the manual slaughter process in the first place.

    3. Is machine-slaughtered poultry available in South Africa and how does one identify this?

SANHA certifies and approves poultry in South Africa from abattoirs that undertake halaal slaughter exclusively under Muslim supervision and abide by the rule of hand slaughter by Muslims.  A list of certified /approved poultry is available from our website.

However, it is a known fact that large quantities of imported poultry comes into the country each year from countries such as Brazil and Denmark where many plants utilise machine slaughter. Together with mechanically deboned meat (MDM) that is used in polonies, sausages and other processed poultry products, the imports equate to about 265 million chickens a year.

There  is no easy method to identify use of machine slaughtered poultry at retail level since MDM (mechanically deboned meat) arrives in component form, is processed and the final item is labelled as a product of South Africa. Products in the poultry freezer may carry a foreign Halaal mark of approval without stating the method of slaughter. Some Halaal certifying bodies abide by slaughter by hand for local abattoirs but approve machine slaughter for imported poultry.

With a worldwide trend towards returning to healthy options of organic and free range farming, Muslim entrepreneurs are beginning to emerge in the suburbs of our urban jungles offering products and services such as Halaal slaughter and delivering products to your door. No one can argue against the wisdom of our forebears in preparing dishes in the confines of our blessed homes with the best of ingredients with our own hands and served in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

For those of us for whatever reasons who do not have the means to utilise such specialised services to obtain Halaal poultry or your commercial demand of price and quantity cannot be met but by commercial establishments, you have the peace of mind that SANHA certifies and approves only those that adhere to its stringent standards and do not undertake mechanical slaughter.





The Story of our Beginning, the Present and the Future



This organisation is responsible for administering the affairs of the May Street Masjid in Durban. In the early 1900s, some 40 years after the arrival of the first indentured labourers from India amongst whom were Muslims, a number of Indians began settling in the suburb known as Block A.K.

Being the nearest residential area to the Grey Street Indian Business Complex, Muslims who constituted the major traders of the area also began moving into Block A.K. Within a few years, almost 80% of the homes in this suburb, a stone's throw from the city centre were built and owned by Muslims.

The need for a Masjid was discussed by the residents and in 1910; the May Street Masjid was erected at the corner of May and Fynn Street (opposite Arrow Cash and Carry) to cater for the needs of the Muslim community. It is a testament to the past and present trustees and the officials of this Masjid that they have administered to the needs of the congregants for more than a century and continuously adapted to the challenges of the times. May Allah Ta’ala elevate them to the highest status in this world and the Hereafter, Aameen.

Despite the fact that in terms of the then Apartheid Group Areas Act of 1968 designated Block A.K. as a White area with the forced and inhuman removal of all residents, the Masjid was not affected and the mussallees were allowed to perform Salaah.

With political changes and liberation which brought freedom of movement, local Muslims and others from neighbouring countries began moving back into Block A.K. To cater for this influx the Masjid was re-designed about 20 years ago resulting in the addition of a second floor and basement. Today it caters for over 500 Mussallees and accommodation has once again become inadequate, particularly for the Jumuah Salaah. The Masjid also operates a Ramadaan Iftaar scheme.

A recent development has been the magnanimous gesture of the Massmart group who are assisting the officials with guidance, patience and wisdom in making some space available from their adjoining property to allow further extensions by the Masjid which has yet again outgrown its needs. Whilst this is being resolved the Masjid is raising funds for replacement of the old Musallahs.

The May Street Masjid Jamaat is proudly associated with SANHA and supports its mission of Halaal.

To know more about the Masjid, its activities or even drop in for a prayer and feel a sense of history the contact details are shown below.


Br. Yunus G.H. Randeree
P.O. Box 3653
Durban, 4000

Tel: 031-3093088
Fax: 031-3093081
Mobile: 082-7869834
E-mail: yghr@telkomsa.net



(Sayings and Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him))

Abu ad-Darda al-Ansaari - May Allah be pleased with him - narrates that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, “Shall I not inform about something more virtuous in status than [optional] fasting, prayer and charity?”
“Certainly,” replied his Companions.
“Mending matters amongst yourselves,” he replied, “for indeed dissension amongst you shaves away [your religion].”

