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10 Fold Subscriber Increase

No. 12 January 2008 :: Muharram 1429
Meteoric Rise of e-bulletin

SANHA's electronic newsletter, launched eighteen months ago with the first issue going out to 3500 subscribers, today by the Grace of the Almighty reaches over 36 000 readers all over the world, twice a month. Thank you.

Alternating fortnightly with this flash news, the crisp, clean-cut, free newsletter with over a dozen regular topics that are accessed by a click of the mouse, presented with high editorial discipline, has universal appeal. Accolades have flowed in from as far afield as Trinidad, the Pacific Islands, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, India, Malaysia, USA and South America.

Its buffet of fifteen topics has appeal to a wide palate of readers taste. From no-nonsense editorials to intriguing information on spices and such, Islamic organisations are featured and so are a delicious treat of mouth-watering recipes. Non-Muslim readers have written in to commend our Know Islam Dawah series, whilst therapeutic relief is dispensed with laughter in our "Smile Awhile" section, to name a few.

Our competitions and give-aways generate incredible reader enthusiasm and excitement. Winners have received fabulous prizes such as radio decoders, recipe books, meal vouchers, travel bags, Cell Food®, computer software and food hampers. Our current competition prize is stainless steel waterless cookware worth about R1200.00.

For friends, family members, business associates and colleagues at work to also enjoy the electronic bulletin delivered to their computer, they may subscribe via our website www.sanha.org.za or by sending us an email entitled 'subscribe' to pro-kzn@sanha.org.za

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