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No. 4 October 2007 :: Shawwaal 1428
Q: Not certified by SANHA. Is it doubtful or Haraam?

A: Islamic dietary law is a divine commandment.

To make lawful (Halaal) and unlawful (Haraam) is the right of Allah Ta'ala alone. No human can usurp this right as it would be akin to ascribing a partner to Allah Ta'ala and places one outside the fold of Islam.

SANHA presents information to enable choice in keeping with one’s own religious responsibility and accountability. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated "Leave that which is doubtful and partake of that which is free from any doubt".


SANHA respects the right of any establishment to be certified by SANHA, by another body or not at all.

Under SANHA certification, through comprehensive contractual agreements, full disclosures of ingredients, staff supervision, unfettered access to premises & records and regular inspections are covered. Alternatively, businesses which may not formally be certified by SANHA but offer the necessary co-operation and disclosures so that Halaal status can be determined, then the Muslim consumer is advised accordingly. With these safeguards SANHA is able to assure the Community of a product's Halaal status.

Without the necessary disclosures, co-operation and access to information, the task of giving Halaal assurance becomes a minefield of complexities.


On certification by other bodies, SANHA cannot accept or condemn any of the marks on a blanket overall basis due to differing standards. Differences do exist on issues such as Gelatine from non-Halaal slaughtered animals, Halaal outlets that sell alcohol, certifying outlets which use imported meats with dubious certification, etc. are some points of departure with others. It's neither practical nor honest for SANHA to give assurance on matters which are totally outside their jurisdiction.

Without any agreement or access, and bearing in mind the gravity of the Shari'ah law of giving testimony without tangible basis, SANHA gives the only possible and factual answer without expressing any opinion viz. "NOT CERTIFIED BY SANHA".

It means exactly that and should not be construed as Haraam.


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