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No. 5 October 2007 :: Shawwaal 1428
60 000 Calls Processed

The SANHA National Halaal Helpline which receives voice and email queries, has processed more than 60 000 calls since its establishment six years ago.

Operating during business hours only at this stage, calls have been fielded from all over the country, neighbouring territories and even as far afield as Canada.

Utilised by housewives, kiddies and students, the food industry too has seen the benefit of this service. Some of the other Halaal certifiers also regularly sneak anonymously into this service which we welcome.

Our long term plan is to increase our operating hours to include weekends and invest in technology to facilitate IVR system, WAP and sms modes of communication.

Manned by trained personnel, the call centre is centralised in Gauteng for both logistical and consistency purposes. This facilitates swift interaction, results of which can be implemented nationally.

60 000 calls are testimony to this and a vindication of the principle that reasonable certification fees are a small investment in providing an invaluable, efficient and professional service.



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