South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
Grains of Truth for the Cereal Consumer  
March 2010 : Rabiul Awwal 1431

Half a century of scientific research shows that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been linked with less chronic disease, increased longevity and better health. A good breakfast kick starts your body metabolism boosts your energy, increases your attention span, heightens your sense of well-being and puts you in better control of your emotions. A good breakfast is one that provides at least one third of the day's calories. When you get up in the morning, your glucose or blood sugar level is at its lowest point in the day. Glucose is the basic fuel for the brain and central nervous system.

Breakfast meals vary widely in different cultures around the world but often include a carbohydrate such as cereal or rice, fruits and/or vegetables, protein, sometimes a dairy product and a healthy drink. Muslims are governed by the various injunctions of dietary laws enshrined in the Noble Quran one of which reads "...eat of what is on the earth, lawful and good..." Chapter 2, Verse 168

Cereals certainly live up to their billing as a nutritious source of breakfast fuel for our bodies and several brands have met SANHA's stringent Halaal certification standards. For a list of SANHA Halaal Certified cereals, click here

Recently, SANHA responded to several queries on the internet on Kelloggs cereals which does not appear to have been understood in its correct context. To further aggravate the situation an extremist tabloid rag circulated virulent statements in the matter with their own malicious and inaccurate constructions. Our factual position in the matter is that we have received queries from our members as to whether pork gelatine is used in the manufacture of products sold by Kelloggs South Africa. This concern arose from a statement issued by the Consumer Affairs department of Kelloggs North America to the effect that gelatine derived from pork is contained in certain of the cereal products manufactured by Kelloggs United States.

"Kelloggs South Africa has advised SANHA in a letter dated 8 February 2010 that "Kelloggs SA does not manufacture, import or sell any products in South Africa which contain gelatine". In the same letter, Kelloggs SA points out that they have no control over the importation by independent distributors of products manufactured by Kelloggs in the United States which may be imported into South Africa. Kelloggs SA has declined a request from SANHA that SANHA inspect Kelloggs SA's South African manufacturing facilities so as to verify Kelloggs SA's claim and so as to provide an assurance to SANHA's consumers. Accordingly, SANHA is not in a position to comment on the Halaal status of Kelloggs SA's products. Any queries regarding their products must be directed to their company."


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