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South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)  

Do you pay more for Halaal products?

No. 14 February 2008  :: Safar 1429

Manufacturers rely on various factors in ensuring their product has a competitive edge over others and thereby increase their market share. These include patented technologies, unique features, better pricing, packaging and/or service and product enhancements that add value.

Amongst these tried and tested practices is endorsement by organisations and services such as a medical body, an industry guild or association, quality standards e.g. ISO, Bureau of Standards, Good Food Society, Proudly South African, Heart Foundation, Beth Din Kosher and, of course, the Halaal certification marks.

It stands to reason that costs of these enhancements which in the case of our certification is minimal in the overall context of the product, is not merely passed on to the customer. The product still has to be competitive with others in the market place.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Your Flash news carried out a snap sample survey of a few random products certified by SANHA and compared those with similar products sold alongside.

SANHA Certified non-SANHA Certified
Nestle 100gr chocolate slab R 6.89 Cadbury 100g chocolate slab R 6.99
Oxo 250g beef spread R 22.89 Beefy Brand R 24.99
Knorr roasted vegetable veggie bake R 5.99 Royco Roasted vegetable veggie bake R 6.99
Knorr 60g thick veg soup R 2.45Royco 55g thick veg soup R 2.79
Knorr 45g marinade R 5.29Royco 46g marinade R 5.49
Maggie 2 minute noodle 73g R 2.99Heinz 2 minute noodle R 2.99
Illovo 1kg white sugar R 6.79 Spar 1 kg white sugar R 6.99
Ambledale 1kg low fat yoghurt R 15.99Clover Danone R 17.99
Nestle Gold Cross 385g Condensed Milk R 9.99Clover Condensed milk 397g R 10.79
Illovo 500g golden syrup R 11.39No name 500g golden syrup R 11.99
  • Survey done at Superspar Westville and Pick n Pay Hyper Durban North, KwaZulu Natal.
  • Meat and poultry products have been excluded and will be the subject of a future survey.

The results speak for themselves. You do not pay more for SANHA certified products.


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