South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


January 2018 : Jumadal Ula1439

In recent days, SANHA made a pronouncement asking its subscribers to exercise caution on the consumption of KFC products. Although the reasons were outlined, several questions have been posed to us. We reproduce below the common questions and our responses thereto:

  1. Why the need for such announcement at this time and what prompted it? 
  2. Given the effect of public announcements, these are not made arbitrarily but only after due consideration of several factors. Amongst these are assessing the gravity of the situation, the predicament faced by the public and the line between our Islamic duty of making the announcement and remaining silent.

    In this case we received several queries from the public, some of whom had observed KFC outlets closed for business on account of shortages of stock, allegations made on social media on use of non-Halaal and possibly imported poultry and questions put to us by community radio stations.  Click here and listen to the podcast:

    Taking all these factors into account and together with our knowledge in the matter, we issued an advisory asking enquirers to be circumspect and leave out “that which is doubtful and for that which is certain”. The announcement was a direct reaction to a developing situation and not one of a random act.

  3. How many of the KFC outlets are certified by SANHA?
  4. Since SANHA's inception over 21 years ago it has never certified the KFC Head Office or any of its 850 stores countrywide.

  5. Why does SANHA not certify KFC?  
  6. Our certification is based on a stringent monitoring and auditing system of every link in the supply chain, beginning with the Franchisor Head Office, that controls and dictates every aspect of the process, through to the various raw materials used and finally to the Halaal certified franchisee at the end of the chain. SANHA regards it as suicidal where Halaal certification is granted to the end operator in the chain (the franchisee) in isolation from the chief proponent (the franchisor); in some instances deliberately excluding itself. KFC Head Office have over the years refused to be regulated by a formalised Halaal agreement contract with any Halaal certification body which renders it impossible to give Halaal assurances for their products on an ongoing basis.

  7. When you say not certified by SANHA, do you mean Haraam? 
  8. Certainly not! Our term “not certified” means precisely that and does not automatically render the product or establishment as Haraam. Click on link to see our declaration over the years:

    A careful study of this will assist you in comprehending our position and understanding the fact that SANHA cannot take responsibility for something not within its jurisdiction.

  9. What about the fact that there are Muslim-owned outlets as well as non-Muslim ones certified by other Halaal organisations?
  10. The organisations concerned who issue such certification would be in the best position to clarify their basis for certifying KFC outlets. Our position and reservations on the current status quo is presented to the community who seek our guidance and directive.

  11. Who does the consumer follow?
  12. Ultimately, each individual bears responsibility for what he/she consumes. Remember, accountability is fundamental and mandatory in the field of Halaal governance. It cannot be abdicated to just anyone not skilled in upholding the amaanah of protecting and preserving the integrity of Halaal for the Ummah and more critically to anyone that does not subscribe to Islam and uphold its values.


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