South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


November 2018 : Rabi ul Awwal 1440

The Messenger of Allah taught us that “whoever does not thank the people does not thank Allah”.

Words alone cannot truly convey our sincerest and heartfelt appreciation for contributing to the resounding success of our AGM this past Sunday, 25th November 2018.

The presence of 246 attendees, the many messages of goodwill, apologies tendered and your prayers contributed to a memorable day. It has inspired our officials and team to strive further for excellence in the service of Halaal, Insha Allah.

In keeping with our founding principle of transparency and openness, our officials presented their reports including our audited financial statements to the public. A copy of the report can be viewed on our website - Click here

Some salient features of the report:-

Total number of queries fielded by the Helpline during the period 24 803
Total number of new applications received in the past period 353
Total number of plants certified in the past period 259
Total number of certificates withdrawn/cancelled in the period 123
Total number of cautionary public announcements issued 39
Total number of inspections conducted 15 531
Total number of social media followers 43 816
Total number of staff under the direct employ of SANHA 130
Total number of staff indirectly employed 55
Total Income for the period R25,672m
Total Expenditure for the period R23,797m

Wishing you and your family peace, prosperity and safe travel during this year-end period, Aameen.

Your Duas, constructive comments, criticism and feedback is truly appreciated
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