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November 2020 : Rabi ul Aakhir 1442

Ice cream is an all-weather friend whether it is hot or cold. There is something about the summer season though that catapults ice cream to the top of the pops. Warm long days of sunshine, upcoming vacation and school holidays, year-end functions and quality family time all contribute to hitting that sweet spot of ice cream.

It is the time when ice creams are trotted out for the celebratory glow of summer fun. Housewives dust off their ice cream makers from their winter hibernation, makers of artisanal ice creams and home industries emerge to present their creative flavours and multinational corporations roll out their formidable arsenal of international brands.

In this euphoric state one should not throw caution into the summer wind on Halaal. SANHA’s over two decades of experience as the certifier of the country’s leading brands, has given it invaluable insight into the ingredients used and the manufacturing processes. There are risks which could infringe the dietary and religious laws of various groups.

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The safest option is to be meticulous in ensuring that you patronize outlets, consume, stock and sell products that carry our Halaal mark of approval. The SANHA logo is your mark of assurance and guarantees that the products have met the stringent conditions for Halaal certification.

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Certain imported Ola products are not Halaal and consequently do not carry our Halaal logo. Unilever, the owner of the Ola brand, globally employs 155 000 people, operates 300 factories and maintain a presence in over 100 countries.

They are able to leverage economies of scale by utilising local resources including formulation changes and ingredient substitution without altering the taste or performance of the end product. They are able to shift production from high cost locations to low cost ones or even outsource the manufacture.

They utilize cross merchandising synergies of being able to bring select competitively priced products into a market without having to expend massive startup costs for local manufacture. To supplement their range, they import products from Hungary, China and the UK which are regrettably not Halaal.  Remember, products certified by SANHA are Halaal and carry our logo.

Click here for a complete list detailing products that carry our mark which you may consume with confidence and abstain from those that do not.


Article compiled and published by the Public Relations Department.

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