South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

The Universal Appetite for Halaal

January 2021 : Jumaadal Ukhra 1442

A snapshot in world affairs shows that the 1,8 Billion Muslim population accounts for 24 percent of the 7,8 Billion inhabitants of the planet. Muslims are found in almost all of the 195 countries of the world. In 57 countries of the Organisation-of-Islamic-Cooperation (OIC) countries they are in the majority. Muslims are also in significant numbers as a minority in countries such as India (200 Million), China (70 million), Europe (44 Million) and the USA (4 Million).

The central code for existence in the life of all Muslims is the Shariah (Islamic law). Divine and sacred, it is the law of Allah, the Creator of all and permeates the life of Muslims. The consumption of Halaal food and transacting with Halaal commodities is intrinsic to the faith. 

Muslims are presently not governed by a single cohesive institution such as the Rightly Guided Caliphate of previous times. Progress since the advent of Islam over 1400 years ago has been achieved by reliance on the Noble Quran and the Sunnah i.e. the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as the primary immutable sources of guidance and the direction provided by Islamic Jurists as a secondary source. It is in the latter area that there are differences in interpretation and rulings. Some of these differences are the application of stunning prior to slaughter, mechanical slaughter, use of gelatine from non–Halaal slaughtered animals, certification of non-Muslim meat processors and food outlets without the requisite consistent daily on-site Muslim supervision etc.

Even though we have a universal definition of Halaal, there is no ‘universally accepted’  international standard and best practice norms. The task of independent third party Halaal assurance is therefore undertaken by several hundred localised non-Governmental agencies, individuals and a handful of Islamic States to meet this need of the Ummah. There certainly is a compelling need for Halaal certification of food and ancillary products. For further reading on this topic - click here Flash News !!

SANHA has over the years aligned itself to certifiers and government initiatives worldwide on harmonisation of standards and participated in numerous seminars and workshops. Founding memberships of organisations dedicated to this premise such as the World Halal Council (WHC) have been undertaken and valuable inputs have been made in the development of various International Halaal standards. It has signed Memorandums of Understanding with various organisations of repute and enjoys recognitions and accreditations of Governmental agencies such as the Malaysian Government Islamic Department (JAKIM), The Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore and the the Gulf Accreditation Council (GAC) having successfully been registered with the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (ESMA) among others.

SANHA is indebted to and deeply appreciative to certifiers carrying out the noble mission of providing Halaal Assurance.  Please click here to see our latest communication to fellow Halaal Certification bodies (HCB’s).

Admittedly,-there-is-a-Herculean-task-still-facing-HCB’s-in-the unification and harmonization of standards, upholding high ethics and embracing sound governance values. 

Let’s leave a lasting  legacy - with your earnest duas and support, it’s not Mission Impossible.

Article compiled and published by the Public Relations Department.

Your Duas, constructive comments, criticism and feedback is truly appreciated
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