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Bringing it home

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No. 25 Dhul Hijjah 1429 :: December 2008
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Welcome home dear Hujaaj, Haj Mabroor and Haj Maqbool. Congratulations on being Allah´s guest for Hajj 1429.

Alhamdulillah, you were privileged to visit the land of the Revelation of the Noble Qur´aan, the birthplace of the Final Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the home of the Two Holy Mosques performing the pilgrimage rituals in the footsteps and on the hallowed grounds trod upon by our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his illustrious Companions (may Allah be pleased with them).

It is truly remarkable to witness this supreme exercise of tolerance and love for fellow Muslims that is unparalleled in any assembly of this magnitude on the planet. Over three million Muslims of all hues and nationalities, from different lands speaking many languages, each a product of their own culture, social and religious thoughts motivated and inspired by the love of the Almighty and His Prophet (Peace be upon him) make this journey of a lifetime.

Focusing on the main objective, i.e. the completion of the Hajj, the Guests of God, discard and reject those deep-seated everyday divisive attitudes and prejudices that are tearing many communities apart. Even dietary standards which differ from their own acceptable norms are tolerated or quiet abstention is practiced. In the case of poultry there are discrepancies with some accepting machine slaughter, others accepting slaughter by the "People of the Book" and some who accept a single recitation of the Tasmiyah at the start of the process. Then there is the question of supply and demand where stocks are imported from non-Muslim countries with reliance on a certificate issued by a certifying body from the exporting country.

Differences on attitudes in dress codes, method of prayer, dietary habits and religious polemics are accepted and embraced in a spirit of tolerance and understanding without resorting to confrontation, name calling with a superior holier-than-thou attitude, smear campaigns and the like, all in the interest of unity.

Let us draw deeply from the first hand experiences of our Hujjaaj and bring home the message from this practical annual lesson of tolerance to develop an Ummah that stands united in its diversity.

Until next year, Fi-Amanillah.

Was Salaam

The Editor

Ps. Our offices will remain closed between 24th December 2008 and 5th January 2009


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