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No. 3 October 2007 :: Ramadaan 1428
Q: Are SANHA Certification Fees Excessive ?

A: Most definitely not.

As a registered Public Benefits Organisation, its charter does not allow for the payment of dividends or profits to stakeholders. It is obliged in terms of its mandate to plough back revenue into the improvement of its regulatory operations.

The list of fees charged are published regularly which led a newspaper as far back as 2001 to say "apart from SANHA, the other organisations were reluctant to provide detailed information about the fee structure used" some examples of current fees are published below.

Audited financial statements are presented annually at public meetings in various parts of the country and are also available for inspection at any one of our offices during business hours.

We also are the only certifying body (possibly with one exception) that publishes its growing list of all its certified plants where one can contact them directly. Some of the plant directors and staff are members of various Musaajid communities.

There is no compulsion on these establishments to join SANHA yet as an expression of their confidence, the majority choose to renew certification each year, and many have been with us since inception.

CategoryFee Structure
Butcheries R 300.00 per month
Franchise Restaurants R 300.00 per month
Cafes / Take Aways R 200.00 per month
Beef / Sheep Abattoir R2.00 per Carcass
Poultry Abattoir half a cent per bird



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