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September 2016 : Thul Hijjah 1437

Connectivity is not a new idea, for this has been with us since the beginning of time. All facets of life on this planet i.e. physical, environmental, social, spiritual, etc. are in relationship to each other and interconnected. This interrelationship of connectivity and sharing of experiences impacts on events and outcomes.

It means every person on this planet is important and can make a significant impact. Connectivity is now being held up and cherished as a human right inherent to all as it can help in providing answers, educate and simultaneously give access to knowledge to allow individuals to find solutions and solve their own problems.

It will also provide a voice for those who previously didn't have one and a forum where their opinions can be heard and respected. It can be a catalyst for transformation. Who can deny the events of the Arab Spring and the Egyptian revolution of 2010 where an activist shared his frustration on Facebook and within two minutes 1 300 people had joined in. Then within 90 days there was connectivity to 250,000 people and the message took hold and as they say the rest is history.

In this ever-changing world, no one is an island nor can you remain a big fish in a small pond when it comes to swimming in the ocean of Halaal. We want to be at the forefront where share their experiences of Halaal, obtain swift responses and provide feedback through our interactive services. These services are used extensively by housewives, learners, students, the food industry, traders and even other Halaal certifiers. Our Helpline handles huge volume of queries daily with total numbers exceeding 25,000 per annum.

Here are some examples of queries that we receive:-

Q. Why should Bakeries be certified Halaal? Surely bread and cake is Halaal?

A. Bakery outlets which are not certified/approved fall within the category of mushtabihāt (doubtful areas) due to the following reasons:-

  • Ingredients/premixes used may contain improvers such as l-cysteine which is commonly derived from human hair.
  • Pan greases may not be Halaal compliant.
  • Possible use of animal fats, such as lard, for glazing or greasing purposes.
  • Contamination with Haraam (non-Halaal) meat products in storage, handling, preparation and processing is highly possible.
  • Natural basting brushes used in bakeries are commonly manufactured using pig hair.
  • Possible use of brandy, sherry and other alcohol etc. in certain confectionery products.
  • Gelatine derived from non-Halaal slaughtered animals is sometimes used as a stabiliser and aerating agent in mousses, cheesecakes, and in fresh and sour creams that are used by bakeries.

Q. SANHA is only after money which is why they certify non-meat products which don't need Halaal certification.

A. Whilst meat is certainly a critical item in the Halaal programme, it is only due to lack of knowledge on food manufacturing practices and innovations in food technology that results in some people being unaware of the need to examine the foods we consume in order to safeguard our faith. Animal fats, lard, animal stearates, pork enzymes, cognac, wine, non-Halaal gelatine and pig-bristle brushes, are just a few of the numerous items of concern which can render almost any food item Haraam, be it bread, confectionery, ice cream, beverages, flavourings etc. etc.

The many Haraam items which can go into your food would really give you reason to abstain if you but knew. SANHA works tirelessly to ensure that Halaal Certification are not polluted by these substances. As for the accusation of money as a motivation, many of our applicants can testify that their applications took many months to resolve due to the rigorous and scrupulous audit procedures investigating the status of their every last component. Many Applications have been declined. Had the motivation been financial, certification would have been churned out by the thousands. Over the twenty years of its establishment, SANHA has certified only 1700 companies.

See below how you can connect:-

National Halaal Helpline – 0861 786 111: A dedicated Call Centre team to assist callers.
e-Mail - helpline@sanha.org.za: Written responses to your e-mail queries.
Subscription: Register as a subscriber at pro-kzn@sanha.org.za and receive our regular newsletters and special announcements.
Website – www.sanha.org.za: a gateway to the world of Halaal on SANHA certified products, latest news, who’s who at SANHA, interesting write ups, competitions and much more.
Twitter - @SANHA_Halaal ; follow us to receive news alerts, announcements, change in product status and the latest Halaal trends.

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