South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


June 2016 : Shabaan 1437

Empowerment is the concept whereby people are given information, resources and opportunity while at the same time held responsible for the outcomes, which enables them to become productive, achieve satisfaction and boost morale.

Empowerment and its results manifest in the activities of our lives on a daily basis as routine, which we do not notice, except for those that are formally labelled such as workplace projects, etc. As an example, a child is empowered to ride a bicycle, sleepover at a friend’s place, and as he gets older obtain a driver’s license or control of the family business as he has shown the ability to be empowered.

Projects undertaken by empowered employees with clear company vision, organisational and departmental goals, achieve cost improvements and employee satisfaction exceeding those of others in the market place.

In a unique and unparalleled exercise of empowerment, Allah Ta’ala has presented the institution of Ramadaan and fasting as a Divine gift to the Believers and a means of salvation. It's the most important month of the Islamic calendar and the month when the Noble Quraan was revealed.

Unlike the examples above where individuals and groups are empowered at different times for varying durations, the entire Muslim community of 1.6 billion worldwide are empowered with this gift of fasting annually. During this period, Muslims collectively do not partake of any food, drink or indulge in conjugal relations from dawn to sunset. Muslims engage in additional prayer and increase deeds of charity during this time. The level of piety and motivation for good deeds is intensified by the spirit and unity of action.

Foods consumed plays a critical role in the worship of Allah as mentioned in the Quraan in Chapter 2 Verse 168:

O’ Mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! He is an open enemy for you.”

  Consumption of Haraam, albeit inadvertently, affects one’s Ibaadah and Imaan.

  For the acceptance of one's duas, Halaal food is an essential requirement.

  Halaal food assists in strengthening one's Imaan and creates the ability to do righteous deeds; whilst eating Haraam engenders lewdness and leads one towards sin.

Now in its twentieth year of service, SANHA pledges to continue upholding your right to consume Halaal.

We wish all a fulfilling Ramadaan of peace, prayer, abstinence from Haraam, good health and a spiritual transformation, Aameen.

On behalf of the officials, members, staff of SANHA and their families we beseech Almighty Allah to keep us under His merciful protection & guidance and accept our fasting, ibaadah & sacrifices, Aameen.


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