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September 2015 : Thul Qa'dah 1436

SANHA acknowledges the immense responsibility and service rendered by our esteemed Asaatizah (teachers) past and present in preparing tomorrow’s Ummah today. We give praise and thank Allah Ta’ala for their dedication in fulfilling this Amaanah, Alhamdulillah!

As Halaal is an integral part and a lifetime obligation for Muslims without which even prayers are in jeopardy, SANHA has committed itself to assist Educators with specialised programmes to educate learners on the importance of consuming Halaal.

The specialised programmes are customised for the various grades and are conducted by Ulama at the respective schools. These include PowerPoint presentations, study materials and hand-outs. There are no costs attached for this service which we are honoured to provide.

In the last 24 months we have, by the Grace of Allah Ta’ala and assistance of the schools administration members conducted programmes at more than a dozen schools.

We have aggregated some of the common questions received during the programme and our response.

Q. Is Coca Cola, Pepsi and other soft drinks permissible to consume? It is said that they contain alcohol.

A. Islamic Jurisprudence recognizes that there are two distinct types of alcohol. One is deemed to be intrinsically impure and totally forbidden to use such as wine, sherry, cognac and the like of alcoholic beverages. The other is ethanol derived from molasses, coal etc which is not deemed an impurity but would render unlawful for consumption as an intoxicating beverage. This latter alcohol is condoned in residual levels as carriers, solvents, preservatives etc in both medication and food ingredient applications. In fact ethanol also occurs naturally in many fruits and fruit juices.

We also apprise learners of our extensive article on this issue – click to view


Q. Are Lindt and Fererro Rocher chocolates Halaal?

A. The Lindt non-liquor range is Halaal suitable. Selected Lindt Desserts, Pralines and certain Truffle Balls contain Liquor. Kindly ensure that liquor is not an ingredient listed on the packaging.

The Lindt Creation Sumptuous Orange Dark variant contains Cointreau and is NOT Halaal.

Ferrero products sold in South Africa are Halaal suitable as per information at our disposal. Ensure that it contains the name of the authorized importers i.e. Ferrero Ithemba RSA (Pty) Ltd and Imsofer Manufacturing S.A. (Pty) Ltd.

Q. Are Cadbury Chocolates Halaal? A wide range of Cadbury’s local and imported chocolates are available on the shelves.

A. Cadbury’s chocolates are not certified by SANHA. We are aware that most of their locally produced products are Halaal suitable. There is insufficient information on the imported range to make a determination on its Halaal suitability.


Q. Which marshmallows are suitable for consumption?

A. Candyland (from Pakistan) – available at selected SANHA certified butcheries and selected sweet shops.
Kayleys – available at CNA, Clicks and selected sweet shops.

There are many marshmallow products that contain bovine gelatine and some may even carry a Halaal mark. SANHA only accepts gelatine made from Halaal slaughtered animals and will only append our Halaal logo or give approval when such ingredient is used.


Q. Our school stocks pies in the tuck shop. Which brands are certified Halaal by SANHA?

A. The following brands are certified by SANHA:-

  • Bilals Savoury Delights – Lenasia (Pies)
  • Bread Ahead – Cowey Road
  • Crown Pies – Jeppe (Pie Manufacturing Facility)
  • Delhi Delicious – Head Office– Lenasia (51 Branches)
  • Gino’s Pie & Pastry – Lenasia (Pies)
  • Golden Foods – Lenasia (Pies and Samoosas)
  • Iqlaas Foods – Durban (Pies, Samoosas, Puff Pastry)
  • Mighty Meal Pies – Landsdowne Industrial (Pies)
  • Savoury Delights Pies – Lenasia (Pies)
  • Shakila’s Delight – Lenasia (Pies and Savouries)
  • Wonder Samoosas – Crown Mines (Pies & Samoosas)

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Q. Could you inform us on the Halaal status of the following outlets:-

  • Chicken Licken
  • Nandos
  • McDonalds
  • KFC
  • Kauai

A. Franchise companies are required to make full disclosures and formalise an agreement with SANHA which binds them and the outlets to a host of conditions inter alia:

  • To ensure that all suppliers are Halaal approved;
  • Not to introduce any new items to the store without obtaining express approval of SANHA.
  • To on only supply certified/approved products to stores;
  • That only Muslim-owned stores or non-Muslim owned stores that have authorized Muslim supervision be given the option to operate Halaal stores etc.

These brands have not made the required disclosures to SANHA and with no formalised agreement in place we cannot give any assurances for these stores.


Q. Most mouthwashes contain high doses of alcohol. What are the alcohol free alternatives:-

A: The following are alcohol free alternatives:

  • Dentyl PH
  • Plus White
  • Treat-It
  • 3CP (mint, spearmint and vanilla mint)
  • Biobalance

These are just a few of the many general questions posed by our learners of various schools.

Our Helpline and social media will be glad to be of service to your specific queries.



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