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South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)  

4th International Halaal Conference

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No. 29 Rajab 1430 :: July 2009
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"...Let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual goodwill..." (Ch 4 Verse 29)

A formidable line up of ten international and local expert speakers will deliver presentations on highly relevant issues in the world of Halaal at Gallagher Estate on Monday 20/07/09. The conference fee, set at an affordable R1500 or US$150 is tailored for the industry, theologians, professionals, academicians, students, government agencies, importers and exporters and hosted concurrently with the Continentīs largest trade exhibition, Africa Big 7.

The topic and speakers are;

  • Understanding Islamic Dietary Concept: Dr Mazhar Hoosaini from America, President American Halal Foundation & Author.
  • The Middle East & The Obstacles on the road of Halaal services: Dr. Hani Mansour Al- Mazeedi of Kuwait, a scientist with 29 years experience in food safety and Halaal food services.
  • Community Radio Stations - The Synergy Factor on the Protection, Presentation and Promotion of Halaal: Ml Sulaiman Rawat,South Africa.
  • Islamic Finance & Halaal Products - The Convergence: Dr. Aznan Bin Hasan of Malaysia, Shariah advisor, Bank Negara, Malaysia, banking expert, professor & author.
  • Poultry for the Rainbow Nation - A Case Study: By Mr. Kevin Lovell from South Africa, CEO of the South African Poultry Association.
  • Franchising - A Holistic Approach for Future Business: by Famous Brands from South Africa.
  • From Player to Prayer: Ml. M.S. Navlakhi, South Africa, Theological Director - SANHA & Executive Member - World Halal Council (WHC).
  • OLA Milky Lanes Sweet Success: Mr. Craig MacKenzie, South Africa, Managing Director Retail Solutions South Africa.
  • Science & Technology – Natural Allies to Halaal: Dr. Naushaad Emambux from South Africa, Lecturer at Department of Food Science University of Pretoria.
  • Global Economic Crisis & the Wisdom of Shariah (Islamic Law): Mr. Ahmed Moola, South Africa, Managing Director of ABSA Islamic Banking
For bookings, http://www.sanha.org.za/ab7cover.php

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