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January 2021 : Jumaadal Ukhra 1442

On Tuesday 12th January, 2021, the extraordinary sojourn of life on earth of the great personage of Hazrat Moulana Ismail Allie came to an end as he returned to the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala.

Who could have imagined that the ninth child born 65 years ago to a humble pioneer fisherman family in the shadow of the imposing Table Mountain of the Cape Peninsula would rise himself to become a mountain of Islamic knowledge and radiate inspiration to all those whose lives he touched.

He had passion for learning things which challenged his mind and a flair for languages which shaped his outlook and unique way of teaching that impacted positively on his students. Ponder on the fact that his paternal great grandfather came to the southern tip of the African continent in bondage from Java. Moulana Ismail contextualised the incarceration as Allah’s plan for the establishment of the Deen of Islam in Southern Africa.

By dint of his perseverance and determination, Moulana Ismail rose above the challenges of the notorious breeding grounds of juvenile delinquency of the Cape Flats. He completed his basic education and became actively involved in the acquisition of knowledge and serving the Deen. 

In 1978, he embraced with fervour, a higher calling and commenced studies at the newly established Darul Uloom Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, the very first institution of higher Islamic learning founded by Ml Qasim Sema (RA). Under the tutelage of learned scholars Moulana Ismail excelled and was almost in every instance at the top of the class.

Alhamdulillah! He completed the Aalim Faadhil course in 1983 and was among the first batch of seven students to officially graduate as Ulama in Southern Africa.

On Moulana Ismail’s return, he became a hive of activity imparting knowledge and inspiring people to Islam. He was instrumental in the formation of an Ulama body called Majlis ad Da’wah wal Islah.  He was also a founding member of a college of higher Islamic education called Madrasah Qaasimul Uloom. As a lesson to all of us that bemoan not having enough time in the day, Moulana Ismail authored about 30 books in English, Arabic and one in Xhosa.

At SANHA, we were privileged to have his guidance as a Trustee for most of two decades until he stepped down a few years ago due to health considerations. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of SANHA’s presence and the office in Cape Town. We were also honoured by his leadership as Chairman of the SANHA Council of Ulama between 2014 and 2017.

May Allah Ta’ala shower His Mercy upon this dedicated servant of Islam and make his grave an abode of light and a garden of bliss. May Allah Ta’ala forgive all his shortcomings and favour him with entry to Jannah al-Firdaus without any reckoning. We also ask Allah to give his family, friends, students and graduates strength and fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss, Aameen.

Article compiled and published by the Public Relations Department.

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