Reference - at - Tirmizi

Comment - We ask Allah to accept reconciliation amongst various Muslim organisations and individuals, May He grant us sincerity and intend that we follow in the above command of His Beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May He cleanse our hearts, tongues and pens. May He save us from having our religion shaved away. May He instil in the Ummah respect for differences of opinion.



Tried and tested recipes from chefs, gourmet connoisseurs, contributors and also from kitchens of our certified plants for your culinary pleasure.

Save the information and make up your own collection of winning recipes.


Haleem ranks amongst the world's most popular foods particularly for breaking of the fast in Ramadaan. It is usually made of wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices. Nutritious and slow digesting, enjoy this delicious healthy version by Mariam Mahomedy, author of the famed series of the “Cosmopolitan Cuisine” cookbooks. This version utilizes oats which via their high fibre content are known to help remove cholesterol from the digestive system that would otherwise end up in the bloodstream.


  • 1½ Cups Oats
  • 3 Tsp Salt
  • 1½ Litre Water
  • 1 Onion – Grated
  • 2 Tbsp Ghee
  • 1½ Tsp Ginger Garlic
  • ½ Chicken – cut into small pieces
  • 3 Whole Peppercorns
  • 2 Cloves
  • 1 Cinnamon
  • Stick
  • 1 Piece Tuj
  • 1½ Tsp Dhana
  • Jeeru
  • 1 Tsp Salt
  • ¼ Tsp
  • Arad
  • 2 Tsp Green Chillies


  • 1 Tbsp Ghee
  • 1 Small Onion - Sliced
  • 1 Tsp Jeeru
  • 3 Green Chillies - slit
  • ½ Tsp Garum Masala Dhania – Chopped


  1. Boil the oats together with the salt and water until thick (approximately 20 minutes). Liquidize when cool.
  2. Braise the onion in ghee until light pink. Add chicken and spices and braise further, adding 1 cup of water.
  3. Cook on low heat until meat is cooked.
  4. Add the cooked oats to the chicken and boil the mixture.
  5. Braise sliced onion in ghee with jeeru and green chillies and pour over oats mixture.
  6. Finally add garum masala and Dhania.

Do you have a recipe to share with the readers?
Send in your favourite recipe to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of the e-Bulletin.



Lingering longer or on the move, he stops here, there and everywhere to share what’s on his plate and his mind. He may be in your place soon but you will never know he is there.



Neither am I a “pizzalogist” nor have I been to Italy, the home of the pizza, and sampled the huge regional variations and styles. Whether it be is the rural type tossed-over-the-head visual feat or the mechanised rolling style of the Americanised pizza parlour, I have loved pizza for most of my life. I can't remember when it started but the smell of dough and neuro signals of the anticipatory taste of a melty hot mozzarella and toppings drawn from a memory bank of good experiences, one begins salivating. And if you step into a store where there is high dry heat, the homely smell of fresh dough, a smoky environment caused by a wood-fired oven, overseen by a serious-looking and hardworking bloke, bare-baking circles of dough and deftly manoeuvring them with the long shovel, then my friend you have arrived at the gates of pizza wonderland.

While filling up petrol at a BP garage in Westville, I caught the faint whiff of pizzas baking and then saw some workmen adjusting a sign on the next building that read “Angelo’s Pizza” on the very recognisable red, white and green colours of the Italian flag. I scooted over there to check it out and discovered that it was the second day of this new player in the Westville take-out market.

Well-decked out in stainless steel with splashing of the red, green and white colours, a collection of posters with images of specials and combos and the monster wood fired oven clearly visible, the heat and the murmurs of a host of customers, there certainly was a vibe that my sensors were locking on to.

There was an impressive range of about 30 different pizzas in 3 sizes with both the usual traditional Italian fare and new fusion flavours of Durban such as an Atchaar pizza. Even more impressive is the many other items on the menu that differentiates Angelo’s from your standard pizzeria. They can put a further 13 different lasagnes and 16 Gatsby, burgers and subs on the table not to mention their host of desserts and beverages. Interestingly, the iconic Durban traditional drink, the Bombay crush has not been forgotten, a good buy at R19-90.

I ordered one of their combo deals viz 2 large pizzas, a vegetarian and a chicken with a 2l Coca Cola for R119.00. This was put on the table in about 19 minutes. Beautiful to observe and not carpet-bombed with herbs, every bite of the crispy thin base with melting mozzarella and the right balance of toppings seemed to get better and better with each successive bite  and lived to the promise.

