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Slaughtering Rumours...
We're not Chicken

No. 6 October 2007 :: Shawwaal 1428
Q: Has there been a change in the Halaal status of Rainbow Chickens?

A: One of the most detestable acts in Islam is rumour - mongering with its inherent potential for disunity, divisiveness and discord in the community.

Rumours have once again surfaced that creates doubt on the Halaal status of Rainbow Chickens. There seems to be some sort of correlation on the timing of these rumours with changes in the company's awarding of the slaughter contract or even shifts in the Halaal Regulatory field.

Please be assured that Rainbow Chickens is most certainly certified Halaal and continuously monitored by SANHA to the highest standards. In addition to stringent audits and controls, SANHA employs full-time Muslim supervisors to manage the Halaal programme on a daily consistent basis.

Allah, the Almighty, has stated in the Noble Quraan:

"O you who believe! If a transgressor brings you news, verify it lest you harm a people in ignorance. You will then be regretful about what you did." (al-Hujaraat, verse 6)
Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
"It is sufficient for a person to be labelled a liar if he conveys all that he hears". (Sahih Muslim)

Don't be chickenhearted - Seek the truth and put rumours to the sword!


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