South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


October 2019 : Safar 1441

After two decades of service excellence the SANHA registered trademark has come to symbolise a trusted Halaal assurance for consumers and industry. Over 2000 certified establishments have chosen to use it. Unfortunately, the goodwill and value proposition of the mark has also attracted the attention of unscrupulous denizens of deceit employing unlawful means of fraud and misrepresentation.

  • Can a motor mechanic who uses genuine spare parts of say the luxury BMW marque claim that his workshop is BMW certified and/or approved?
  • Could a plumber who is meticulous in using fixtures and fittings carrying the SABS mark lay claim that he is certified and/or approved by the SABS?
  • What about a food flavouring manufacturer who makes the claim that their product range is Halaal approved by SANHA as they have utilised ingredients that are Halaal suitable?
  • And what about the restaurant that passes itself of as Halaal on the basis of an unsubstantiated claim of purchasing Halaal poultry from a SANHA certified abattoir. They hold up a “SANHA letter” to back up their claim.

In each of these four cases the categoric answer is No! No! No! No!

These are clear cases of fraudulent misrepresentation. No agreement has been entered into with the Principals that provide for an independent third party assurance for monitoring, supervision, verification and auditing oversight. No training in upholding the programmes of the Principals have been implemented for the maintenance and measurement of standards. Consequently, there is no regular inspections and sanctions for breaches. 

In these examples (with the last two taken from very recent real cases), these companies have deliberately and fraudulently misrepresented their status to the unsuspecting public. This is a crime against the consumers who are wilfully misled into believing that the product enjoys our approval. It is theft of our property and reputation on which substantial sums of money and resources have been expended over the years in building the brand and our good reputation. This devious conduct and dishonesty is also a grave disservice against those law-abiding companies that legitimately seek certification, pay for the service and abide by the stringent conditions.

In the case of the restaurant the letter referred to was what SANHA calls a LETTER OF CONFIRMATION. It is issued only to companies certified by SANHA as confirmation of their Halaal status and it is not transferable. This is stated clearly on the letter. The third party use of the letter by the fraudsters is illegal.

We explain below the difference between our HALAAL CERTIFICATION and a LETTER OF CONFIRMATION.


Companies that are certified are awarded a certificate as proof. It bears the signatures of the Theological Director and Regional Manager as a testimony that the company has met the stringent criteria for certification. It is a non-negotiable condition of the contract that the original copy will always be on display at the licensed premises at all times. No photocopies or duplications are permitted and this is clearly stated on the certificate itself as a forewarning to consumers. During audits, amongst the first of the checks conducted is to ensure that the certificate is on display. Failure is regarded as a breach and a compliance order is immediately issued.


Sales are the essential lifeblood of a company’s existence and SANHA supports their endeavours, in keeping with its mission of making more Halaal products widely available. When the company’s customers, sales representatives and agents within our borders and abroad require written proof of the company’s Halaal certification, SANHA issues Letters of Confirmation attesting to the authenticity of their certified status. Companies rely on this letter of confirmation as we do not permit the digital reproduction of the original certificate. These letters of confirmation states the name of the certified company and lists all the products that are certified. It is only valid for trade confirmation and may not be displayed which is clearly endorsed on the letter itself.

Help us bring the fraudsters to book. Exercise your right to consume Halaal. Ask the questions and feel free to verify with us.


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