November 2021 : Rabiul Aakhir 1443

The central code of existence in the life of all Muslims is the Shariah (Islamic law). Divine and sacred, it is the law of Allah, the Creator of all and it permeates the life of Muslims from the cradle to the grave. The consumption of Halaal food and transacting with Halaal commodities is intrinsic to the faith. It is thus the inalienable right of the Ummah to consume that which is Halaal (lawful) and abstain from Haraam (unlawful).

SANHA recognised the challenge at its inception 25 years ago and thus provided a service as a filter between compliance by industry and followers of Islam to enable their obedience to Islamic Law. This has been supported by the provision of relevant information to consumers and industry. SANHA utilizes the media and other diverse platforms to engage and interact with the broader community in the furtherance of its mission and awareness of Halaal.

SANHA’s certification backed with its 25 years experience provides independent quality Halaal assurance valued by consumers and a leverage for suppliers' to gain entry into the burgeoning global Halaal market. In fact, the Halaal concept has evolved into a quality system that appeals to both Muslims and non-Muslims globally.

The Food and Beverage Reporter is one of South Africa's oldest and leading trade magazines for the food and beverage-manufacturing sector. Established in 1995, it now reaches an increasing number of readers via its website, which offers a digital-mag version. It serves as an excellent reference for key decision-makers in the ingredients, processing/ manufacturing and packaging sectors.

In their latest edition (October 2021), the esteemed publication carries an article titled "Insights into Halaal" which provides a simple explanation of Halaal and guidelines on Halaal certification. Whilst Muslim readers may find the explanations simplistic, it is however an ideal introductory explainer.

As ambassadors of our Deen, circulating this will help seekers of the truth understand Halaal and garner respect for our beliefs. Whether it is your employer, employee, co-worker, supplier, customer, neighbour or friend; the local eatery you frequent, home industry, or a student chef, the article will give them, as the title suggests, valuable insights into Halaal.

To view the article, click here:

Our achievements over 25 years of service excellence, would not be possible without the Will of the Almighty Allah. We also acknowledge the guidance of our Ulama and the support of the Ummah. We thank you for giving us the privilege of serving the mission of Halaal as we embark on the next 25 years, Jazakumullah Khairan.


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