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South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


No Fee Freebee

No. 2 September 2007 :: Ramadaan 1428
Q: Why doesn't SANHA offer a free Certification service ?

A: Very few people are fooled by the smooth patter of the marketing gurus when services or products are offered free as they know full well that it is built into the cost.

Whether its free minutes on your mobile phone contract, a free car wash, free groceries, free quotations and all sorts of free giveaways, invariably there are conditions attached, the most common being a linked purchase. If it was truly free, then try returning the conditional item for a refund but not the free gift, in an example such as a lounge suite with the free coffee table.

Enormous operational costs are attached to the rendering of a professional Halaal regulatory service. SANHA maintains offices in the major cities of South Africa, with a dedicated team of inspectors, administrators and supervisors based at many of the certified plants as well.

Our inspectors traverse hundreds of thousands of kilometers annually ensuring that the Halaal standards are maintained. Advisory service via our dedicated national Helpline and our consumer desk is constantly sustained. International links and trends are monitored by way of participation at seminars and hosting of workshops. The SANHA staff complement today stands at 103.

All this is funded by the levying of licensing fees to the plants certified. These fees are declared in the annual audited financial statements presented and distributed at public meetings.

Ultimately it's a service that has to be paid for. SANHA strongly disapproves of taxing the Muslim Community for benefits that are earned by a profit making industry.

So be wary free could prove to be costly.


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