South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


December 2020 : Rabi ul Aakhir 1442

Allah Willing, in a few weeks’ time, SANHA will be privileged to enter into its 25th year of service to the Ummah. A great honour and blessing indeed to share in the challenges of this noble journey, Alhamdulillah! 

Along the way, amidst the appreciation and accolades from the community, certain myths and fabrications have also followed our efforts. Some are a repeat of old rumours and others surface arising out of current events. SANHA has spoken on the grave sin of rumour-mongering in Islam which is worth reading. Click to view: http://www.sanha.org.za/flashnews/2020/flashn156.html.

A perennial query is the oft-repeated and unjust lie of SANHA charging exorbitant fees.  Although never substantiated, the downright lie is repeatedly perpetuated by detractors in the media and at social gatherings.

How does one quash the rumour and expose it as a lie? Some members of our team believe that vigorous action must be taken against those who perpetuate these allegations and bring them to book. Others feel we should not be distracted by barking dogs along the path and remain focussed on our mission.

We believe that you can play an important role in dispelling the myth. This begs the question as to why should you?

a. By doing so, you would secure eternal salvation.

Among the many questions exchanged between Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam and Ali radhiyallahu ‘anhu, in a lengthy conversation as recorded in Tafseer An-Nasafi, Ali radhiyallahu ‘anhu asked: “What can I do for my salvation?” Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam replied: “Eat Halaal and speak the truth.”

b. You would also gain the reward of saving a fellow Muslim from spreading rumours.


It is neither practical nor appropriate to ask guests, friends and others indulging in this to take a lie detector test or an oath in the name of Allah Ta’ala on the spot, to confirm the veracity of their statement. The exposé would reveal their deceit and would ruin your relationship.

Our decades of experience has given us an insight where, armed with a few key questions, you will have your own “lie detector” with surprising results.

1. Ask the person the actual amount of the “exorbitant fee” that they claim SANHA charges. Remember that “exorbitant” means way beyond what is reasonable i.e. unjustifiably excessive. 

Usual response will lack any specifics but will have generalisation such as, “they charge thousands etc.”

2. Does the person/s have any idea of the fee structure of SANHA? 

You can expect the same answer as above.

For information purposes, SANHA fees are commensurate to the work required in maintaining the Halaal programme. Therefore, the amount on the contracts willingly entered into will vary.

SANHA’S average current certification fees in the categories stated are:-

Butcheries R550.00 per month
Take Away/Restaurants R500.00 per month
Beef Abattoir R  5.00 per carcass
Sheep Abattoir R  2.00 per carcass
Poultry Abattoir from R1 500 per month
Retail Bakery R500.00 per month

3. Ask the complainant to name the company and the amount involved.

Expect to be told that it was a relative or friend who had given them the information confidentially. Therefore, they are not willing to share this.

4. Did they contact SANHA to verify and/or take up the matter?

Usual answer is, “no”

5. Would they mind if you passed on the query to SANHA with their contact details for SANHA to respond directly?

This offer is usually declined. The excuse being that it would not help as they spoke to a Moulana at SANHA whose name they can't recall and that the person was not helpful.

In the event of us receiving such a query, we undertake to respond timeously with a copy to yourself, Insha Allah.

Remember, a lie has no legs, and cannot stand; but it has wings, and can fly far and wide. The teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) clearly warns us that, “It is sufficient for a person to be called a liar if he conveys all that he hears”. (Muslim)

Article compiled and published by the Public Relations Department.

Your Duas, constructive comments, criticism and feedback is truly appreciated
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