South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Left, Right and Centre

September 2019 : Muharram 1441

A post on Facebook appeared a few days ago by a consumer watchdog bemoaning “SANHA’s modus operandi of handling establishments no longer certified by them.”

His lament is summarized as follows:-

  1. “It is not always made transparent as to the reasoning behind the termination of certification” which creates doubt.

  2. This is “unfair to business owners because it directly impacts their Rozi.”

  3. “No explanation is given by SANHA with just the name of the business appearing on SANHA’s website under their ‘Deleted Outlets, No Longer Certified’ category.”

  4. He cited “an ideal example” of a poultry business’s certification and termination and wished for us to continue giving some kind of assurance after termination, e.g. the establishment is Muslim owned, chose an alternate body etc.

To fully understand a statement one must evaluate what it is premised upon, comprehend its context and respond. 

SANHA provides an independent third party quality Halaal assurance service for the benefit of its subscribers and suppliers of Halaal products. It does not claim to represent every single person in the Ummah. There is no compulsion to join. It respects the right of those that wish to follow others and/or their own conscience.

Subscribers in upholding their own religious obligation to the Creator rely on SANHA to provide them with up-to-date information on products and outlets certified. This is achieved by ensuring that a list of suppliers and products certified is always current and available, and also by identification of our Halaal logo on products and premises.

Upon successful certification a supplier gets listed on our website under the listing, “recently certified.”  Conversely on termination of certification the supplier gets listed under the heading, “deleted outlets, no longer certified.” Suppliers are made aware of this procedure and sign off accordingly with no surprises later. No advertising, opinions and the like are expressed but a simple and truthful announcement.

In both instances, the listings are a statement of fact and does not state anything other than that. It does not announce the religion of the owner, conduct of the company officials, virtues of their products etc. Without exception it sticks on that straight and narrow with no deviation and diversion be it a home caterer or a huge multinational organization. Termination is the end of our association with the company and we have no right to comment any further except for the truth of them no longer certified by us. It does not impinge on the right of the business to undertake its own publicity as the poultry business did, in this case through the Facebook pages of the activist.

On this score we have mentioned repeatedlyover the years that our terminology of not certified does not mean Haraam. Even the correspondent agrees as he cites our position correctly on his Facebook page with a SANHA logo to boot.

Click here to see an explanation and glossary of terms used on the termination of an agreement:


We also reject the statement by the activist in point two above that our action “directly impacts their rozi.”  We strongly believe that rozi is from Allah Ta’ala alone.

A statement is either true or false whereas an argument always has views to the left, right and centre which leads to a conclusion.


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