December 2021 : Jumaadal Ulaa 1443

From the closing decades of the last millennium to the phenomenon that it is today, social media has garnered 4,3 Billion active users globally, with 38 million of them in South Africa. It has effectively transferred the power of mass communication from governments, royalty, media moguls, huge corporations, commercial interests and publicists directly into the hands of the people. It allows anyone to share personal information, documents, videos, photos, opinions and events on any subject quickly, efficiently and in real-time with miniscule censorship.

Reviewing public posts on a particular topic of interest has proven to be of enormous benefit as a gauge to take the pulse of society’s mood on current happenings, events, debates, aspirations, frustrations and suggestions. Last week a prominent Halaal Food Establishment social media group with almost 20000 members invited comments on customer satisfaction experiences. Within hours, they received 119 comments. We commend and thank the group for promoting the consumption of Halaal to the community.

The reality today is that more women are in the workplace than ever. The concept of the family dinner is disappearing with many working couples grabbing their meals on the run. Ingredients, ready to prepare and pre-cooked meals are picked up at supermarkets and convenience stores, some of which remain open 24 hours a day. Some opt to purchase prepared meals from eateries, which cater for this segment, with meals for dedicated diets such as gluten free, banting, etc. These eateries with their wide variety of tasty and well-prepared Halaal offerings are a welcome relief.

31 eateries mentioned in the comments which made up a large portion of the listing (we have excluded 18 multiple endorsements) were certified by SANHA. Click here to view the SANHA outlets commended by the netizens. Keep in mind that the comments were not from paid influencers, bloggers or marketing consultants but from independent members of a dedicated Foodies group. According to a Nielsen survey, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.

We express our appreciation to the outlets for choosing SANHA certification as an independent, authoritative and reliable testimony to support claims that products and services labelled as Halaal have met all the religious requirements. In a free market society, they could have opted for a less stringent standard, a so-called “free” certification option that in reality is funded by donations from the Muslim community, or no certification at all. Instead, they chose the option preferred by both industry and consumers, to ensure that they are providing guaranteed Halaal meals to patrons while delivering an outstanding meal experience as confirmed publicly, Jazakumullah Khairan.

We pray for your continued support of these outlets and immense barakah in their business.


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