South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


May 2021 : Shawaal 1442

In keeping with SANHA’s founding principles of transparency and engagement with its constituency, all forms of communication are welcomed. We have over the last 25 years undertaken engagement programmes at various Masaajid, schools, Darul Ulooms, fairs and exhibitions in many parts of the country and even outside our borders.

Media streams of e-mail, telephone and social media have been embraced and pursued vigorously, perhaps more than most institutions in the field of Halaal certification. This interaction gives us an accurate understanding of the views of our constituency. 

Openness is encouraged by our application of a very open policy of minimal censorship and that too only when deemed absolutely necessary. People speaking without fear or favour results in us not getting a “sanitized” view of our activities.

Whilst almost anything has been allowed we certainly will not permit anything that transgresses the laws of Shariah, the Republic and human dignity. We will not knowingly aid or abet activities such as defamation, untruths, slander, character assassination, incitement to violence, gender discrimination, human rights abuse, blasphemy etc. 

There is a very thin line between the harshest of criticisms, which we have accepted over the years in the spirit outlined above, and scurrilous attacks with malicious intent to the organisation and Islam that is unacceptable and indefensible. 



During Ramadaan, SANHA terminated its certification of five pizza hut outlets in KZN. The termination notice generated approximately 200 posts on our Facebook page expressing diverse views and opinions. A  Mr Vikesh Juggernath decided to weigh in on the debate with the above post on our Facebook page that crossed the line. What he stated was a blatant lie and he further rubbed salt into the wound by bringing up the issue of beer alcohol.

We were left aghast at this incredible statement as;

  1. Neither the SANHA charter nor the code of conduct signed by staff members allow for such conflict of interest in the certification process.
  2. There is no record of an application for certification by this company.
  3. When contacted for an urgent clarification, the accuser could not supply any information whatsoever by way of documentation, notes, names, location of the meeting/s of the incident except that “this happened 4 years ago and is water under the bridge”.

With Jaggernath’s failure to substantiate this very serious allegations, we proceeded for relief and received the below unconditional apology.


It is a technological marvel where one can literally communicate to almost anyone at anytime, anywhere.  The downside is that truth is still far too often a casualty as social media allows the posting of propaganda directly for public consumption without the filter of the editorial integrity of traditional media. While social media is the megaphone of the global village one has to guard against its use by the “village idiot”.

We advise our loyal subscribers to be painstakingly meticulous and responsible in using social media. It has great benefits as well as many pitfalls, a lesson learned by many at substantial cost at times. Click here for tips on “How not to get Court” 



Your Duas, constructive comments, criticism and feedback is truly appreciated
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