South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
March 2012 : Rabiul Thani 1433

What is it that fuelled a religion that flickered into life from the first revelation of the Final Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the sands of Arabia 600 years after Christianity to become the blaze that ranks it as the second largest and fastest growing in the world? What sustains its drive today that after fourteen centuries, Islam has spread to almost every corner of the globe with Muslims of all hue and nationalities, who speak many languages and account for almost a third of mankind? It is estimated that Islam has 1.6 billion adherents. What are the means by which this diverse multitude governs itself?

It’s through the legacy left behind by those chosen by Almighty Allah to be the teachers of Mankind i.e. The Prophets (peace be upon them). Sent to every nation, they sacrificed their all to show us the Straight Path as enshrined in the Noble Quran, “And We made them leaders, guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practise regular charity; ....( Al-Anbiya, Chapter 21, Verse 73) When the Divine missions of the “guiding men” ended with the finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) the mantle of perpetuating the mission did not fade into oblivion. Instead by the Will of Allah it passed on to the Pious Scholars, the Ulama, a process which continues to this day.

Ulama, is an Arabic term given to these Scholars who are regarded as inheritors of the knowledge of the Prophets (peace be upon them). Their many years of intense training and study of Islamic discipline at the highest level equips and elevates them to assume the leadership role of the community without fear or favour, transcending tribalism, sectionalism, nationalism and man made ideologies. They are well-versed in jurisprudence, sciences of the study of the Noble Quran, the Hadith which is the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him and are teachers and Imams of their communities.

From the very inception of the establishment of SANHA 16 years ago, reputable bonafide Ulama organizations were involved in ensuring that the mission be Ulama driven. SANHA’s Ulama Council has been entrusted as the supreme decision-making authority which is entrenched in its constitution. SANHA further taps into this collective independence and righteous leadership of the Ulama by ensuring that a major portion of the SANHA team are drawn from the broader Ulama fraternity. Ulama members account for 90% of the inspectorate and 34% of the total people employed which includes slaughterers, supervisors and administration staff. Their Islamic integrity in accordance with their role of the inheritors of the Prophets (peace be upon them) serves as an additional safeguard for independent ongoing review and a conscience check of our systems in ensuring the highest standard of Halaal.

We are grateful to all our esteemed Ulama Council Members and Ulama team listed below for their role in the mission of Halaal assurance to the Muslim consumer.

These scholars have graduated from institutions of higher Islamic learning around the Globe ranging from India / Pakistan / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / South Africa / Malawi.

Ulama Council  
Member Organisation Ameer
  • Central Islamic Trust
  • Council of Ulama, Eastern Cape
  • Darul-Ihsan - KZN
  • Jamiatul Ulama South Africa
  • Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape
  • Northern Cape Halaal Board
  • Moulana M. Suliman
  • Moulana Junaid Adam
  • Mufti Zubair Bayat
  • Moulana Abbas Ali Jeena
  • Moulana Igsaan Abrahams
  • Moulana R.A. Hassan

Ulama Team

  • Moulana Farid Ahmed
  • Moulana Kassim Hussein Akili
  • Moulana Muhammed Illyaas Cassim
  • Sheikh Emaan Chikwatu
  • Sheikh Muhammed Juma Chiumbe
  • Mufti Hathiani Hussein
  • Sheikh Yahya Wiseman Ibrahim
  • Moulana Fayyaaz Jeenah
  • Moulana Tashreeq Jinoo
  • Moulana Anees Kara
  • Moulana Sulaiman Kindi
  • Imaam Mahmood Mohamed
  • Moulana Reeza Nanabhai
  • Moulana Muhammed Saeed Navlakhi
  • Moulana Yusuf Ismail Patel
  • Moulana Abdur Rahmaan Pandor
  • Moulana Muhammed Amin Ravat
  • Mufti Muhammed Yusuf Seedat
  • Moulana Ridhwaan Vaid
  • Moulana Abraar Ahmed Varachia
  • Moulana Hashim Wadia
  • Moulana Muhammed Ali
  • Moulana Imtiaz Bhayat
  • Moulana Yusuf Cajee
  • Moulana Shafiq Hajee
  • Moulana Abdullah Minty
  • Moulana Ahmed Namatumba
  • Sheikh Abdul Ghalib Nxumalo
  • Moulana Jumah Aliya
  • Hafiz Abdur Rahmaan Ebrahim
  • Sheikh Abdul Hakim Kabecha
  • Moulana Nazir Mohamed
  • Sheikh Abdul Karim Phiri
  • Sheikh Abubaker K. Phiri
  • Moulana Muhammed Haneef Sambo
  • Sheikh Abdur Rashid Swaleh
  • Moulana Luqmaan Mohamed
  • Moulana Zakkariya Jeewa
  • Moulana Mahmood Yacoob
  • Moulana Ayob Rawat
  • Moulana A.R. Sirkhot
  • Moulana Dawood Vahed
  • Moulana Saeed Haroun
  • Shaikh Yunus Khalea
  • Moulana Yaaseen Allie

The U-factor in the equation is the Ulama – they make the difference.


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