This passionate team is a notch above the rest and deserves every success for upholding the great pizza tradition. Certified by SANHA, they are open from 10am to 9pm on weekdays and up to 10pm on weekends. They do deliveries as well.

Go west and get the taste yourself - I did it with no regrets.


Address: Shop 2, 20 Church Road, Westville
Telephone: 031 266 2900/7/5 or 031 837 6123

Also at:-

Address: 258 Shallcross Road, @ Sunpark Motors (BP Garage @ the Ridge)
Telephone: 031 409 7399/69 or 031 409 4473



Interesting "bites" to whet the appetite for knowledge.

Leading Professor’s study reveals that a bowl of tomato soup or natural yogurt has as much sugar as a bowl of Frosties

Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Barts and The London Hospital, says the food industry is adding more and more sugar to food, which consumers are largely unaware of, as it is mostly hidden. Many people fall for the 'low fat' trick - not realising food is packed with sugar instead to give it flavour.

“It’s a completely unnecessary part of our calorie intake: it has no nutritional value, gives no feeling of fullness and is acknowledged to be a major factor in causing obesity and diabetes both in the UK and worldwide.”

Professor MacGregor has compiled a table of some of the most common culprits. These include flavoured water, yogurts, canned soup, ready meals and even bread. To view the table click http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2566833/How-hidden-sugar-YOUR-diet-Study-reveals-bowl-tomato-soup-natural-yoghurt-sugar-bowl-Frosties.html



In the serious world of Halaal, we take this moment to bring you a smile, a chuckle or even a hearty laugh. It's therapeutic, so pass it on.

Paraprosdokian is a figure of speech, which is well understood by comedians. The key point is that the final words make the reader see the first part of the sentence in a new light. Here are some examples by famous people and unknown sources.

  1. You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing - after they have tried everything else - Winston Churchill

  2. Light travels faster than sound; this is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  3. If I could just say a few words… I'd be a better public speaker - Homer Simpson

  4. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  5. She was good as cooks go, and as cooks go she went.

Please feel free to download and use as you like. The courtesy of an acknowledgement will be appreciated if you intend posting and/or republishing.



Who's Who in the World of Halaal

NAME Mohammed Ridhwaan Rahim
EDUCATION Matric, N3 Petrol & Diesel Mac + Management & Production Certificate. Category "B" Skipper
OTHER INTERESTS Fishing & Diving
POSITION Manager at Ocean Basket
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Make sure I keep up to SANHA standard and requirements. Avoid any form of contamination.
MESSAGE Promote Islam and guarantee the food is strictly Halaal.



Get the Picture - it's Worth a Thousand Words


SANHA in Malaysia

Hosted annually by the Malaysian government in Kuala Lumpur, MIHAS is the largest exhibition of Halaal products in the world. Over 20,000 visitors from over 60 countries, 600 exhibitors and immediate sales to the equivalent of 3 billion rands. Proud to fly the South African flag, we were there.


Know Islam Series

One out of every five persons on this planet is a Muslim. He is your neighbour, customer, supplier, employee, boss or friend.


Millions of pilgrims to the al-Masjid al-Haraam (Grand Mosque) at Makkah and al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) at Madinah have been over the years familiar with the plastic Zamzam water dispensers. In a bid to keep Zamzam supplies sterile and cool for pilgrims ahead of the scorching summer months these are being replaced with stainless steel tanks according to Maher Al-Zahrani, director of the Zamzam Water Division at the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs.

Authorities have stepped up efforts to make Zamzam water more accessible to pilgrims amid ongoing expansion works. The new water tankers are produced from the highest calibre of heat and corrosion-resistant stainless steel of the type considerably more resistant to sulphuric acid and other harmful chemicals that can be released in high temperatures.

Source: Arab News




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Questions & Answers

Q. I read a Tweet that SANHA certifies a cheese factory that sells pork as well. This can't be true. Your comments please.

A. A southern suburb resident of Johannesburg went to a distributor in her area that stocks a range of cheese certified by ourselves as well as Haraam meat products. The distributor makes no claim that their facilities are certified by SANHA. The cheese products are manufactured in an exclusive cheese manufacturing facility in  the Krugersdorp area and is certified by ourselves. Unfortunately, the lady did not contact or verify the information with us prior to rushing off to the public which would have enabled us to demonstrate her erroneous perception and unjust allegation as well as offer her alternatives to purchase the particular brand of cheeses without having to utilise the service of a non-Muslim outlet that sells pork. May Allah protect us.

