South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
Do Yourself A Flavour  
October 2010 : Thul Qa'dah 1431

Over the millennium of time, man’s evolutionary lifestyle has seen a corresponding shift in his diet, from the simple hunter gatherer’s fare to sophisticated modern day industrial production and consumption. He has genetically modified foods, invented unique manufacturing, preservation, storage and transport methods. He has created sciences that flavour foods with a wide array of objects to maintain or improve the nutritional value lost, to make it look, smell and taste better, all for the purpose of providing better products and yielding higher profits.

Some three thousand substances are deliberately added to food and drinks to increase their desirability. Another ten thousand compounds and combinations of these can be used during processing, packaging and storing of these products. Colours are added using any of the thirty three available colours or a myriad combination of these and flavoured with over one thousand seven hundred synthetic substances. Most food and beverage companies to meet the demand for new tastes do not create their own flavors but instead employ the expertise of a flavor company. The flavour creation is done by a specially trained scientist called a “flavourist.”

With these complexities, globalization of supply and the fact that manufacturers themselves do not control every ingredient in the process nor do they possess adequate knowledge of the raw materials and processes used in the manufacture of these ingredients makes it virtually impossible for them to give Halaal assurance except to rely on certificates issued by bonafide Halaal regulators. But do the regulators possess the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge to be able to effectively evaluate the ingredients?

Following the advice of the Glorious Quran as enshrined in Surah 21 Verse 7 “…..ask of those who possess the knowledge” SANHA conscientiously through its many industry memberships, employment of a specialist chemist, participation in scientific symposia such as the recent world congress of food scientists convention (IUFFOST) in Cape Town, co-operation agreements with scientific institutions such as the first World Halal Science Center in Thailand and close working relationships with some of the world’s leading flavour suppliers stays in the forefront of developments to render service excellence. Logistical support from the scientific frontline is an essential requirement for Halaal certification.

One of the memberships SANHA enjoys is with the South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry (SAAFFI) whose objective is the spread of knowledge and the broadening of the skills base within South Africa through courses for post graduate qualifications offered at University as well as ongoing Training Workshops and low cost Precise Short Training Courses (PSTC). For details of SAAFFI and their activities go to http://www.saaffi.co.za

SANHA urges all individuals, from students as a career option to producers wanting to develop new products, to persons who wish to stay in the forefront of leadership challenges especially in the field of Halaal to fully embrace the sciences through education.

Let your Flavourite be Halaal.

For a list of Flavour companies associated with SANHA click here


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