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No. 1 September 2007 :: Ramadaan 1428
Q: Is it true that all Ulama groups have left SANHA?

A: The Ulama (Religious Scholars) are the inheritors of the Prophets (Peace be upon them all) and accordingly their leadership is not only mandatory, but indispensable in all facets of life.

Therefore, from the very inception of establishing SANHA over a decade ago, reputable bonafide Ulama organizations formed SANHA’s Ulama Council which since inception, was entrusted as the supreme decision-making authority on SANHA.

This has from the very beginning been entrenched in the SANHA constitution. Accordingly, SANHA’s operations are guided by the Ulama leadership.

The regional KwaZulu Natal Jamiat regrettably resigned in August 2007. However, be assured that SANHA continues to be guided by the majority nationally represented Ulama Council Members together with more than twenty five Ulama staff directly involved in the operations of SANHA on a daily basis.

The SANHA Ulama Council member organisations are:

Central Islamic Trust - Gauteng Moulana Abdul Rahman Gardee (Ameer)
Council of Ulama Eastern Cape Moulana Junaid Adam (Ameer)
Darul Waqaf - Port Elizabeth Sheikh Ebrahim Essop (Ameer)
Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Moulana Abbas Ali Jeena (Ameer)
Majlisud Dawah Wal Islaah - W Cape Moulana Ismael Allie (Ameer)
Northern Cape Halaal Board Moulana Rafiek Ahmed Hassen (Ameer)
Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape Moulana Yunus Rhoda (Ameer)
Darul Ihsan Centre - KwaZulu-Natal Mufti Zubair Bayat (Ameer)

Furthermore, Alhamdulillah SANHA also enjoys the support of over 100 local Muslim Jamaats, community organizations and international bodies.

We request your duaas that Allah Ta’âlâ unites the Ummah and accept our efforts in His Cause. Aameen!!


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