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How far will you go?

No. 34 December 2009 : Muharram 1431

The adage 'when in Rome do as the Romans do’ cannot supersede Islamic laws.

Islam embraces and adopts that which is good and serves the Cause whilst rejecting anything that goes against it. Travellers are vulnerable when away from their creature comforts of home. Thirsty, hungry and fatigued travelers could allow their guard to slip with small compromises.

Notions like it is “kosher” to eat food of the people of the book, a superficial assurance in a restaurant menu, accepting the word of a person serving the food because of his Muslim sounding name must be rejected. Travel certainly broadens the mind but has inherent pitfalls which must be avoided.


Non-Muslim owned places with Haraam food or alcohol on their menus cannot be patronized because of the high risk of contamination and Haraam ingredients that could be lurking in a host of foods such as sauces, breads, soups, etc. 


Flaws in several airline catering kitchens have surfaced over the years. Many do not fully comprehend the true meaning and requirements of Halaal and rely on the concept “no wine-no pork equals Halaal.”

On short haul flights the safest is a fruit platter ordered in advance.  For long haul flights this can be supplemented with your own supply of a variety of snack type foods such as nuts, biscuits, dried fruit, confectionary etc. 


Different standards apply in different countries. Whilst locals in some places may find it acceptable to partake of meals in restaurants that serve alcohol and some of which could even hold a Halaal certificate of some unscrupulous local body, remember that this is taboo in terms of the Shari’ah. 

Outside South Africa extensive use of lard and tallow is made as a shortening agent in breads, rolls and cakes.  The fish burger that you have assumed as safe could contain Haraam animal or pig fat. 

Do not abandon your usual high standards on any occasion.  Contact the SANHA helpline - 0861 786 111 to assist you in making your journey spiritually safer. Ask, ask, ask and if in doubt, leave it out. 

May Allah(SWT) make your journey a safe one, Aameen.

Our offices will close for the ‘Annual Shutdown’ on Thursday, 24th December 2009 and re open on Monday, 4th January 2010.

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