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No. 8 November 2007 :: Dhul Qa´dah 1428
Q: Should SANHA be participating in exhibitions and would this be an endorsement of the entire event or the organizer's policy?


The consumption of Halaal and all that is good and wholesome as stipulated in the Noble Quraan is for all mankind and not the exclusive preserve of Muslims.

Therefore, cocooning the pristine message of Islam is not only a disservice to non-Muslims but a transgression of the obligation of spreading the message (Da'wah). It is perhaps one of the reasons that has led to misconceptions on Halaal and calls for the removal of the Halaal symbols from products as it is perceived as anti-Christ.

Non-Muslim food processors, employers and consumers do not beat a path to the doors of our Masaajid, Madaaris and community events to seek an understanding of the Muslim psyche. Therefore, SANHA, in keeping with the dictates of the Shari’ah, readily utilizes the many diverse platforms of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, food and community fairs, etc. to engage the broader community at every opportunity in its mission of certifying, monitoring and promoting Halaal.


SANHA does not give any endorsement to the events as a whole, explicit or implicit.

To suggest that our participation at these events is an endorsement of the policies of the organizers is as ludicrous as it is disingenuous. Citing SANHA’s participation as an endorsement is as an analogy, akin to suggesting that Muslims of South Africa endorse abortion and same sex marriages since the duly elected government has passed legislation in favour of it.

Our participation is a fundamental instrument in promoting and furthering our Deeni course and must be viewed in that context.

We also distribute Da’wah material at these events. The latest is a booklet printed by the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa entitled "Islam and Muslims" - (complimentary issues are yours for the asking).



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