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Rainbow and Earlybird Chickens

No. 23 Shawwaal 1429 :: October 2008  

Q: Please comment on information circulated by Z.E. Vawda, A. Bodhanya and A. Elias on meat products being Haraam, following numerous leaflets by the Majlis.

This trio are alleging through leaflets that all commercially produced meats are Haraam and in particular Rainbow and Earlybird products. They allege that 35% of the birds are slaughtered while already stone dead and the Tasmiyah is not read on the majority.

The basis of their pronouncement is on alleged information gathered at two meetings with three former and twelve current slaughterers at the Rainbow plant of Hammarsdale in KwaZulu-Natal. It is alleged that there is an affidavit from the three ex-slaughterers but not by the current slaughterers who allegedly "agree" with their statement.

It is further alleged that this was witnessed by four "neutral" Ulama members.

Our Response

1. This triad of accusers by their own admission never witnessed the slaughter process themselves at any of the Early Bird or Rainbow plants in the country. Their accusations are based on hearsay information in respect of Rainbow Hammarsdale. Therefore, it is ludicrous to suggest, based on this limited hearsay information, that all commercially produced poultry is Haraam.

2. The sudden emergence of this trio is more than a co-incidence as they are not associated with the industry in any way and have never spoken out on this or any other issue previously.

Without denying their right as individual Muslims, there is information and evidence linking them as supporters of the Majlis´s smear campaign against SANHA. Click here to view related article on "proxy-tution"

3. SANHA has requested information from the Majlis such as names of the ex-slaughterers, reasons for them being no longer at Rainbow, period of employment, etc. These details are material to the process and will be reconciled with the contractor’s information of dismissals, suspensions, misconduct etc

4. Notwithstanding this, SANHA has statements from the current slaughterers which is contrary to the allegations. They aver that they attended the meeting under the alleged impression and promise that the clandestine discussions were being held to improve their employment conditions by the group who claimed that they were "working in conjunction with SANHA" on this matter.

Perhaps vigorous cross examination of the charges and witnesses before an appropriate tribunal will determine the difference between veracity and perjury.

5. The allegations of a large percentage of chickens dying before slaughter, gross ommission of tasmiyah, the linespeed being so fast that each slaughterer has to slaughter "3 chickens per second", etc. is blatantly untrue and only seeks to mislead the Ummah.

6. The much-touted "neutrality" of the invited Ulama observers also leaves more questions than answers as they themselves never witnessed the procedure at the plant but "heard the hearsay" a week later.

One of them is a senior Official of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN which resigned from SANHA. This organisation is currently under query for its unethical interference in SANHA´s relations with certified plants. We have also requested and await information from the Jamiat KZN in this matter since their members attended the meeting. Furthermore, several outlets approved by the Jamiat KZN and their associates stock and sell Rainbow and Earlybird Chickens.

The other Aalim observer is a Shura member of the JU-KZN and was their official representative on the Executive of SANHA. He was recused by SANHA from Executive meetings due to his unbecoming conduct which SANHA viewed as treasonous.

Of the remaining two "neutral" Ulama members, one has already expressed certain reservations on his attendance at the meeting.



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