South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Certification Deeds of Deception

July 2020 : Thul Hijjah 1441

As more people are conscientized on the consumption of Halaal and its benefits resulting in increased sales, unscrupulous operators have moved in to make a quick buck. They stoop to unlawful and sometimes intentional misrepresentation in violation of the rights of legitimate business and the personal religious beliefs of individuals to consume Halaal.

Apart from infringing our trademarked logo on products, premises, in the media and promotional material such as menus and so on, there is also the wilful misrepresentation of the Halaal status. A popular ploy by these operators is falsely exploiting a Letter of Confirmation (LOC) issued by SANHA to a certified outlet as certification itself for his goods.

This is how it works.

The offending business purchases goods from a SANHA certified outlet. They request proof from the manufacturer on the Halaal status of the products as an assurance which they are entitled to. SANHA certified outlets are neither allowed to make copies of their Halaal certificate nor remove it from the certified premises at any time.

To ensure that no rules are breached a separate document described as a "Letter of Confirmation" is issued. This confirms the authenticity of the Halaal certification and lists all the products certified. As a safeguard it is issued only to the company certified by name and is not transferable, has an expiry date, a control number, carries the signatures of the Theological representatives and lists boldly that it is not for display purposes. No copies are allowed. A company can be issued with more than one LOC depending on their needs. These will always be an original under the same controls.

It is this LOC that gets waved about by the dishonourable dealers as their "Halaal Certification" when questioned. This is unlawful misrepresentation and a grave disservice to the consumer and the law-abiding companies that legitimately seek certification, pay for the service and abide by the stringent conditions.

How can the mere act of buying and selling a Halaal certified product automatically confer Halaal-certified status on the perpetrators of this unlawful deed.

It is highly deceitful as no agreement has been entered into with the authority whose LOC is abused that provides for an independent third party assurance for monitoring, supervision, verification and auditing oversight.

We have even come across restaurants selling alcohol claiming to be Halaal on the basis of their meat supply being from a supplier whose LOC they produce. Unfortunately, many get duped into accepting this as our certificate of approval for their product.



Article compiled and published by the Public Relations Department.

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