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South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)  

No Xenophobia on Halaal Cooperation

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No. 18 Jumaad al-Ula 1429 :: May 2008
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SANHA to the fore

The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) was accorded recognition for its commitment to co-operation and sharing expertise with the world on Halaal standards last week.

It was invited to participate in three major International forums in Malaysia which has taken a leadership role with its strategic location and substantial governmental support.

At the Malaysian International Halaal Showcase (Mihas), an annual International food trade fair focusing on Halaal products and services that draws over 36 000 visitors and 500 exhibitors, SANHA was requested to introduce its operations and services to the global gathering alongside the Malaysian Governmental agencies.

This was followed by discussions at the World Halaal Council Executive Meeting two days later. SANHA is an Executive and founding member of the Council and has representation on the WHC Membership Committee as well as the Shari'ah (Fatwa) Committee.

Finally the World Halaal Forum, a Malaysian Trade and Industry portal attended by 914 participants from 37 countries were informed of SANHA's plan to host an International Conference in July in South Africa, concurrently with the continent's largest trade exhibition - The Africa Big 7 - in July this year.

"Halaal is no longer the lamb of convenience or appeasement being led to the slaughter but a colossal global demand of wide ranging products and services that feed fundamental belief of all Muslims."

SANHA pledges to redouble its efforts and uphold your confidence in us, Insha-Allah (God Willing)


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