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South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)  


No. 30 Ramadaan: August 2009
Avoid getting “court” in the web of deceit and double speak.

Q. Is it true that SANHA is going to court and why in the holy month of Ramadaan?

A. Yes! sadly the matter is proceeding to the courts and in Ramadaan but definitely not of SANHA’s choosing.

SANHA is one of the respondents who have been dragged into the courtroom by the Scholars of The Truth (SOTT) and has no choice but to defend itself.

Q. Who are the Scholars of the Truth (SOTT)?
A. The SOTT claim to be an organisation “consisting of Scholars and concerned Muslims” who coincidently operate out of the same premises as the Jamiat De Deur and are linked to the Majlisul Ulama of Port Elizabeth.
Q. What about the 43 affidavits of slaughterers mentioned on radio by SOTT?
A. Gross exaggeration since only 29 affidavits were submitted. Some are contradictory and others highly questionable. Furthermore they remain untested and cannot be relied on prior to cross examination and verification. We have reason to believe that some slaughterers have been misled and others even bribed to secure signatures.
Q. Why can the matter not be resolved by mediation/arbitration?
A. The SOTT have no desire for mediation/arbitration as documented in their founding affidavit:
  • "Besides a court interdict their is no other remedy available nor is their any hope of solving this problem which the Muslim Community is facing......"
  • "......there is no hope of rehabilitating and reforming 3rd Respondent (i.e. SANHA) to uphold the Halaal standard of our religion ....."

Q. What is the Halaal status of Rainbow / Goldi chickens?

A. All Halaal certifying bodies in South Africa have approved Rainbow and Earlybird/Goldi poultry through their certification, acceptance of the certification by others, access to the plants for inspection and downstream certification of outlets at retail level.

Accordingly, we assure the Muslim Ummah that all Poultry products certified and approved by SANHA through its Halaal program of supervision and unfettered inspections, stands by the testimony of its Ulama that the said products are Halaal.


We request your du'aas. Ramadaan Mubarak!!!


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