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Going the Distance...

No. 7 November 2007 :: Shawwaal 1428
Q: Does SANHA carry out regular inspections ?

The distance our inspectors travel every two months is equivalent to circumnavigating the earth. And in a fifteen month period they cover the equivalent of the distance between the earth and the moon.

Our inspectorate team comprising of mainly Ulama traverse up to twenty five thousand kilometers each month to ensure that our contractual obligation and amaanat (trust) is discharged.

It is a fundamental principle of successful undertaking that effective implementation of the theory is required whether it is a minor social issue, a major political doctrine or a business project. The common denominator is to convert the vision to the mission, theory to practice and the talk to the walk.

The complex arena of Halaal certification is no exception. A regulatorís ability to move from initial certification to regular, consistent, unfettered and unannounced regular inspections becomes the nucleus on which their testimony of the Halaal status stands or falls.

The majority of plants certified by SANHA are inspected monthly and records of which are meticulously maintained. The public should always be able to obtain a list from certifiers of their certified plants to enable verification directly with the companies concerned.

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