South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
License to Fee  
January 2011 : Safar 1431

Fees are the charge for a privilege or a professional service and this word will be uppermost in the minds of millions of parents as their precious children start a new school year. A new calendar year is also the time when many other fees are renewed. We focus on SANHA’s fees which is a popular and perennial topic.

Why does SANHA charge certification fees?

Enormous operational costs are attached to the rendering of a professional Halaal regulatory service. SANHA maintains offices in the major cities of South Africa, with a dedicated team of Ulama, inspectors, administrators and also supervisors based at many of the certified plants. Costs are incurred for inspectors who travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres annually in monitoring and auditing the maintenance of Halaal standards. Other support services such as our publications, dedicated national Helpline and the consumer desk is constantly sustained. International links and trends are monitored by way of participation at seminars and hosting of workshops. The SANHA staff complement today stands at 120.

Why not a free service?

SANHA strongly disapproves of regressive taxation of the Muslim Community for benefits that are earned by a profit making industry. It is hypocritical to crow about a free service on one hand and then hold out a begging bowl with another for essential expenses. Already we have encountered an organisation begging their licensees for boots and coats for their inspectors.

Are the fees charged excessive?

The fees levied to licencees are relatively minimal to their overall expenses and includes regular personalised inspections. They vary from business to business. A typical average charge is listed below. There is no compulsion on these establishments to join SANHA yet as an expression of their confidence, the majority choose to renew certification each year, and many have been with us since inception. It is an insult to the creative talents and entrepreneurial endeavours of these captains of industry to suggest as some extremists would have you believe, that they are blackmailed to certify with SANHA. And SANHA always publishes their lists of establishments certified.

An overview of SANHA’s current certification fees:

Fee Structure
350.00 per month
Franchise Restaurants
400.00 per month
Cafes / Take Aways
300.00 per month
Beef Abattoir
3.50 per Carcass
Sheep Abattoir
2.00 per Carcass
Poultry Abattoir
From 0.0025 per chicken
Beverage Manufacturers

How are the profits distributed?

As a registered Non Profit Organisation, its charter does not allow for the payment of dividends or profits to stakeholders. It is obliged in terms of its mandate to plough back revenue into the improvement of its regulatory operations. Audited financial statements are presented annually at open public meetings in various parts of the country and disseminated through the media.

And just as parents dig deeper to get the best for their children this year, we ask for your duas as we reaffirm our commitment to uphold our mission of providing Halaal in a manner that pleases Allah Ta'ala best.

We’ll go the extra mile for you – its a road less crowded


Your Duas, constructive comments, criticism and feedback is truly appreciated
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