South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
Keep Up Your End  
November 2010 : Thul Hijjah 1431

The year end function, factory shutdown, breaking up jol, annual closure are but some of the names of the celebrations that come to the fore at this time of the year. Traditional and an integral part of corporate culture, it is eagerly welcomed by employees. Employers use the opportunity to motivate and engender team spirit between workers, give recognition for special effort, handout bonuses and generally create that “feel good” factor of basking in the afterglow of the year’s success.

In our Rainbow nation with the unique cultural and religious diversity of staff and customers, companies are exercising care and diligence in ensuring their happiness and satisfaction. Islam has no objection to celebrations of gratitude, engendering of team spirit between co-workers and loyalty to the employer; as indeed these are noble attributes worthy of Muslims. However, one must ensure it is done within the bounds of decency, morality and religious parameters. Cognizance and effect must be given to the Shari’ah ruling of restraint when alcohol / Haraam food is served and consumed and unlawful activities are prevalent.

Companies are not unreasonable. There are people in its ranks that have made it successful by rising to challenges and implementing changes. Many a transgression against Islamic dietary and other laws are made out of ignorance. Muslims ought to educate their employers on the tenets of Islam with wisdom and not with arrogance or as apologists.

Many a company has switched over to arranging their own catering that satisfies all palates and religious tenets.

For a list of Halaal certified caterers and restaurants please see our website. We will be glad to assist you with advice on Halaal dietary requirements for your year-end function.


Our offices will be closed for the Eid ul Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) between 17/11/2010 to 19/11/2010 inclusive. We reopen on Monday 22/11/2010.

Wishing all Muslims a joyous occasion of sacrifice and submission.


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