Q. I recently found out about the Inglot nail polish assumed to be Halaal as it has been tested to show that water can pass through it. Could you please advise if this is true? Shukran.

A. The Fatwa Committee of SANHA has studied the Inglot 02M product application and has determined that it does not qualify as permissible due to the fact that it prevents the flow of water over the nail surface. And Allah Ta'ala knows best.


Industry News


With the explosive growth in mobile technology particularly in the smart phones category, coupled with confidence on safety elements more South African consumers are migrating to online retail purchasing. It is no longer a case of ordering a few books, airline tickets, DVDs and specialised items with the click of the mouse but rather a positive and growing trend which now includes categories such as food, clothing, appliances, furnishings etc.

The Pick n Pay group for example has grown its online food delivery business by 27% over the year and now serve more than 2,000 customers per week within the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State. A MasterCard study reported that consumers purchasing groceries has increased by 7% over the past year.

Security concerns, rising cost of petrol and time seem to be vital factors fuelling this growth where the consumer is increasingly avoiding the brick and mortar experience of the mall for delivery to the cocooned environment of their home.


Recently Certified List

SANHA certifies over 1400 establishments ranging from large multi-nationals to many proudly South African enterprises including cottage industries.

We congratulate the following for being awarded the coveted SANHA Halaal Mark of Assurance:

  • Empire Pizza Company - Lenasia South, Shop 7, NTN Centre, Ashford Lane, Lenasia South, Gauteng, South Africa - Restaurant

  • Pizza Perfect, Corner Industrial Road & Vervoer Street, Kya Sand, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Bakery, Bulk

  • Kulfi Ice-Cream Manufacturers, 28 Ebonyfield Avenue, Springfield, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - Dairy

  • Angelos Pizza, Shop: 2, 20 Church Street, Westville, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - Restaurant

  • Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd, 8 Greenwich Place, Capricorn Crescent, Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, Western Cape, South Africa - Beverages

  • Ladle Fine Foods (Pty) Ltd / 50 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Western Cape, South Africa - Fruit & Vegetable Products

For a detailed list of SANHA certified establishments and other queries, please email helpline@sanha.org.za






A 90 page booklet that touches on many aspects of the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his beautiful manners. There are also statements by several influential Western writers.

Free Book Giveaway

Write to:

pro-kzn@sanha.org.za with your name and postal address.

Subject line must read
“The Messenger”



Tell Us And We'll Tell The World



Using their vast experience in the production of strip pack lunchbox filler maize and corn snacks  such as NikNaks and Fritos, leading brand Simba has extended this to the of potato chip range.

Four 25g individual packs make up the strip and is currently available in the range of Simba's most popular flavours i.e. Smoked Beef, Mrs H.S Balls Chutney and Creamy Cheddar.

Simba products are certified and approved by SANHA.


Readers Write

Jazaakallah khair. I received the booklet series in record time Alhamdulillah. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get another set please? I would like to send it to a friend overseas, who intends getting married.


Alhamdulillah! The booklets sponsored by Nurul Huda have been extremely popular and we have mailed over a thousand copies. Presently we are out of stock and will keep readers informed when they are available again.



Forthcoming Events

21-05-14 Hostex Cape - Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town
23-05-14 Grand Designs Live - Home and Garden Show - Coca Cola Dome, Gauteng
26-05-14 Food Hospitality World - Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town
29-05-14 Good Food Show - Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town
01-06-14 SAPICS Conference & Exhibition - Sun City, Gauteng
01-06-14 Comrades Marathon 2014
13-22/06/2014 ECR House & Garden Show (click here) - Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban

Africa's Big Seven
See here
Gallagher Estate, Gauteng


Trade Opportunities

"… but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual goodwill"
Noble Quran Chapter 4 Verse 29

An introductory service to foster trade. Please undertake your own checks as SANHA cannot warrant nor take responsibility on any transactions.


The AFRICA's BIG SEVEN (AB7) which is to be held at Gallagher Estate from the 22 - 24 June 2014 is 7 leading shows co-located under one roof. Organised by Exhibition Management Services with its proud 30-year-old track record, AB 7 together with SAITEX has a specialised focus on the A-Z of the food and related industries with a thousand exhibitors and draws up to 17,000 visitors from 60 countries.

