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Around the World in 80 days...
No! in 80 Seconds !!

No. 9 November 2007 :: Dhul Qa´dah 1428
Q: Why does SANHA have links to International organisations?

When Jules Verne's brilliant literary mind in the late nineteenth century gave the world the timeless classic, "Around the world in 80 days," he based the adventure on a world that has since "grown smaller."

His character Phileas Fogg made a wager that he would, "...bet twenty thousand pounds against anyone who wishes that I will make the tour of the world in eighty days or less, in nineteen hundred and twenty hours or a hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred minutes," which became the backdrop of the adventure.

Today some hundred and more years later, the world can be circled in 80 seconds or less. Yes! at a click of the mouse you could be online to almost anywhere in the world.

In this borderless cyberworld, transactions are effected between ever-growing international food producers who want to serve a burgeoning market where the consumer is far more conscious of Halaal than ever before. A quick tour of your home will reveal this "Internationalness" of products. This, together with advances in food technology, has made co-operation and consultation an absolute necessity in Halaal regulation.

There are still critical issues such as; Gelatin obtained from non-Halaal slaughtered animals; mechanical slaughter of poultry; inadequate labeling laws where the consumer is presented with an ingredient such as flour improver without revealing its source viz, human hair, etc that needs to be resolved.

This is amongst the reason why SANHA became a founder member of the World Halaal Council and established collaborative links with scores of regulators world wide. It has also signed formal memorandae of understanding with regulators in Australia, Sri Lanka, America, Botswana, Fiji, Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, etc.

In addition to this SANHA hosts and participates in International seminars and workshops on Halaal.

In an ever-changing world no one is an island nor can you remain a big fish in a small pond when it comes to swimming in the ocean of Halaal.


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