SANHA invests substantial resources and time in this very important platform in creating a specialist SANHA pavilion and encourages its certified plants and subscribers to utilise this window of opportunity as both exhibitors and visitors, to seek out new technologies, latest trends, purchase or sell products and establish partnerships. It's a boon and many a success story has already been told by exhibitors and buyers. Shouldn't yours be one of them?

For fantastic opportunities and costs to exhibit in the SANHA pavilion click here for details.

To view a video presentation click here



South Africa National Halal Authority (SANHA) will be participating at the FOODEX Saudi Arabia 2014 trade show in Jeddah. The trade show will be held from 17-20 November 2014  http://www.foodexsaudi.com/ 

SANHA will be arranging a fully funded pavilion of SANHA members through the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) funding for FOODEX Saudi Arabia 2014. 

SASS funding will cover the following show-related costs upfront:

  • 100% of the costs of return flights;
  • 100% of the costs of ground transport in Jeddah;
  • 100% of the rental of the stand and stand building;
  • 100% of the cost of accommodation;
  • 100% of the costs related to the transport of the product to trade show and back - maximum 50kg;

The deadline for the applications is:
Friday 20th June 2014.

Please indicate as to whether you or someone in your company would be interested in exhibiting at this trade show and applying for the SSAS Pavilion funding for us to forward the application form and guidelines for the exhibition.

S. Mahomedy - Executive Officer

Tel: +27 (0) 31 207 5768
Fax: +27 (0) 31 207 5793

E-mail: executiveofficer@sanha.org.za


Mysterious Spice and all things Nice

Your discovery column of spectacular spices, fabulous fruits, incredible ingredients, vital vegetables, marvelous minerals and vibrant vitamins.


It is a 100% natural product, a sweetener that occurs naturally. It can be found in berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. It also occurs naturally in our bodies – in fact, an average size adult manufactures up to 15 grams of xylitol daily during normal metabolism.

It is commercially made from the polysaccharide xylan obtained from birch trees. It is as sweet as sucrose and has a negative heat of solution which results in a cooling effect. It has a lower viscosity than sugar. It is used in chewing gum, throat lozenges and chocolates. It is also used extensively as a diabetic sweetener.


Health and Beauty

Look good - feel good. Tips for a sound mind in a sound body


Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Scores of recent studies have illustrated the wisdom of this old fashioned adage.

Eating breakfast in today’s modern and hectic times with punishing schedules has been relegated low in personal priorities. Some even hold the fallacious belief that skipping breakfast means they are cutting down calories and will lose weight when in fact it’s the opposite.

Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel for its tank that is running on empty after the overnight fast. The body needs essential ingredients such as calcium, iron, vitamins, protein and fibre. Popping multi vitamin pills is no substitute.

Skipping breakfast leads to “snack bingeing” and mindless nibbling on high sugar and fatty snacks from mid-morning onwards to stave of those hunger pangs.

When you eat a good breakfast devoid of sugary cereals, left over junk food and the like, but focused rather on wholesome items such as fruit, vegetables, milk and oats then your body produces enzymes to metabolize fat which helps to control weight gain.

So there it is. Old fashioned solution to modern day problem.

Eat Breakfast – it’s good for you.


Recent Announcements


The following restaurants are certified by SANHA:

  • OR Tambo: - Piece A Pizza
  • King Shaka: - Steers & Panarottis

Any queries pertaining to the above or any other aspect of Halaal may be referred to our offices.


Ann 011/05.14



Our Halaal certification of the above restaurant has been terminated due to failure to comply with authorized supervisory requirements.

Kindly Exercise Restraint!!

Any queries pertaining to the above or any other aspect of Halaal may be referred to our offices.

HALAAL HELPLINE 0861 786 111

Ann 009/04.14






* Strong Deeni Background
* Diligent & Efficient Worker
* Computer Literate
* Able To Work Under Pressure
* Good People Skills
* Drivers Licence – Own Car

Interested candidates should email their CV’s to:
manager-gp@sanha.org.za or fax to 011 870 8020

Closing date for applications: 23 May 2014

Any queries pertaining to the above or any other aspect of Halaal may be referred to our offices.

HALAAL HELPLINE 0861 786 111

Ann 010/04.14


HALAAL HELPLINE - 0861 786 111
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